On-Our-Shelves Sunday

Remember yesterday’s cute little mushroom?



by Nelly Pailloux

Both girls were drawn to this book the other day. But it was Falafel that really took to hand sewing! And more so, embroidery. This book breaks it down in easy step-by-step diagrams, which made it very user friendly for our 8 year old first-time sewer. And even better, she did it all by herself! She was super proud of her little mushroom girl.

What is on YOUR shelves today?

Falafel’s Felt

Yesterday, I posted about The Bee’s Art.

Today I have what Falafel has been up to.


Teeny little felt creatures! I will post about the book she used, tomorrow.


For today, I will share the cuteness.


I think I may know who to ask, now, when I have something to embroider!

What have YOU made today?

The Bee’s living art

The Bee asked me to photograph her as “living art”. She painted half her face and one arm, and posed different ways.



She has done a few paintings and drawings that look like this, and she decided that it would be interesting to try and recreate that in real life.


After I took these photos she said “WOW I am so white!“. Ha! She does look incredibly pale even for a person of the PNW. My pasty redhead.


I really loved this idea. I am encouraging her to find her voice as an artist. I think she is well on her way.

Ice Cream dress Remix number three

So you have seen the Elsa dress, and the tutorial for the blue and white version here. Today I am sharing yet another remixed ice cream dress that I made to show you the flexibility of the pattern! This was the very first one I made of the three, actually.


 I used some super fun fabrics. The colorful one is a batik and the green is a linen blend. I love how there are two different textures in one outfit. And to add to it, I made the outer skirt shorter than the liner.


Hmmm. Something is missing, though.


Ice cream, of course!


The back of this dress, I put together a little different. I added elastic loops for visual interest, but closed it with snaps.


This made the assembly a little more challenging, and that is why I redesigned it to only have two buttons on the others.


I still really love this one though!


After all that holding the icecream came the reward…


Eating the icecream!


This one is a nice addition to her ever growing school wardrobe!


Have you made any clothing lately?


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Oliver+S Ice cream dress remix tutorial

Today you can actually find me over on the Oliver+S blog with my tutorial for the ice cream dress remix!


See you there!

Oliver+S Icecream Dress Elsa remix

I recently remixed the Oliver+S icecream dress pattern to drop the waist a bit so that I could line the whole thing.


And I used it to make my girl an Elsa dress! you know who Elsa is, right?


I didn’t it want to look like a costume, but really how could it not? I did manage to keep it on the more casual side by using less fancy fabrics.


The bodice is made from a plain white sheet, lined with the same plain white sheet. To make it a little more ice- like, I made the sleeves come down in points (like icicles).


I also found this piece of trim that I thought fit the feel of the movie quite well.


The outer layer is the lace overlay. I attached it to the outer bodice pieces. The solid blue linen-blend is the liner. I love how it looks like the main part…but it isn’t.


It gives the inside such a clean look.


I did some single fold bias tape around the edge of the lace. And gave the linen some fancy stitches.


And it wouldn’t be an Elsa dress without a little sparkle. Jim found those for me while we were shopping at Joanns and They. Are. Fabulous.


Then it was time for some frozen fun!





You can almost hear that song (I will not mention the name in fear of giving you an ear worm for a week-ha!) in this one, right?


So Falafel started to twirl and jump and spin, and she said “Get your camera ready!“. Then she did this:


Flat on her belly.


Luckily, she was just fine and came up laughing.


Oh that girl of mine. Who would have thought that a photo session with me would be so dangerous!

Come back tomorrow and I will tell you where my tutorial for making this new version of the Oliver+S ice cream dress is (Princess version, or not)!

Turning 42

Every year, we celebrate my birthday with a grand outside celebration, and I choose a theme. Because really what fun would it be to get older without dressing up in costume?


For my 42cnd Birthday I chose to have a Rockabilly bash!


It was truly a blast! We had a booth set up where The Bee was painting on tattoos. By the end, Falafel had a full handle bar mustache and beard and almost all the guests were painted with fun tattoos.


BTW, you won’t see any photos of Falafel in this post, because she is wearing an outfit that I am not allowed to post about yet! Top secret, you know. But I assure you, she was there, rockin’ alongside us.


There were giant bubbles.


A hula hoop AND a limbo competition.



Plus crazy good food, and special Italian butter cream GF cupcakes that my honey made for me. *drool*


AND some great tunes!



It was so much fun. I really do appreciate all of my wonderful friends humoring me, and participating in my eccentric parties.







I actually look forward to getting older every year. Although, I will say, the limbo nearly broke me.

On-Our-Shelves Sunday: It’s my birthday!

It is my Birthday today! To celebrate, I pulled an oldie but goodie off our shelves to share with you:


Toot & Puddle: A present for Toot

by Holly Hobbie

Because no matter how old my kids get, (or I get, for that matter), some books I will always love.

This whole series is dear to my heart. I love the stories and the illustrations equally. There are few books that I would love to jump inside and look around in, and her books are definitely on that list.

What is on YOUR shelves today?

Preparing to age…with bubbles

This house is full of busy people preparing to celebrate another trip around that ol’ fireball in the sky.


And of course there will be bubbles.


Crafting Con results

Holy Nerf Herders!


Remember this outfit?

CraftingCon Star Wars Winner

I won the Crafting Con competition with it! How awesome is that?!

I am seriously still blinking in disbelief. I was up against some pretty wonderful outfits and women who made them (Check them out here). Thank you to the ladies hosting Crafting Con