Lots of things happening in our “now”. The air is crisp and cold and the sun actually made an appearance yesterday which gave my spirit an infusion of energy that was lacking with all that rain.


It is still winter and it is still cold, but I have found my motivation to start moving again. I have been walking and actually tackled that exercise video (once). And while I wasn’t actually able to do half of the things in it (when did bending my knees get difficult?!), I am proud of myself for actually jumping in (not literally of course, because I am so sore I can’t possibly jump).


Falafel has started to take piano lessons. So on top of a very full schedule (for everyone else), we will be adding that into the mix. And she couldn’t be happier...which makes me happy.

BUT that explains (at least part of the reason) why we still have Christmas lights up on the outside of our house. *sigh*

Please tell me you have something still up from the Holidays too!

What is YOUR reality right now?

Doctor Who?

There are 2 different link parties going on right now: Crafting Con’s Doctor Who sew-a-long AND Project Run and Play’s Bubble Dress link up. I wanted to participate in both, but didn’t have the time and/or energy to do two separate outfits for the same time frame.

So I naturally combined them into one fabulous (if I do say so my humble myself) Doctor Who inspired Bubble Dress (and matching jacket) deviating from my original sketch just a bit. Prepare yourself for a whole lot of photos!


OK I will start with my inspiration. I chose the 11th Doctor (played by Matt Smith) for several reasons, but the main one is he is the Doctor with one of the most “costume-y” outfits (I mean that in the best possible way, of course). The bow tie, and suspenders, tweed, and the fez (which I omitted as to not make this too costume-y for my girl). Much easier than, say David Tennant’s Doctor (the 10th) even though he was also one of my favorites…and quite dreamy.


Alida (the judge this season over at Project Run and Play) offered her Bubble Dress Tutorial up for everyone to make.


I changed it up slightly by using a different bodice. And the dress has an invisible zipper closure, which made it a little tricky to put together. It was fun to figure out, though.


The bodice is from the Noelle party Dress pattern by Peek-a-Boo pattern shop with a few minor adjustments. I made the suspenders like I was making a quilt block. They are a part of the bodice (not appliquéd on). The bow tie (which is a knotted rectangle) is suspended between the two red suspenders on the middle panel.


I did topstitch them down to give them a little separation to create the illusion of real suspenders. BTW: The front and back suspenders actually line up, but I couldn’t find a way to photograph it. I had to mention it because that. was. hard.


This child had so much fun with this photo session, even though she has never actually seen Doctor Who (*gasp* I know. Just a little too scary for her right now).


The bodice is a cream linen blend, and the bubble skirt part is this heavier textured fabric (maybe some kind of suiting, maybe with some wool which would explain the sneezing and itching from me) that someone kindly gave me. It is lined with white quilting cotton because it is incredible stiff and scratchy. Yet it works perfectly for giving some structure to this dress!


Moving on to the jacket…


It is self-drafted and reversible (though it may be too scratchy to wear inside out). PLUS, the inside is where the secret is.


I pieced the whole inside (even the tiny window squares of the Tardis), and then painted on “Police public call Box“.


You may notice that one sleeve is blue and the other is red.


Honestly, I ran out of blue. Ha! I still think it is cool. Much like bow ties.


And now, I will pepper you with photos.





She looks like a cross between The Doctor and The Master (from the new season), don’t you think?


The Bee had the sonic screwdriver (because why wouldn’t she, really?) that we borrowed for this.


She LOVED using her sister’s toy. *Ahem*, excuse me, tool.


Her mouth, apparently needed tending to.



And that tiny robot.


And that beam.


I also made a blue hat for no other reason than it was cold out there.



I haven’t put a closure on the jacket because nothing looked quite right. I think I will leave it the way it is.


So there you have it. If you don’t know who Doctor Who is you must be living under a rock (I kid. I am fairly new to this. I have only watched 2.5 doctors), by all means check it out (especially if you like Sci-Fi). I warn you though, you may just want to sew a whole outfit based on it. And if you do, link up your creation over here!

Are you a fan of the Doctor?


I am linking to:

Crafting Con

On-Our-Shelves Sunday

This week I checked a book out from the library for a little inspiration:


Doctor Who Character Encyclopedia

This thing is awesome! If you are looking to join in the sew-a-long this month, and are not sure what to make, this has just about everything you need to be inspired!

What are YOU reading this week?

Getting closer

OK Yesterday I actually went for a walk (Yay exercise!) and am a step closer to finishing my Doctor Who outfit!


What have YOU done today?

Sketching it all out

This New Year, I made a resolution to be healthier and exercise (I know I am not alone in this). In our house, you are either healthy or unhealthy. Weight doesn’t matter. In fact, I never use terms like thin or fat either. It is like poison to young girls. I despise any kind of media saying otherwise. It is all about listening to your body. I would like our girls, more than anything, to learn that. When they feel unhealthy, to increase exercise and adjust their sugar intake. Eating good food is important. Getting your heart pumping and developing strength is also important. And above all, doing it for themselves. Not anyone else.

