On-Our-Shelves Sunday

This week, I am sharing a book that is on MY shelf….


Just For You

by Caroline Fairbanks-Critchfield and Sarah Markos

Remember that bag I made yesterday? This is the book it was from. It is filled with projects to sew!

What are you reading this week??

Just for You sewalong: Venna Tote

I decided to join in The Sew She Can: Just for You book sewalong by sewing up the Venna Tote!


I followed the pattern exactly, and really loved it. It is written very well, she even walks you through making box pleats!


I used some crazy fabric for this one. Even for me. The outer is this upholstery fabric with the national monuments printed on it that started out a cream color with red. I dyed it (along with the liner) Rit Denim Blue. I got the fabric and the dye from my local Buy Nothing Project! I love that.


I combined that with this fantastic quilting cotton with retro T-bone steaks on it. I couldn’t help myself. Not only did I use that fun fabric for the sash, but I made 2 inside pockets with it!


OK the pattern only called for 1, but I like pockets, so I added 2.


I am not much of a red and blue person, but I have to say that I LOVE this fabric combination AND this bag!


I had some red corduroy for the flower. Look how sweet!


I can’t wait to use it. Although The Bee (pictured above) asked if she could have it! I may have to make another because I don’t want to share. Ha!

What have YOU made today?

Into the Woods

Remember the woods from yesterday’s post? I had a few more photos to share with you.


It really was a beautiful remote place with lots of trickling waterfalls.


What isn’t conveyed in these photos is just how quiet is was. And how that quiet was wonderful, but also a little unnerving. Really. I talked yesterday about the fact that I thought there was an animal waiting to pounce on one of us, and I was serious! The forest was vast and expansive, and it made us feel small.


Being out there, knowing we were alone, was both phenomenal and terrifying.


The path was only one large enough for one person to walk at a time, and was high up on what was essentially a cliff, towering over the river. The drop was steep, so I was a little nervous when our child was skipping nonchalantly ahead of us.


When I had them pose for this photo, they were sitting a little too close to that drop for my liking. See how wide that trail is? One butt’s width. YIKES.


Our brave little girl loved every minute, and cannot wait until we go back to further investigate. We only made it 30 minutes in before it started getting dark because we had a late start. So, we will be going back to try and hike more of the 9 mile trail.


We have been into the woods before, but never really too far off the beaten path, or too far from civilization (without our car being right there like on our Alaska trip~ remember that?). This was a first for my husband and myself who are born and raised city folk. On the contrary, our girls have been exposed to nature all their lives, and don’t really have the same concerns being out there as we do.


Are you at home in the wilderness? Or are you a city dweller?

Boys Can Wear Pink

I am participating in Kelly’s from Handmade Boy new series:

boys wear pink button


The other day while waiting for Falafel’s glasses to be fixed, Jim and I overheard this woman talking with her daughter about her baby brother. The little girl was trying on all sorts of glasses, and wanted her brother to try them on too. And when she picked up a pink pair, her Mother said “Oh I don’t think he would like those! They are pink!“.

I actually was surprised. Seriously. After all, pink is just a color. I always dressed my two girls (even as babies) in blue and never thought twice about it. Why shouldn’t boys be given the same color choices?

Even though I don’t have a boy, I do have a husband, and we both feel that men CAN ALSO wear pink!


I self drafted him a vest based on another that he wears all the time. I also used the instructions for construction from the School boy Vest pattern by Sew Much Ado (because it rocks!). The inside is as pretty as the outside.


You may notice there are buttons but no button holes. My machine is STILL in the shop (for another post) and I would need a degree in antique machine button holing to do it on the loaner.


Anyhow, Jim actually picked both of these fabrics out. The outer is plum linen, and the inner is this satiny patterned pink.


For this photo session, we combined it with a hike that we wanted to do (on the recommendation of a friend). We drove out to this trail in the middle of nowhere. We drove on logging roads, gravel roads, roads with no signage, and drove down a path that looked like it was intended only for foot traffic. There were NO PEOPLE. Anywhere. For miles. Remember that movie “The Edge“? It looked like that. So much that I expected a large hungry bear to appear any second, or maybe a cougar to snatch up our little Falafel.

Which was quite possible.


It was incredibly beautiful, though. And there was no one there to question us why he was on a hike in 40 degree weather in a purple and pink vest with no coat.


