Pillowcase dress assignment

My oldest daughter is taking a fashion design class, and one of their assignments is to make a pillowcase dress to donate to a charity for girls in Africa. So The Bee asked me if I would be able to whip a few up to contribute.

YES. Pillowcase dresses are one of the easiest things to sew up, and all you need is a pillowcase, elastic, and some bias tape. I didn’t even use a pattern.

I just happened to have two pillowcases in my stash, you know, for emergency sewing purposes.


I had my Falafel try them on and model them for me.


This one came out a bit longer. I love that these will fit a variety of different sized girls.


As The Bee was making some bias tape for hers, I actually had her watch Dana’s brilliant Bias Tape making video. Because it is always better coming from someone other than “Mom”. Right Moms?

 Have you made pillowcase dresses? Do you make your own bias tape?

May Witch

I was commissioned by my beautiful friend to make her a hat.


This was such a fun project. I finished it in one night (I was that excited!). I always dreamed of being a witch as a kid. I think it started with the TV show “Bewitched“.  Elizabeth Montgomery made it look so easy. I never did understand why she chose Dick York as a husband, though. He was kind of a dork.


Anyway, I drafted this pointy hat, and made it from felt and velvet with wire in the brim. She gave me all of these beautiful things to work with. The tulle and the peacock feathers, and shell button. Gorgeous.


Point up or down, I think she looks fantastic! Maybe we all should wear witch hats. I think we can start a new trend.

Celebrating 10 years with some friends

Sew Mama Sew hits 10 years this month. I absolutely love visiting their blog. I always go away with some helpful nugget of information. They are always full of the best kind of creative awesome.

And to help them celebrate, I chose to sew up one of their (700+) free tutorials.


The Adelaide Tank out of plum colored linen.


I made a few changes, of course. Firstly, I made it tunic-length.


And added teal cotton pockets.


I also folded and sewed this little shoulder detail. It looks like a gift.


This is the same pattern I sewed up here for Sew the Show, only I sewed up a large. That version came out a little tight across my bust area, so I thought I would sew up an XL this time. It was slightly too big, but easily fixed with folding up the straps. Either way, it is a great flexible pattern. Did I mention that it was FREE??!


I paired it with some of my self-drafted yoga pants. This is my kind of outfit. Just a step above pajamas… and so comfy!


Happy Anniversary, Sew Mama Sew! I am SEW happy for you, and wish you another successful 10 years (at least). Thank you for all the wonderful sewing resources and the opportunity to sew along with you.

Mother’s Day recap

I hope you all had a wonderful day celebrating the fabulous Moms in your life.


My husband made me Eggs Benedict (which I had never tasted before!) in the morning, and then ribs for dinner. In between meals, we gardened. This year is the first year we put in raised beds, and there was so much to do to prepare to plant. Then Falafel and I created our annual Fairy house together.


Then I actually got some photos of me and my girls.




Is there something in my teeth?


Look at the camera!


Ack! The sun is in our eyes.

It was a lovely day where I didn’t actually have to do any dishes.  And that was really all I wanted.

How did you spend your Mother’s Day?

On-Our-Shelves: Happy Mother’s Day!


To all of you incredible Mamas, Moms, Mothers, Ma’s, Mommies, and Mums:

Happy Mother’s Day.

I hope you spend it surrounded by those you love, doing whatever it is your heart desires.

Here is one of my all time favorite picture books that I used to read to my girls when they were wee ones. It just happens to be about a Mama and her baby:

Where’s My Hug? (Don’t You Feel Well, Sam?)


What are your favorite Mama/child books?

You are not seeing double

I was a little frustrated at how the Anna coronation dress came out. So I did what any self respecting sewist would do….

I took it apart, and made some changes!


I shortened the bodice, slightly. Then I took a few inches out of the skirt-portion of the dress lining. I also angled the pleats a little more severely.


I hemmed both the lining and outer skirts.


I feel much better about sending it to my niece, now.


My girl decided to reenact the scene where the princess falls cause she thinks it is funny.


Luckily, she stayed on her feet.


Here’s what the dress looked like before, and then after I made changes.


Much better!

What have YOU made today?

Anna test dress

I have made a few Elsa-inspired outfits for my youngest (here and here), but haven’t tried my hand at Anna.

Until now, that is.

Our niece turns 7 this week, and has kindly requested an Frozen Anna Coronation Gown
that she can wear to school. So it needs to look like the character, yet not be dress-up.


My 9 year old (who still has bronchitis, but is such a trooper and posed for me) is actually a bit smaller than her cousin, so this is slightly long on her.


This is really my workable muslin. I had no idea how this would turn out. First I started with one of my all time favorite dress patterns The Caroline Party Dress by Mouse House Creations *affiliate link*.


I cut the bodice across in a curve to separate it into two pieces. I also ended up having to add another panel to the bottom to lengthen the bodice, because our niece is a beanpole.


Instead of a zipper, I made it a button and loop closure. Not that hard to do, and the cut of this dress is really conducive to that design.


I sewed strips of two different colored greens together to make the skirt, and pleated the light green ones. I am still deciding whether or not to paint the floral design on each panel or whether to just leave it as is. I still need to hem it, and the lining.


This was the first applique I sewed on my new machine. Not my best work, for sure. I think because of the fiddly little pieces, and tight turns, I would be better off embroidering a preset design, instead. This was to test it out, and the machine really is awesome. The user, on the other hand, needs some practice!


I feel like I know now how to make this dress better. I would, for starters, just lengthen the bodice pattern to begin with, and I would embroider, not free-hand applique. You may be seeing another one of these soon. I don’t think I can Let it Go.


Have you made an Anna-inspired dress? What pattern did you start with?

She’s HERE



My new machine has arrived. She is beautiful. I have to say that I have a very strange instinct when facing new computery type things. Imagine, if you will, a cave woman encountering something electronic for the first time. She would probably poke it with a stick and run. That is my instinct. I want to poke it with a stick and run. Then over the course of a few weeks, slowly approach it, and get to know it (when I am absolutely sure it won’t hurt me, or more importantly, I won’t hurt it).

My husband, however, has the opposite gut reaction when encountering a technological thing of beauty. THANK GOODNESS. He dives right in by reading the entire manual, and trying out every button there is to try.

He set it up, and even did the first fancy stitches.


*sigh* I love that man.

So he took the scary out of using this incredible machine, got me to drop my stick, and taught me how to use it.


This is going to be fun!

BIG HUGE thanks to Pfaff and Sew Mama Sew for this incredible prize. I cannot wait to start using all of it’s features.

Now, to think of a name for her. Hmmmmm.



This weekend, our Falafel was sick (still is) and for the first time, requires an inhaler. Nothing like wheezy breathing to make a Mama nervous.


The sunshine was absolutely incredible, though, and Jim managed to get both girls outside to play a little bocce ball, in that glorious sunshine. The vitamin D did us all some good.


So many creative balls in the air right now, for me…and none of them are ready to show you, yet.


Except for the one in that photo. Heh.

What are YOU working on?

On-Our-Shelves Sunday

This week, we are FINALLY on the last book in the series:


Smells Like Pirates

*affiliate link*

If you have been around this blog for a while, you may know that I love Suzanne Selfors books (like this, this, this, and this). She happens to be a local Author, and we have read so many of her wonderful stories. You may also know that I am such a sloooooow reader. So whenever reading to my youngest, she usually goes on ahead and finishes the book before we get to read it together.


I am finally about halfway through this one, and can’t wait to finish. I made her promise not to tell me how it ends.

What is on YOUR shelves this week?