So when I made that promise to myself it was because I know I am not feeling the healthiest or strongest I can feel.

I also am lazy. Really, I have such good intentions, and then make every excuse to NOT start today.

Yesterday, I made a huge leap forward, and watched an exercise video. That counts, right? I am one step closer.

Anyhow, it’s a work in progress.

Another work in progress is my outfit for Crafting Con’s Doctor Who month!

I am fairly a new fan of The Doctor (only 3 doctors so far), but a fan nonetheless. My look will be based off of the 11th Doctor, because bow ties ARE cool.


I have just begun and already changed the dress from this drawing. I love beginning with a sketch and allowing it to take off in any direction it goes from there.

If you have any geeky inclinations, check out Crafting Con! There is a new theme every month with new competitors. You are always invited to link up any of your theme related creations, too!

How about you? Any resolutions you are procrastinating with? Do you have a geeky side?

19 down

I thought I would show you my progress. After two days of sewing for a few minutes here and a few minutes there, I have 19 of these made!



I know it doesn’t seem like much time when I am fitting it in, but when it all adds up, I have actually accomplished something.


BTW I love the flannel I found for this project too. It is so soft!



Now, if I only would do that with exercising! Sheesh.

What have you fit in today?

Flexing my sewing muscles once again

I think I can safely say that we are now officially done with celebrating… until Valentine’s Day.

My brain just couldn’t handle much creativity during this past holiday season, but now, it is back to business as usual.

As with anything you do, it takes a little bit of getting used to, again. I am working on a few things right now, but these are what I started with.


A lovely local healer/chiropractor (and friend) asked me to make a bunch of these face table cover things (I really don’t have a word for them). I was so proud of myself for figuring out how they were constructed!


It really is the little things that make all the difference. I think this will be a great project to build my sewing muscles back up.

What are YOU working on right now?


Today is our 19th wedding Anniversary!


This is us about 23 years ago when we started dating.


And 19 years ago when we said “WE DO”!

How can something feel like it was yesterday AND a million years ago at the same time?

Happy Anniversary, Jim. I couldn’t have asked for anyone better to be on this amazing journey with me. You are embedded in my heart. In my life. In me.

We are we.


Nine is the magic number

When I was a kid, my parents made me wait to get my ears pierced until I was 12. I have no idea why. I am not sure they did either.

So when The Bee asked to get hers pierced, our knee-jerk reaction was to tell her she had to wait until she was 12. Then my husband and I talked about it, and decided that when she reached the age of 9 she was mature enough to handle the responsibility of taking care of them, and also past the stage of “picking” so they would actually be able to heal. She was thrilled and promptly got them pierced.

We went to the Mall and one of the shops there pierced her with the piercing gun. One hole is higher than the other, and she has had several infections (due to her allergies to cheap jewelry).

Flash forward 6 years and our Falafel has now turned 9 and wants to get her ears pierced. We were told by several people (and by reading articles) that the mall-gun approach to piercing is potentially dangerous, since they cannot properly clean those tools, and is not the best way to avoid infection.

Who knew?

After deciding that we couldn’t ignore this new-found information (even if our other daughter’s ears were fine), we asked around and found a fabulous piercing shop about an hour from our house, made an appointment, and gave them a try.


Wow. What a different experience all around.

We felt well-informed, and prepared, and taken care of. They were extremely professional, and clean, and the jewelry is high quality. It is all surgical grade titanium, so her ear will heal around it. No turning, or touching it. Just keeping it clean with saline spray. And the best part is they are actual earrings she can wear afterward.


The only downside is the cost. It is about three times more expensive to do it that way.


Our girl is so happy with her experience and new piercings, and so are we. We have peace of mind having done it this way. So far it has been super easy for her to care for them, too!

Do you have an age your kids can pierce their ears? Have you gone anywhere special to do it?

On-Our-Shelves Sunday

It is Sunday, right? Sheesh. We are only a few days into January, and I am already losing track of the days.

Anyway….this week I am sharing a book with you that I am reading, even though it happens to be juvenile fiction. Have I told you that I love reading good juvenile fantasy/magic stories? I do. So much. And this week I am so excited to start reading the third book in a series that has grabbed me:


Keep of the Lost Cities


by Shannon Messenger

I just love this series. The books are packed with action and adventure and magic and mystery. They are completely addictive reads. I cannot put it down once I begin, so I have waited until now to start this third book, even though The Bee bought this for me for Christmas. She does not like fantasy (with the exception of Harry Potter), but after I devoured the first two, she gave them a try…and now is hooked as well!

January is the perfect time to curl up with a good book.

What is on YOUR shelves this week?