Pausing to look around







It is that time of year, again, when I like to take a moment to stop, look, and listen to what is going on around us. Because, really, it is too easy to run past all of the life happening in our busy every day lives.

The fantastic spider webs are being constructed all around the yard while our garden is still producing. I do know that those days are numbered and the season seems to be coming to an early close. Our apple trees are almost done! We usually get apples into October, and I don’t think we will this year.

It has been a very strange Summer, weather-wise. My thoughts are with those who have lost so much in all the wildfires of Eastern Washington. Drought is upon us here in this normally water-drenched state, and although we are in the Western part of the state, we feel it in the air here.

I sense that Autumn is going to make her entrance soon, and hopefully bring the rain (never thought I would say that!).

What have you noticed in your neck of the woods?

Vintage Tin Basket


This lovely lady in my local BNP group, gave me this vintage metal basket. We both really couldn’t decide whether it was ugly or cool.


After looking it over, I decided to cover up some of the rusty spots with decoupage.




This was a pretty easy project. I had an old book that we use for just this very thing. Painted on some white glue/water mixture, ripped a piece of a page, place it where I wanted, and put more glue on top.

I did paint on a clear coat of polycrylic when it was all dry, to seal it.

I love it!

What have you transformed today?

Lots of News

Along with all of the normal goings on here (like pattern tours, testing, and blogging about life), I have joined two teams!!

*BTW: these photos have nothing to do with the news. I just had them to share.


The first is:

Blank Slate Pattern Team

I am absolutely thrilled to be a part of Melissa’s team of amazing women. I love sewing Blank Slate patterns, and now I get to do it as a job. How great is that?!


and the second is:

 The UpCraft Club Team

This is another group of talented amazing ladies that I am so happy to be amongst! And I get to sew some more awesome patterns!


Not sure if you noticed, but we have also changed themes so that those of you who visit my blog from your smartphone, will be able to see it! None of us actually have smartphones in this house, so I wasn’t aware my blog wasn’t compatible until recently. Please let me know if you have any trouble seeing anything!

What BIG changes are in YOUR life, lately?

On-Our-Shelves Sunday

Today my youngest is reading a book that my oldest and I read:



*affiliate link*

by Kathryn Littlewood

A magical bakery??! YES. Greedy Aunt trying to steal recipes for her own personal gain??! Yup. Kids left to deal with this tricky situation?! You betcha.

This is the first book in a brilliant trilogy that will keep young readers reading.

What is on YOUR shelves this week??

Rock it like a Redhead

My Bee got to be a part of the How to Be a Redhead fashion show the other night.


It was over in Seattle. or THE BIG CITY, according to my country mouse.


She had her hair and makeup done, and wore 4 different outfits. So much fun for her! She has asked to model for years now, but her height has stopped her. She was absolutely thrilled they let her join in with her whole 5’6″ self.


My husband actually went with her, and filmed one of her walks. Such the ham.

Redheads are actually quite the special breed. It was great for her to be amongst her people!


I love how her hair seems to glow at times. I have no idea why. It actually wasn’t sunny when I took this one.

If you are interested, here are some facts about redheads! I can tell you, that most of these are absolutely true. Especially the pain threshold thing. Even having her hair done was unusually painful! She does look stinkin’ cute though, right?

Do you have a redhead in your life?

We have a Winner!

Firstly, I must say that you all made me laugh. It was so much fun reading what you carry around! And suddenly, I felt like I wasn’t alone with the strange things I tend to tote.

In the spirit of sharing, I will tell you what is in MY giant bag:

wallet, checkbook, coupons, vaccination cards, epi pen, benadryl. list of my allergies, business cards, lipstick, calculator, measuring tape, many lists, receipts, gift cards, Q-tips, phone, petroleum jelly, hand sanitizer, first aid kit, elastic bands, tweezers, and change purse.

Whew. I carry around a lot of stuff.

Anyhow…on to announcing the winner of the Tulip Tote PDF pattern.


*drum roll*

Comment #6: Melinda

“Let me see here, I have a leather wallet that has cards & cash, a fabric pouch that I keep a measuring tape in, my keys, my phone, my business cards, lip gloss a pen and a Sharpie. I switch purses pretty often, but the contents are usually the same.
If I win, I am totally making a lips version of this purse!!”

Congratulations Melinda! Look for my confirmation email. I would love to see your “lips version” when you make it!

My first Senior Portrait

This past week, I had the privilege of photographing our dear friend for her Senior Photo. It was the first time I have ever taken those (and her first time posing for them) and I think we both did pretty well. Both she and her Mama said I could share some with you.













Some of these were just for fun. I ended up taking 200! Talk about fun.

Have you taken Senior Photos for anyone? Any tips?

Tulip Tote and a Giveaway!

When Sarah (of Blue Susan Makes and co-Author of Just for you *affiliate link*) asked if I would like to sew up her brand new bag pattern, I immediately said YES! Sarah is so fantastic, I just knew her pattern would be too.


The Mini Tulip Tote is a sweet little bag that closes with two magnetic snaps, meant to be carried on your lower arm, but I made mine with the longer strap option so it can be carried on the shoulder too.


Don’t let it’s size fool you, though. This bag is super roomy inside! I was actually surprised by it.


The sides are rounded because of the ruching and the boxed corner bottom so you can fit quite a bit in this little bag. And it has two pockets inside. You know I LOVE pockets!


The best part about it, though is that it is super sturdy and can stand up on its own! It helps that I used this lightweight denim for my outer fabric and fusible quilt batting inside. I LOVE how it came out.


Now here comes the fun part for YOU. Sarah is generously offering a copy of her PDF pattern to ONE lucky winner!

All you have to do is leave a comment here telling me the contents of your purse. Seriously. I want to know what YOU carry around!

I will let choose the winner on Friday.

*Giveaway ended*

And if you cannot wait until then to get your copy, you can purchase one in the Blue Susan Etsy Shop.

Good Luck!

*Oh and BTW: I received a copy of this pattern from Sarah for free, but as always all opinions are mine mine mine. She did not ask me to gush. I did that all on my own.

On-Our-Shelves Sunday

Aaaand we are back  to share more of what we are reading! This week a brand new book (to us) is actually on our shelves:


Unicorns of Balinor

by Mary Stanton

I started to read this book (there are three in this series) with Falafel last night, and after I was done with a few chapters, she was hooked! She then read (with her flashlight) the rest of the first book.

If you have been here before, you will know that getting my girl to read anything other than The Warrior Cat books (affiliate link) is a feat in itself. For her to actually enjoy it, is amazing!

What are YOU reading this week?

Fawn Munch



Oh deer. All I have for you today is this cuteness. We see the two fawns and their Mama everyday in our yard, munching whatever they can reach. Falafel has named the Mama Deer “Victoria”.

I have no idea.

What is in YOUR yard?