Custom Leotards

If you follow me on Facebook or subscribe to my newsletter (see sidebar), you probably know that I now make and sell Custom Leotards! 

You may ask “Why Custom?”. Wouldn’t it be less effort if I just made general sizes and could keep the costs down? Yes, but then I would be no different than the big box stores, or large manufacturers, right? Well, I started this business because I saw a need. I was spending up to 50.00 per off-the-rack leotard for my own gymnast and none of them fit her right. She would complain that the shoulders were too tight, or armholes too snug, or tug on the bottom because it wasn’t long enough in the torso. If we went up a size, it hung off her like baggy elephant skin. When I discovered I could customize a leotard to her particular measurements, I heard an angelic chorus it fit like a glove. Or rather, like a leotard should fit. It suddenly didn’t move around as much when she moved, and this freed her up to be concerned with more important things she was doing, instead of fussing with her clothing.

I then started to notice the fit of other gymnasts’ leotards, and realized it was not just my girl that had this problem. You know how once you identify a problem, you cannot unsee it? And here’s the kicker: EVERYONE HAS A UNIQUE BODY!

Hence, Flip and Bend was born.

Custom leotards

I have just recently opened it up to anyone in the contiguous United States. SO, if you are interested in purchasing a cutsom leo, you can request to join my group. I wanted this to be more than a store, but an interactive community. I ask you two questions as part of my screening process. Please answer them so I know a little bit about your needs and if you would be a good fit. I encourage parents to share photos, and I share photos of my gymnast in order to show fit, so I made it a closed group to respect privacy.

custom leotards

With that said, if you are interested, I would love you to join!

Hope to see you there.

Baby Gifts

I am about to become an Auntie again, so of course I had a good excuse to make up some adorable baby gifts!

baby gifts

These two gifts are my absolute favorites to make for new babies. You can see others I made here, here, and here.

baby gifts

I know babies kick shoes off, but I cannot help but make them anyway. Just simply adorable. Everytime I make them I remember just how tiny babies are.

baby gifts

We cannot wait to meet the new little one. I hope our brother and sister-in-law like these gifts.

What is your go-to baby gift to make?

Simple Leggings Pattern tour

Simple Legging pattern tour

Welcome, if you are stopping by on the Simple Leggings Pattern tour! As you may know, the fabulous liZ and Elizabeth of Simple Simon have released this girls leggings pattern that fits sizes 2T-14. If you follow this blog at all. then you also know that my gymnast practically lives in leotards and stretch pants, so this was a perfect fit (pun intended)!

Simple Leggings pattern tour

Firstly, let me tell you about how incredibly easy this pattern is….

Simple Leggings pattern tour

SUPER EASY! Like so easy it only has one pattern piece, three seams, one elastic casing, and no hemming necessary! Holy stretch pants, that is my kind of pattern.

Simple Leggings pattern tour

I used a spandex blend that was labeled “active wear”, which was a dreamy match for these. Of course if you wanted a more casual everyday/schoolwear look, there are other options. Simple Leggings would look great in any knit!

Simple Leggings pattern tour

Not only are they really wonderful to wear to the gym, but also paired with “street clothes” such as a t-shirt or dress or shirt and skirt combo, (like most people would wear), too. I know she is going to get a lot of use out of them, and has already requested more! Honestly, they took me about 10 minutes to sew up (it took longer to photograph), so I wouldn’t mind making a whole closet full!

If you want to purchase your own copy, you can do so here.

Thank you for stopping by!

Skirting the Issue donations

I finally carved out some time to sew up a few skirts to donate for Skirting the Issue! As you have probably read in the news (if you read that sort of thing), WA state has been having a heat wave as well as much smoke from wildfires in Canada. WA state isn’t known for it’s hot weather, so keeping cool inside has been, uh challenging to say the least. Unfortunately, my sewing area is not cool, and I had to figure out the coolest time of day and the perfect angle of the fan to get this done.

Skirting the Issue donation skirts

On the up side, I usually have all sorts of fun novelty prints in my stash (they are my weakness- especially food fabrics). I find they are perfect for these fun skirts.

Skirting the Issue donation skirts

There was only a little bit of this muffin fabric in there, but it was enough to make this size 6 skirt. I used this handy dandy sizing chart that Simple Simon & Company offers FREE every year.

Skirting the Issue donation skirts

I found that nacho fabric at the Sew Expo this past year and was saving it for something special. I’d say this qualifies! These are 4 size 10 skirts all ready to go.

If you haven’t sewn up any yet, you have until the 15th of August to get them linked up (to qualify for one of the prizes). If you need some inspiration, I put together a little for you here.

Hope all of you are staying cool!!