There is nothing more manly than a Father being a good Dad…wearing any color.


Does your husband (or boys) wear pink?


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It is the Beard-Shedding time of year!

Every year my husband grows a beard starting on the first day of Fall, and then shaves it off on the first day of Spring. But for the last few years he has been getting the itch to shave it before then (like here and here).

This year is no different.


Silly silly man.

We always have fun with photos when he decides to shed it.


Every year I slowly see the face I fell in love with being uncovered.


And he has a bit of fun with it.


OK more than a bit of fun. Stand back ladies…he’s all mine!





Ahhhh. That is better.


Do you have a Springtime ritual?

Project Run and Play: Muscle Shirt turned Brain Power dress

It is time again for another Project Run and Play challenge!

This time, all participants had to take Living with Punks Mademoiselle Muscle Tee pattern and either sew it as is, or put their own spin on it. Guess which one I did?


It is all about the Brains instead of the Brawn! Get it? Muscle Tee. Brawn.


I actually used parts of another pattern (Pretty in Peplum Dress by Sew Much Ado) that fit my Falafel well, since the Muscle Tee only goes up to size 5, and she wears a size 7-8.


First, I changed the neckline. I raised it, and added some ribbed knit.


BTW: I am still borrowing my friend Kirsten’s sewing machine because mine is STILL IN THE SHOP??!! Goodness, I surely hope I get it back soon. I do love that machine. prpmuscleclosem

I also added some FOE on the peplum, but did it slightly different that it’s intended usage. I made it look like a stripe by sewing it along the underneath edge, then turning up and topstitching in place.


I made the skirt into an A-line shape, and lengthened it past her knees.


I love the way it came out! It reminded me of a librarian’s outfit. But as soon as she put it on, she climbed a tree.


Oh that girl.


What have YOU sewn today?


Have you heard of minted.?

In a nutshell, it is website that sources art through a community of artists and designers (that span the globe), through monthly challenges. Their products include stationary, art prints, and even fabric!

This new year has me changing things up in our home a bit, starting with colors and art. And I have enough art made by me and my family. So I went on to browse, and really was sucked into the fabulous options and diversity of art choices. One thing led to another and I realized I had been looking for more than an hour. And don’t even get me started about the fabric!

I narrowed it down to feathers and foxes. I seem to always come back to those two themes and no one in our house would object.


Geometric Fox


imaginary vase


Pretty Plumes

And that led me to nests.



BUT then I saw these too..


Big Red

I have always had a thing for gumball art.


Love set in stone

and this…which I really love.

How about you? Have you browsed around this site at all?

What jumped out at you?

*disclosure: I will receive credit to their store in exchange for this post, but as always, all opinions are mine mine mine!

On-Our-Shelves Sunday

On our shelves this week is a book about my Falafel’s favorite sport:


The Gymnastics Book

by Elfi Schlegel and Claire Ross Dunn

My youngest is completely immersed in all things gymnastics related. So while she was in gymnastics class, I popped into our local library and found this book for her to read.

What are YOU reading this week?



*It is not too late to enter to win a cute kid’s shirt!*

I give because I Love.

To celebrate LOVE, I have a giveaway for you today!

Remember the shirt I made a few days ago for Falafel?


She has decided (after only wearing it for the photo session) that she would like to give it to one of you!

If you would like to see the details of the shirt, read the post, and then come back to enter.

Just enter through the Rafflecopter below….

Winner announced below!

And Happy Valentine’s Day!

*disclaimer: I had trouble with the snap tool, and consequently the top snap is bent strangely and only sometimes closes. While I will work on this before sending it, I cannot guarantee it will actually work. Other than that this shirt is AWESOME and made with love.

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Punny Valentines

I wanted to keep the Valentines for school this year simple. Not candy. Nothing fussy or expensive. I usually tend to go a bit overboard, but this year I ran out of steam.

I looked around at what we had in the house, and landed on oranges. Yup. We have 25 of those!

I then went to my good ol’ friend, the internet  and found these adorable printable tags from Crafting in the Rain, and that was it.

I ran it by Falafel for her approval even though I knew she would because that girl appreciates a good pun.


Absurdly simple.


We always have cello bags in the house.



What are you giving out for school Valentines?