More Sharpie Mugs

Remember the Sharpie Mugs class I taught? Well, this week I made MORE shaprie mugs to gift this holiday season!

I went over to my beloved Sharpie Mugs Pinterest board, and got some ideas for designs.

Soot Sprites (for you Miyazaki fans out there).

You know I love a good feather.

 I love this guy. He looks a little stressed, though, don’t ya think?

And a Geeky Mathy one for my friend Amy (I hope she isn’t reading this). It says “I 8 sum pie…and it was delicious). heh.

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What are you making for the holidays this year??

Sharpie Mugs

Recently, I taught a Sharpie Mugs class at our library. I brought the Bee along so she could particpate, as well as help me. We had a blast! It was such a fun activity for adults and teens alike.

gift inspiration: Sharpie Mugs

AND they would make great gifts!

gift inspiration: Sharpie Mugs

This one was mine. I took my inspiration from Pinterest, and married two ideas: this one and this one.

gift inspiration: Sharpie Mugs

Really that was the most time consuming part about this project; finding ideas. For the class, I pulled all sorts of interesting design books (the 20 Ways to Draw books- like this one, this one, and this one– are fabulous), and even Henna books, so that people could clarify their vision and get inspiration. I’d say everyone researched ideas for a good 30 minutes. Then I encouraged them all to draw it out on a plain ol piece of paper before attempting to do it on the mugs.

gift inspiration: Sharpie Mugs

I did this one too. Inspired by this pin.

gift inspiration: Sharpie Mugs

This was done by my Bee. She impressed me with her original design. This was one side.

gift inspiration: Sharpie Mugs

And this was the other. It is so happy. I love it.

gift inspiration: Sharpie Mugs

Any mistakes that were made, we just dabbed a little hand sanitizer on a cotton swab and it worked like a charm. There is conflicting info out there about how to set the paint, though. The library sent instructions to bake them, but when I got home and did that, the fumes were so toxic, I had to stop it halfway through (even with all the windows open, and a fan running). I went onto the Sharpie website, and there is no mention of heat setting the oil based paint. So, if we did it again, I would skip that part and see how they held up after washing.

Have you made these? What method did you use?

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