Skirting the Issue

As you may know, I am one of the Virtual Assistants over at Project Run and Play, and this month is a wonderful event called Skirting the Issue. If you are new to this series, you can read about it over on the Simple Simon blog. They have added making quilts and pillowcases for the boys and girls in Foster Care, as well, this year.


So I thought I would put together a little inspiration for you! Click here to see the post that belongs to the photo above.

You can see the ones I donated in 2015, here.

And the ones I donated in 2014, here.

Check out my Skirt as Art, to go the classic route.

Want to make some skirts for teens? Try this pattern!

Making a circle skirt? I have a tutorial to help you!

Once you make up your skirts (or quilts or pillowcases), take a photo and link it up for a chance to win a brand new Babylock Sewing machine!

You can find me behind the scenes over on Project Run and Play. Come join us over there for lots of inspiration, tutorials, and free patterns this whole month!


Release of the Grace Tankini

My partner in crime…er um craft over at Project Run and Play (we are the Virtual Assistants), Audrey, just released her second pattern, the Grace Tankini. It just so happened that The Bee needed a new swimsuit, and I was more than happy to sew one up for her.

Grace Tankini by Savvy Patterns sewn by F&B Creations

Firstly, let me give you the specs on this pattern.

  • So many choices (2 tops and 4 bottoms- plus high and low waistbands). I chose to make the ruched top and plain sporty skirt without pockets. Since there are many different body types out there,  you can choose how to mix and match for your body. I find that flattering swimsuits make all the difference.
  • It is beginner friendly. Audrey gives you lots of resources and tips and tricks for sewing swimwear.
  • It has sizes 0-18. That covers all sorts of bodies!
  • There are options for a shelf bra, inserting cups, power mesh, and inserting boning if you so choose. Or not. Totally your call.
  • It is on sale this week for 25% off here.

One of the things I really liked about this pattern is there are no fiddly little pieces! Each piece is substantial, and easy to sew together. I cannot tell you how often when sewing things with tiny pieces, I forget or lose one of them! Also, this one would be super easy to grade up or down. The lines are clear and easy to distinguish from one another (trust me, not all patterns are like this!).

I chose to attach the swim bottoms to the skirt so they are one piece, but you could also make them separate. I told you. Options!

Look at that side vent! Super cute detail. I love things like that. The pattern walks you right through it. Easy Peasy.

So grab your copy of the Grace Tankini today, and get to customizing a swimsuit for your figure.


**Although I received a copy of this pattern for free, as always, all opinions are mine all mine.

Happy Fourth with Leos

Happy Fourth with Leos by F&B Creations

Hey everyone! I am sorry I have been missing from here lately. It has been for good reason. My Falafel’s Junior Olympic team Summer practice has begun, and it has been all consuming.

I also have opened up a business over on Facebook, making custom leotards! I figure, when in Rome… right?!

As of now, I am only taking local orders. If you are in Western WA and would like to be added to the group, please leave a comment below and I will email you with the info.

For all of you celebrating in the U.S., Happy Independence Day!

Check back tomorrow for another post!

I KNOW!!!! I will pace myself.

Joining in The Fighter Tee Blog Tour

When my lovely friend Kelly over at Handmade Boy told me about this Fighter Tee tour, I didn’t even have to think about joining in. She is a runner for St. Jude Children’s Hospital, and is donating 100% of the proceeds from the sale of this pattern to this fabulous charity. Um, yeah… that is a YES.

Have you heard about St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital? It is a place dedicated to helping children fight life threatening illnesses. No family is ever given a bill.

So this is simple. If you buy the pattern for $5, the whole $5 goes to St. Jude. If you donate using  Kelly’s Runner Affiliate Link, again, St. Jude gets it all- which essentially means the kids benefit directly from your money! How great is that?!

The Fighter Tee: 100% of the proceeds from the sale of this pattern go to St. Jude

The Fighter Tee Pattern

Let me tell you a bit about this pattern, to help you decide.

The Fighter Tee is:
Available in sizes 2-12
Instant download PDF pattern
Designed for knits fabrics
Relaxed fit
Short sleeves that hit just above the elbow
Side accent panels on body and sleeve
Great for boys and girls

The Fighter Tee: 100% of the proceeds from the sale of this pattern go to St. Jude

Because my girl likes a shirt just slightly more fitted, I sized down one size (which is suggested in the pattern, and works like a charm). I also shortened the sleeves just a few inches. And while I absolutely love the side panel, my Falafel likes as few seams inside her clothing as possible, so I skipped it. Kelly will have a tutorial up soon to walk you through that really simple process, if your kid happens to be like mine.

