Things you must know when you are booking a hotel with your kids

When you are staying in a hotel, it can be different now from the relaxing experience you had at the hotel before you had kids. Choosing a hotel room for your family can sometimes be tricky because you have to consider some things. Many hotel rooms are made for business travelers or couples traveling without their kids. But better rooms are made for families, like the family room hotel singapore. You only have to know what you are looking for, and these are the things that you must start looking for.

Try to find a bathtub

It is the usual problem for families that they need to remember to check when booking a hotel in a bathtub. It is not essential for some families, but when you depend on a bathtub, you can bathe your toddler or baby, where you must ensure that there is one. Sometimes, knowing which rooms have bathtubs and which only have showers must be clarified. You can call the hotel to confirm which room has a bathtub.


The best thing about having a good hotel option is having a hotel pool. Sometimes, the hotel pool will end up being the main highlight of the trip for the kids, and it is the best way for them to burn off their extra energy. Even when you have a busy vacation week, the kids will like to dive into the pool for a quick swim every night.

Avoid the sleeper sofa

Some hotels offer a sleeper sofa for the kids, which is okay, but their sleep quality will depend. Even for younger kids, some couches are uncomfortable, and they will have difficulty sleeping. Try to avoid sleeper sofas when you can, but sometimes it is a balance for more extensive family suites as they offer a full kitchen and bigger space with only one bed. You only have to decide what is necessary for that specific scenario or get a comfortable sleep in a hotel.

Find an outdoor space

You know that hotel rooms are small and neighbors are one wall away, where it is better when you can get the kids out of the room to roam around. You can look for a hotel close to the playground, green space, trails, or patio space, making your stay easier. It is only sometimes an option, but you can look for it when you can find one.

Get a big room

Staying in a hotel with some kids and adults can get crowded in a room. Every square foot of the room will make a big difference. You can look for hotel rooms or suites bigger than any standard room. Some hotels choose a bigger space or suite, which doubles the price. Those suites are sometimes not made for families, but they are more for couples or honeymooners who would like to upgrade their stay.

Look for close-to kid’s food

When you are planning to take your kids to find three meals a day, it will get old fast. You must choose a hotel with the best options nearby or at the hotel. But you must ensure that you check on the menu ahead of time. Sometimes, the onsite restaurants have some food to offer that is less fancy for kids, or it is pretty expensive to order every meal.

When looking for a family hotel to stay in for the vacation, it is necessary to consider some factors. You must ensure you get the right hotel for your family for a fun and relaxing vacation experience.