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I forgot about his size

After I published yesterday’s post about Archer the Fox, I realized that you may not have a sense of his size!


Here’s his wee little hat in my hand to give you an idea. Smaller than Sprinkles. He stands about 18 inches tall.


I have entered both softies in the Sew Mama Sew Spectacular Softies Contest!

Wish me luck!

Meet Archer the Fox

Since I made Sprinkles, I had been thinking of making another, only this time something for my 15 year old.

When The Bee was about 3, she LOVED the Disney version of Robin Hood. So much, in fact, she wanted to learn how to shoot a bow and arrow. Well, needless to say I had no idea where to take my 3 year old for archery lessons, nor did I think that handing a preschooler a weapon was a good idea, so the passion remained idle for a while.

Flash forward a good decade, and Archery had gained popularity along with accessibility for youth around the country. My little girl (who was not so little any more) still had that same passion (still inspired by that same movie) for this sport, and finally could do it.

She is now on the Junior Olympic Archer Division team, and LOVES it.

All that to say, meet my creation

“Archer the Fox”


I have to say that he is my favorite creation so far!


Here he is without his accessories. In the buff, if you will. Both of his arms have pipe cleaners in them, so he can be posed in any position. Very handy when you have to handle a bow and arrow, you know.


These are all the extras I made to outfit our archer. They were so much fun to make!


The quiver (or the thing that holds the arrows) is an empty plastic bead container that I covered with felt. The arrows are wooden skewers cut in half, with paper fletching (or fake feathers) stuck between the split wood ends.


The bow is made from a cut piece of wire hanger, covered in felt, bent into a recurve bow shape, and strung with a piece of shirring elastic. I also added a velcro band so that it would stick to his paws.


His little “Robin Hood” hat is self drafted. I just made slanted triangle shapes out of green linen and brown felt, sewed them wrong sides together, then folded the brim up and glued a feather in. I also made a pair of pants with a button hole opening for his tail, and a poncho (both self drafted, as well).


For the stuffed animal, I completely winged it. I know that is crazy, and I only had enough fabric to make this one, but I had this idea and I wanted to see if it worked. I sketched out the different face panels I wanted and then cut them out of the fabric. I sewed them in order, along with inserting a stuffed fleece nose. I cut slits in the head to insert the ears into. I stitched beads on for eyes. AMAZINGLY they all went together and I had a head. Just. Like. That.


Figuring out how to attach the head to the body was tricky, however. I knew I wanted to construct it like a bag lining (if that makes sense), so I put it inside the body upside down, right sides together, and sewed around the perimeter of the two openings, securing them to one another. The tail was inserted like I did the ears. The whole thing was made like figuring out a puzzle.


I added wrist bands of velcro for holding the bow and arrow. We all decided that he looks more rugged shooting without a shirt. He can wear the poncho in the rain.


Then we went outside for a little fun.





I am thrilled with how he turned out, AND that I only used what we had in the house to make him! archer4m

It was fun to stretch my creativity and imagination (and problem-solving skills) to make this guy for my girl. I am so happy I did. She LOVES him, too.

More gifting: this time for the wee one

Last gifts on my table, this week are these cute widdle bitty baby pants.

{I can’t help myself sometimes}


My husband came up to me one night and asked if I could make one of his coworkers a gift because he and his wife are expecting a baby soon,and cause “I know you love making baby things”.

AND I DO!!! *Squeeeeeeeee*  He knows me so well.


I made a newborn size with Made By Rae’s Basic Newborn Pant pattern out of some kitschy fun cowboy fabric.


And a 6-9 month pair from a self drafted pattern out of this edgy skull and cross bones fabric.


I had forgotten how tiny newborn baby legs are! I left room in the bum area in case they would be cloth diapering.

I hope we get to see them on the actual baby.

Do you have a go-to baby gift to make?

Sprinkles the Softie

There is a terrific Spectacular Softies contest going on right now over at Sew Mam Sew!

I couldn’t resist.


Meet “Sprinkles”.


She is actually a girl named Natasha who likes to wear a bunny costume (with sprinkle ears), a princess crown, and two different skirts {according to both my girls}.


Here she is with just her bunny costume on (which she can’t actually take off).


I couldn’t decide which skirt I liked better, so she she has options. The crown has velcro tabs for easy removal. But why would she, really?!


She reminds me of a female bunny version of Max from Where the Wild Things Are.


Could you tell that I had a lot of fun with this one?

Falafel (my 9 year old) instantly fell in love with her. We have a rule, though, about stuffed animals coming into our house to stay. That means one (of equal size) has to go out. I know it sounds mean, but I think they multiply once they get into their rooms, so it is just a bit of population control.


Well, she didn’t even hesitate. She found two smaller ones to trade out (Sprinkles is quite large), and called it even. She has been sleeping in my girl’s bed every night.


