A Ninja Star

Yesterday you met Ninja Kitty.


Today I will share a little secret. I didn’t notice when I was putting it together, but there is a buttonhole on the sleeve of his kimono!


I have no idea how it got there since I was using the sleeves of the chef coat, but there it is.

So I decided to make something that can attach to it (and be removed). What did I make, you ask?

A Ninja Star, of course.


I whipped up a little stuffed star, and sewed a button (that is the size of the buttonhole) on the back.


Then I buttoned it on!


Of course, I could have seam ripped the sleeve out and sewed on another without a hole, but I do like a challenge. I think this makes it look intentional.

BTW: I do realize it is a regular star, but it is for a ninja. That makes it a Ninja star.

And, in the end, it is all about making me giggle.

What would YOU have done to fix it?

Ninja Kitty 2

If you popped by yesterday, you saw the first kitty I made for Falafel’s friend.

Apparently… all wrong.

Here is what she drew for me, to follow, to make a proper “Ninja Kitty“.


And this is what I made:


Here he is in the buff.


And here he is in action, wearing his ninja outfit for doing his ninja things.


He is made from black fleece, and a piece of cream colored muslin for the face.


I painted on his eyes with acrylics (which my girl thinks make him look “worried”, ha!).


His little outfit is made from the sleeves of an old chef coat that belonged to my husband.


This is a self-drafted pattern (both the cat and the kimono).


What is Ninja Kitty up to now?


He is off to fight the bad guys!




Never fear, Ninja Kitty is here! Quick, silent, and an avid consumer of tacos.


This one passed the test, and hopefully will make her friend very happy!


I certainly had fun with him!

What have YOU made today?

Kitty test

Even though the contest over at Sew Mama Sew is now closed, I found myself wanting to sew another stuftie. This time it is for a dear friend of Falafel’s who is having a birthday party soon.


They play a game together (that they made up), called “Ninja Kitties“, so I thought a kitty sewn up from the Wee Wonderfuls: 24 Dolls to Sew and Love would be perfect.


When she got home from school, I showed her what I made, and she promptly rejected it saying it didn’t look like a “real” ninja kitty.


She then got to work drawing me a picture of what she would like me to make for him.


Come back tomorrow to see how I did!

Happy Easter, Happy Spring!

Spring is here! Time of renewal and warmth, growth and blooming!


Whatever you celebrate, I hope you have a whole lot of all of those things: renewal, warmth, growth, and blooming!

Easter ALREADY??!!

OK, with all my room painting and cleaning, I neglected any Easter projects I wanted to do. After all, EASTER IS TOMORROW! Really, is it just me that it sneaked up on?? So yesterday, I sat at the table and tackled the one I wanted to do most:


Egg Holding Buns!


I found this project over here on the Sculpey website.


They were fairly easy to make, and awfully fun. AND since I haven’t really done anything to prepare yet (and we are hosting) it felt good to get started with something so cute.


*Seriously: we haven’t even dyed eggs yet (that is today’s project- we are using the natural dyes we have used in the past). The eggs shown in this post were made by Falafel when she went to a friend’s house, and they were kind enough to let her take some home.


I ran out of white Sculpey (affiliate link) pretty quickly, so I just used two other light colors that we had.


Not perfect, but they work. And they are sweet.





Have you made anything for Easter or are you a big ol’ procrastinator like me?


Checking in with room #2

I am still getting things done this Spring Break, so I am checking in quickly to show you another before and after.


Before and After

Again, I gutted the room, steam cleaned the rug, painted the walls and trim, sorted through her belongings to decided which to keep, then put everything back. The room is now a very pretty light lavender color. So very pretty and it brightens the room up nicely.

We still have garden boxes to build and a yard to prep for putting in our very first garden in this house…and then there is Easter!

What have YOU done this week?

First room done

Can you tell that I love before and after photos, lately?

This week, I have torn apart The Bee’s room, steam cleaned the rug, washed the walls down with vinegar, painted (3 coats!) the walls, and then painted the trim. Not to mention putting everything back!


These are the before shots. Really gross. You can see the closet wasn’t finished. We didn’t paint this room before we moved in, and three years later, I have finally tackled it.


I snapped this at night (so not the best photo), because I was so excited to get it done. It looks so much better! The color I used is BEHR’s Flowering Baby’s Breath. We were worried, as I was painting it on, that it was too light, but now that it is on, we can see that it is PERFECT! So warm and soothing. It makes everything seem brighter.

The great thing about this project is that it made my daughter realize that she loves empty space. So when we had to sort through what she wanted to put back into her room, she was incredibly thoughtful and intentional about it. She got rid of three huge totes worth of stuff, and still has plenty in there, but only what she will use.

Honestly, I think sometimes we keep things because they have always been there, not always because we need, use, or even like the object. This was a wonderful exercise in less is more.

She is thrilled with her new teen room.

Now today, I start on Falafel’s room!

Wish me luck!

Easter Gift idea

I picked up some fabric markers a few weeks ago on sale, and I thought I would send them and a blank-shirt to our niece on the East Coast, for Easter. Once I got them, I realized that sweet girl never actually wears t-shirts. Only dresses!


OK, no worries….I can sew!


I took the T-shirt and a strip of fun food fabric and sewed them together!


I sewed the strip of fabric into a tube, then hemmed both the top and the bottom. I gathered it, then sewed it to the shirt’s inside using the existing hemline of the t-shirt.


That is it! Hopefully, she will draw something fantastic on it, and want to wear it (now that it is a bit fancier).


What have YOU made today?

Spring Break and two more dolls

The girls are on Spring Break this week, so I have decided to gut their rooms. steam clean the rugs, and paint the walls! Jim has been tending to things like the first Spring mow and outdoor tidying! Not exactly relaxing, but really productive.

Anyhow, I have two more dolls to share with you today.


I have to say that blondes are tricky because of the eyebrows. I think I have it down now, but I have to do layers of colors. Darker on the bottom and then lighter on top.


Sorry for the blurry photo on this one. I must have been rushing. I don’t know why. Heh.

I have to say that Falafel is loving these new dolls. She is building playground equipment for them to play on. Tricky since she is sticking skewers together with tape, but I love that it is inspiring her to be creative.

What are your plans this week?

On-Our-Shelves Sunday

Well, our youngest is starting to ask too many questions about the facts of life that make my head want to explode. Which is why we have this on our shelves this week:


It’s NOT the Stork

by Robie H. Harris

And NO, I am not having a baby. I remember when I had to explain the Birds and the Bees to our oldest, and I literally sweat through the whole thing. And this is one of the many reasons we LOVE our local library. I can take out a book, and read it with my daughter instead of feeling like I am under interrogation.

I gave it to her to look over before we read it. I heard a whole host of EW’s followed by snickers. It was hilarious.

How about you? Have you taken “facts of life” books out from the library to help you explain things to your kids?