  The Fighter Tee: 100% of the proceeds from the sale of this pattern go to St. Jude

I sewed this up in an hour. It really is a painless, satisfying sew. The part that took the longest was lining up and ironing on those tiny letters (which was my choice)! We found that saying all over Pinterest, and it gave both of us a chuckle.

The Fighter Tee: 100% of the proceeds from the sale of this pattern go to St. Jude

And it is totally true.

The Fighter Tee: 100% of the proceeds from the sale of this pattern go to St. Jude

We both take illness seriously, and are happy to support a place that supports it’s patients.

The Fighter Tee: 100% of the proceeds from the sale of this pattern go to St. Jude

This post is dedicated to a girl we never met in person, only through the online gymnastics community, yet touched our hearts nonetheless. Her life ended just this week after a battle with cancer, at 8 years old. #teammaddison

The Fighter Tee: 100% of the proceeds from the sale of this pattern go to St. Jude

Please help in any way you can.

Buy Pattern


Affiliate Link


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DIY crutch covers

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen my youngest with a hurt knee. It happened on Easter, when she placed a stepstool on her bed, and jumped to her chin up bar in her door. She landed with a straight leg, and hurt her knee (luckily it is just a bruised bone). Consequently, she has been hobbling around on crutches. After the first day using them, she said they were rubbing her sides raw, and were uncomfortable (if you have ever used them, you know what she is talking about). So, of course, it was my sewing machine to the rescue! I made a couple of DIY crutch covers to help ease her discomfort.

DIY crutch covers

We started by padding the handles with a piece of foam I had left over from this outfit. I just used some tape to hold them on.

DIY crutch covers

I then traced around, leaving a generous seam allowance, and cut it out of this fabulous cupcake fabric I bought at the Sew Expo last year. I sewed it up and then turned up the bottom to make a casing. Pulled some elastic through and sewed it up.

DIY crutch covers

It did help to cushion them a bit, plus she looks super stylish with her custom covers.

DIY crutch covers

I truly believe in the power of handmade in aiding the healing process.

Have you ever made crutch covers or custom slings for your kids?

The Fabric makes the Leo

It is no secret that I am a leotard-making fool, as of late (see here and here)! Well, that hasn’t slowed down much, since the washing mishap (you can read about it here). BTW, when fabric is labeled with “hand wash cold/ line dry“, it is a good idea to follow it. *ends public service announcement* 

Anyhow, after making lots of custom-fitted leotards for my gymnast, I can say that no two fabrics are equal and the fabric makes the leo! Case in point:

the fabric makes the leo, and this leo was made with Fabric Fairy fabric

I found myself perusing The Fabric Fairy website one night, and was blown away by how many fantastic lycra/spandex fabrics they carry and the reasonable prices. Serious rabbit hole of choices. Right then and there, I realized with utter clarity that I needed to work with that fish scale fabric as soon as possible, and it needed to be on a leotard.

the fabric makes the leo, and this leo was made with Fabric Fairy fabric


the fabric makes the leo, and this leo was made with Fabric Fairy fabric

This fabric is perfect for leos. It sewed up beautifully and has a nice weight to it. Not too thin, which has happened to us a few times with other stores. Thinner fabric will not only be a little tougher to work with because it curls and slips, but it can also be see-through. Ugh. Not the look we are going for. This, on the other hand, is delightful.

The incredibly sad news is: they sold out of it! I told you. Amazing.

the fabric makes the leo, and this leo was made with Fabric Fairy fabric

Sometimes colors on my monitor are a little off when I am ordering fabric, so I always ask if they would guide me to a good match for accent fabric.  I am so glad I did. Originally I chose a different one, and it turns out, it wouldn’t have matched at all. This color matches exactly and is just the small pop it needed.

the fabri makes the leo, and this leo was made with Fabric Fairy fabric

My husband thinks I should make myself a pair of pants out of it. I must admit, I am tempted!

the fabri makes the leo, and this leo was made with Fabric Fairy fabric

The second fabric I used, which is called Wildflower Saturation, was chosen by Falafel. She loves the colors on the cacti! So happy and colorful.

the fabri makes the leo, and this leo was made with Fabric Fairy fabric

This one is slightly more slick, especially on the inside. The 75% stretch makes it a great choice for swimwear. Paired with this accent fabric, it is striking!

the fabri makes the leo, and this leo was made with Fabric Fairy fabric

Although Fabric Fairy was kind enough to provide me with this fabric, they have gained a loyal customer. Their fabric is awesome. All opinions are 100% mine.

the fabri makes the leo, and this leo was made with Fabric Fairy fabric

My girl is trying out for two teams this week, and now has some pretty inspiring leos to help her do her best!