Boys CAN wear pink: Season 3

Today I have the pleasure of joining in the fun with Handmade Boy’s FABULOUS series

If you remember back, I sewed up something for the very first Boys CAN wear PINK season, for my husband.

I couldn’t resist sewing something else for him….

Boys (and men) CAN wear pink!

…because boys AND MEN CAN WEAR PINK. See above proof.

It is just a color. One that my husband looks good in. Why should he not wear it?! In fact, there is a great little article from npr that gives a brief evolution of this color.

Boys (and men) CAN wear pink!

Please excuse the color differences in these photos. This close up is the actual color of the boxers, but the weather being what it has been lately, made photography challenging, to say the least. Plus, my husband doesn’t make it a habit of being photographed in his skivvies, and was a little camera shy.

I had just enough of this incredible white mouse fabric to whip him up a pair of boxers. I have been making all of his underwear for years now (spoiled much?), and he always enjoys a good novelty print. Because I only had a yard, I had to change the orientation of these sweet rodents, to vertically. I know that normally, going against the grain like that would not be wise, but this cotton has a little stretch, and is a good quality, so it works just fine.

  Boys (and men) CAN wear pink!

I have used the same pattern for years (see above links). One that I drafted (with some help from the tutorial) especially for him. He hasn’t really changed much since 2009! Still same size.

Boys (and men) CAN wear pink!

Now he has a fun pair of unders that he can wear…under his clothes from now on.

Thanks for including us in the tour!

Now the fun part for YOU…

Enter below for a chance to win some pretty great prizes!

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Be sure to check out the others on this tour!

Rivage Raglan Pajamas

Lately, I have been doing a lot of sewing for my Falafel. For one, it takes a lot less fabric to sew for her, than anyone else in our family. The Bee, though has noticed this, and made a request that I sew her up some pajamas. How could I refuse my almost adult daughter?!Especially when I really love sewing for her too.

In the Blank Slate Patterns Facebook group, I saw a photo of Melissa wearing a shirt made from her Rivage Raglan pattern *affliate link*, and I knew it was perfect for this project!

Rivage Raglan Pattern review: Making Pajamas

This is one of the most straightforward, easiest patterns EVER! Like all Blank Slate patterns, this one was spot on with sizing. I didn’t even muslin.

Rivage Raglan Pattern review: Making Pajamas

After seeing the cozy fleece jammies I made for Falafel, my Bee wanted some of her own. It was no problem at all to work with the fleece. I did embellish the pattern just slightly by adding rib knit cuffs (there are only cuffs on the short sleeves option), and because these are pajamas, and I wanted the neckline a little higher,  I sewed on the rib knit neckline a little different. I folded the tube in half width wise and sewed the raw edges to the neckline. Done.

Rivage Raglan pattern review: Making Pajamas

For the pants portion, I just took a pair of knit pants that fit her, and used them as a pattern.

Rivage Raglan Pattern review: Making Pajamas

The fleece doesn’t fray, so no hemming required!

Rivage Raglan Pattern review: Making Pajamas

This was the perfect quick project that allowed me to sew something practical for my 17 year old,  while not breaking the bank.

Rivage Raglan pattern review: Making Pajamas

The best part is, she LOVES these. Especially the shirt. She wore it to bed atfer we photographed it, and then to her Archery tournament the next day. She asked me to make her another. THAT right there, is proof it’s a winner.

*Even though I received this pattern for free, as always, all opinions are mine, mine, mine. I love sharing wonderful things I find with you.*

Self-drafted PJs

My girl needed some new pajamas, and since it has gotten so cold here, they just had to be fleece. She had one pair already, of store-bought pajamas that I liked the fit of, only they were getting a little small on her. So I made my own pattern using them as a base, and giving her some room to grow, in these self-drafted pjs.

Self-drafted pjs

Heh. I have to tell you, I really don’t know any popular music. At. All. So when my kids schooled me on that song, I had to look up the video and then attempt, in a very exaggerated, comical way, to embarrass said children by trying to do the dance that accompanies the song. Watch me Whip…

Self-drafted pjs

Anyhow, these pj’s didn’t take long at all to make. In fact, that is part of the reason I love fleece so much. It doesn’t fray. It sews up super quick, and is really forgiving.

Self-drafted pjs

I placed her old ones on top of a piece of tracing paper, folded the arms over (toward the middle) and got the lines for the bodice (it is a raglan sleeve shirt). I made sure to add a good 1 inch to all seams, so they would be slightly big. I folded the bodice part up and spread out the sleeve to do the same. I did make sure the neckline didn’t get added though. I kept that the same so that it would be tighter.

Self-drafted pjs

The ribbing on the sleeves and the collar was quick and unscientific too. I estimated the size by holding it up to the width of the sleeve. It worked perfectly.

Self-drafted pjs

I didn’t bother even hemming the shirt because as I said before NO FRAYING!


  Self-drafted pjs

The pants were even easier. I just folded them in half, placed it on the paper, and traced. They are super big on her, but that was the goal. I would like these to last through to the Spring, at least!

