I have several projects to do this weekend. This one is part of Falafel’s Halloween costume.


What are YOU working on?

Refreshing the seats

I wrote this post, only 2 years ago, about making kitchen chair covers. And since then they have been sat on until now they are tattered and stained beyond repair. We are rough on our behinds, I guess. Or quilting cotton wears fast. Either one.

Time for new covers.

Anyhow… Since I drafted a pattern back then (and saved it), I didn’t have that to do this time. Although I will say that I purposely made them slightly larger than they needed to be this time, since one of the problems last time was shrinkage (even though I do prewash).


Since we replaced our curtains (see Ikea post) and changed up the colors in the dining room, I got to choose new fabric!


It brightens up the room so nicely (and living out in the Pacific North West, we need lots of brightening). This robin’s egg blue/teal is so very happy. It is one color that always makes me smile.


I used the simple velcro tabs again to attach them to the chair and a zipper to close it up.


This is a fairly simple project to take on, that makes a huge impact on the room!


Now, I know I have at least 2 years before I have to do this again.

What colors do you have in your dining area?

Pocket Pillow Post

I skipped Wonderful Words Wednesday this week for a variety of reasons, mainly because yesterday was just too dang busy to do anything else, but also because I want to figure out something dynamic for that day. I love the idea of opening it up to you for a link party, but not sure anyone else really likes this idea. Or maybe it is the subject?

Anyhow, today I am back with a simple pillow cover that I made (with a pocket) from the fabric from this post.


This is the kind of easy project that sometimes, in the midst of meeting deadlines and running around, I need to ground me (or to help me procrastinate). It takes minutes to complete, and is completely satisfying to sew up. Plus, it made Falafel super happy to have a pillow to match her comforter.


There is an envelope back so it can slip off and be washed. Perfect!

What do you sew when you want to procrastinate get your mind back in the game?

Bedding Debacle

The girls both needed new comforters with winter approaching rapidly (this year is flying by). I have a strong dislike for duvet covers that go over comforters, but that is all that seems to be available . I cannot stand the game of “find the comforter” when it inevitably moves around. Every day.

My friend Rebecca suggested sewing the duvet cover on.

OK. I can do that. Brilliant!

So off to Ikea we went.

Anyone else walk into Ikea with a very specific list and come out $300.00 later, regardless of whether or not you had $300.00 to spend??!

What is it about that store? Is it just us??

Anyhow, luckily it isn’t anywhere near where we live. Ha! We only actually make the trip once every couple of years.

Both girls have twin beds, but the full/Queen sized comforter was on sale for 14.99 each! AND The Bee found a duvet cover she loved, but it only came in the full/Queen size. I had a light bulb moment and decided to get them both that size instead of the twin. I mean how much bigger could it be?

Well, it turned out to be significantly bigger. The comforters reached the floor on both sides. That is a lot of blanket.

First I sewed just across the top and bottom of each duvet (with the comforter inside) as was my original plan.

Then I lopped off about 12 inches off of one side length-wise (through the duvet and the comforter).


Then I tucked the edges in (and made sure the comforter was sandwiched in there) and pinned the side closed.


I put my walking foot on the machine, and slowly sewed it closed.


Then I repeated it for the other one.


All done!


It was a little more work than I anticipated, but totally doable. Plus, I saved a little money. Well, sort of.

What kinds of bedding do YOU have?

New Old Chair

At the start of this school year, we realized that Falafel needed a space to do her homework away from the noise of our household. So we set her up in her room with her own desk. Because she needed it more than I did, I gave her my sewing chair.

I then looked at our local Buy Nothing Project group, and someone posted an office chair.

Just. like. that. I had a new (old)  chair for free.


Not too shabby! I did end up recovering the seat because there was a tiny hole, and slight pilling.


I didn’t have to, but I just happen to have a very similar fabric in my closet and thought “why not?”.


The back just needed a good washing, so with the help of my husband, we got that sucker off to wash it (and back on again).


I added a stripe to the center of the seat. The only thing that possibly could be better is the bottom of the seat cover came out a little bumpy. Really, though, it doesn’t bother me. After all, it is for sitting on.


Yay for practical projects! Now, as my Dad would day, “There is an ass for every seat“.

Yeah, I have no idea what that means either.

Well, I know my backside has somewhere to rest now.

On-Our-Shelves Sunday

On our shelves this week is a book from a series that The Bee read when she was younger…


Hank Zipzer

By Henry Winkler and Lin Oliver

Yup. Fonzie wrote a book series. I have been revisiting old favorites of The Bee’s for Falafel to read. I love that they can have that common link, even though they are 6 years apart. The Bee is always up for a literary discussion!

What is on YOUR shelves?

Backyard wanderings

In the Autumn, in particular, I love to take my camera on a stroll through our backyard. There are so many microcosms and interesting happenings if I just look closely enough.


I know spiders are not everyone’s cup of tea, and honestly I am totally creeped out by them when they come into my personal space. But looking at them through my lens (from a distance) always shows me a side of them that is quite beautiful and complex.







Giant Ruler for our wall

When I painted our kitchen, I painted over the wall with the marks where we measure Falafel. I wanted something that we could remove and keep after we (eventually, and hopefully years from now) move from this house.


So I made a giant ruler!


I didn’t do a tutorial because it is pretty self-explanatory…but I will explain it anyway.


I started with a plain 1×5 board that was 8 feet long, and I cut it to fit the entire length of the wall. Then I marked (in pencil first) with a permanent marker, all the lines, and numbers, up to 7 feet.


I stained it and varnished it and nailed it up.


A simple project that makes a huge impact on the room, AND will make a great keepsake later on.


What have YOU made today?

Keeping busy with very little to share

What do a 1×5 piece of wood, paint, a swivel chair, a table runner, a dress, a Veterinarian, Rosie the Riveter, and a jacket all have in common?


Other than I am working on all of these projects at once, at the moment.

I cannot share most of these with you right now, but I did manage to finish painting our kitchen and photograph it.

Unfortunately, the color is so close to the original (white) that it really doesn’t show in the photos. The paint that was there was dirty and tinged pink. The after color is called pot of cream.


Trust me, though. It makes a world of difference!

Well, at least it does to me. When The Bee got home from school she said it looked cleaner.

Good enough.

On the same note, to paint the wall, we had to move the fridge out of it’s little cubby (which we had never done before and we have been living here for 3 years). Let me just tell you, EW. Seriously gross back there. I am glad I painted if only because I got to clean out in back of the fridge.

It truly is the little things that make me happy.

What are YOU working on today?

Wonderful Words Wednesday: Let’s add Weird to that

::Wonderful Words Wednesday is when I share something I find to be wonderful with you. You can link up your image too! Click on the link below to show off your wonderful photo/post this week::


This is my child who loves to pull her own teeth out {which is wonderful because I do not like that job at all}. No fear. No pain. I love that about her character. Although, if any more fall out, she will be on an all liquid diet. Ha!

What is wonderful in YOUR world right now?