Natasha Sprinkles has found her home.

Knot Dress

Over at Project Run and Play, liZ and Elizabeth are hosting another season of fabulous sewing! This time, Jess from the Sewing Rabbit has chosen her free Knot dress pattern to base our creations off of.


I made some radical changes, obviously.


I have been wanting to make a dress like this for some time now. It was one of those ideas that was floating in my head until I found the right combination of pattern and coordinating fabric. That striped fabric is a men’s button down shirt that I completely cut apart. I added the sweet little flower fabric to compliment it.


Instead of ties for the shoulders, I gave it sleeves and sewed in ties around them…but they didn’t quite reach. So I added the most precious buttons (that I have been saving for something like this) to them. Gah. CUTENESS OVERLOAD!!!!


There’s a hedgehog button on the front.


I used part of the original button placket for the back working closure. The neckline is encased in bias tape.


I also incorporated another tie feature in front, like a belt.


It started out as a tunic, and my sweet girl informed me that she only wears dresses. Easy enough fix. I added that bottom panel of blue to complete it!


I constructed it with all french seams (it is my new favorite way of finishing seams). The inside is as pretty as the outside!


After a whole morning of rain, the sun magically appeared and we ran to the beach to catch the light.


It was so windy and beautiful and wild.


Everything I love about living here.


I love that my 9 year old still wants to wear these sweet frocks.


I know this will be a dress that gets a lot of use.

What have YOU made today?

Naughty Beef Cases

Here is another go-to gift of mine: Pillowcases!


These just happen to have half naked men on them. I call them Beef cases. Heh. You know…


Beefcake + Pillowcases= Beef Cases!


My lovely friend had a birthday and I thought I would make her giggle. Which I did.


I took extra care in making these. They are as pretty on the inside as they are on the outside!


I did French seams throughout.


I love how neat it all looks.


This was a fun and quick gift. You can use any quilting fabric. Even naughty ones.

Would any of you be interested in a French seam pillowcase tutorial? If there is enough interest, I will do one!


There have been so many reasons to make gifts lately. Everything from birthdays to new babies. I have been making some fun things!


First up is one of my favorite things to make. A simple zip pouch.


I had some of that fabric left over from my meat bag. Perfect for my friend who is about to travel to see some of the national monuments.

These can be sewn up in minutes. It is my go-to gift, for sure!

What do you like to make for friends?

The Quilting Bee Dress for the Bee

Remember that bag (that I have affectionately dubbed my “meat bag”)? Well, I sewed up another one of the patterns from the Just for you Sewlebrity book for this month’s sewalong.


It is the Quilting Bee Dress, for my Bee.


I realize it is supposed to be “selfish sewing”, but sewing for my 15 year old feels a bit decadent, since it doesn’t happen that often. I love that she still wants to wear things I sew. And now that she is taller than me, and wearing adult sizing, I can use a lot of the patterns I have for myself, for her.


Do you recognize this fabric? I made her 8th grade banquet dress last year out of it. I had a few yards left, and she loves this fabric (and has since grown out of the other one).


I originally sewed piping around the neckline as facing. It looked pretty good, but I used red thread (*read: too lazy to change it) and it bothered me. I had already trimmed it and then top-stitched it in place. So after I seam ripped it, the neckline was slightly wider. Not enough to make a huge difference, luckily.


I centered the swirl of skulls on the front and back.


Definitely a quick sew. We may have to whip up a few more. Goodness knows I have more than enough quilting cottons in my stash!


What have YOU sewn up today?

Sewing Expo booty and a winner

Remember when I told you about the Sewing Expo? Here is what I bought!


I found some real treasures!


There was a booth that had bins full of fabric, sold by the pound, where throngs of ladies were sifting through pieces they wanted. Someone tossed the pretzel fabric on top of the pile,  and I quickly grabbed it, swooning and exclaiming “FOOD FABRIC!!”.


A very funny German woman was next to me, and she kept passing me all the food-themed fabric. I said “who wouldn’t want a skirt made from food fabric??!!“. She replied “Me“. Heh. I looked at her and said, “You’re telling me that wearing a skirt with pretzels on it wouldn’t make you smile?!”.

She said “Yeah. It would make me smile!“. And she smiled.


Of course it would!

That blue polka dotted fabric on the right reminded me of my Mrs. Beasley doll I had as a child. I couldn’t pass it up!


image source


I wish they had larger pieces of that sprinkle fabric! It is fabutastic!

Today the final results are in from the Top Stitchers contest. Head over for the results!

Last day to vote


This contest has got me wondering about what other items could be refashioned into clothing. Just think about all the things we get rid of because they have holes in them, or are passed their prime!

Wouldn’t it be great to breathe new life into them?

Are you a refashioner? Have you used unconventional materials?

Today is the last day to rate our refashions! Please head on over to vote.