Self-drafted pjs

Now my girl has another pair of warm pajamas, and she really never wants to take them off. I’d say they are a hit!

What have YOU made lately?

Gymnastics Tank Leotard Pattern review

Remember the Jalie leotard I sewed up for my daughter? Well, I sewed up another of Jalie’s patterns. And here’s a little spoiler:


Jalie Gymnastics Tank Leotard pattern review

Gymnastics Tank Leotard pattern

 What I am posting about today is the wearable muslin. As with the other pattern, I knew I would have to make some adjustments to the length. My daughter seems to have a really long torso. Only I didn’t know how much until I sewed it up.

Jalie Gymnastics Tank Leotard pattern review

She measured a size 5 in the chest, and a size 7 in her hips and waist, so I graded it out as I traced the pattern. When she put it on, she couldn’t stand up straight because it wasn’t long enough, so instead of trashing it, I cut the leo in half at the waist, and added a 4 inch panel! It now fits her perfectly.

Jalie Gymnastics Tank Leotard pattern review

I then went back to my copy of the traced pattern, and made adjustments, so next time it will be one whole piece. Although, I do like the way the band looks, too.

Jalie Gymnastics Tank Leotard pattern review

Pattern details: This one is a bit different than the Lillie pattern. The one big change that my daighter is in love with, is the binding instead of elastic around the arms and the neckline. I must say that I also like that part. It adds a pop of color, and it is a smooth fit.

Jalie Gymnastics Tank Leotard pattern review

This pattern comes in 22 sizes which span from girls to women- obviously full of awesome right there. It is available in PDF or paper, like all of Jalie patterns. It also comes with applique pattern pieces that I am going to use for the next leo I make.

Jalie Gymnastics Tank Leotard pattern review

Since this is a sport that my girl is passionate about, and she will be doing it 5 times a week, I am beyond thrilled that I can custom make her beautiful leos for her workouts that not only look great, but fit her like, well… they were made for her.

Jalie Gymnastics Tank Leotard pattern review

This pattern is a keeper. It is simple and customizable and it was super easy to make fit adjustments if you have someone who needs them.

Jalie Gymnastics Tank Leotard pattern review

*Although Jalie provided me with this pattern, as always, all opinions are mine, mine, mine. I really love sharing the wonderful products I find, with all of you.

Jalie pattern review

Happy New Year!

I have been waiting to share this Jalie pattern review with you, until it was nice enough outside to photograph it. Finally, I gave up, and set up my indoor lights. Twice. You’ll notice two different hair cuts and colors (hair chalk).

Jalie Lillie gymnastics leotard pattern

Firstly, let me start by saying I love Jalie patterns. I also used one to make The Bee’s Black Widow costume and it was just as easy to use as this one. I will also say that my Falafel is…um let’s say, particular. And when I sewed up the pattern as it was written, she said it had “too many seams” on the inside. (????) So I merged two of the pattern pieces together, and instead of three stripes, there is only one on each side.

The other thing is, she has a very long torso and quite the backside, apparently. To compensate, I lengthened the crotch, and widened the back bottom.

On this first one, I forgot to bring down the leg opening in the front, though, and consequetly it is cut a little high.


For the second one, I remembered, and it fits better. Although, I think I accidentally used the wrong sized front piece (I tried two different ones), because the pattern isn’t actually supposed to bunch like that.

The thing about leos (as my gymnast calls them), even in RTW (ready to wear, or store-bought), is they all fit differently! I can never just pick her out one in her size, and have it fit in the arms and length and crotch area. Some are tighter, some are looser, even when dealing with the same size in the same brand. When I think about it, though, this seems logical. There are so many different shaped gymnasts, and the fit of the leotard has to be almost customized for each one, because they need it to stay in place when doing their routines.

I was on a mission to get hers as close to perfect for her individual body as possible. The Lillie pattern, made it easy to customize. I love Jalie patterns’ simplicity, and straightforward directions. Super comprehensive. AND not a whole lot to print. I really love that. They also offer paper patterns (opposed to PDF), if you don’t want to print at all!

The thing that took the longest was cutting out the pieces. Sewing it goes incredibly fast. You can whip one of these out in a focused hour. If you get one of those. Ha!

I was also on a mission because these suckers are expensive! Much more cost effective to make them.

There is a long-sleeved option included in the pattern, that I cannot wait to give a try, too!

Have YOU made leotards?

*Even though I was provided the pattern for review, as always, all my opinions are mine, mine, mine. I enjoy sharing the terrific finds I find with you.

2016 Best Nine

I feel like 2016 has been a year full of celebrity loses, and upset. Now more than ever, we need to celebrate the positive. Over on Instagram people are posting their “2016 Best Nine”, so I thought it would be fun to do that here. Only, I couldn’t just pick 9 things that I made, to highlight, so…..

Here are my 2016 Best Nine, TWICE.

*Click on the links to be taken to the original posts*

Top Left, Top Middle, Top Right

Middle Left, Middle Middle, Middle Right

Bottom Left, Bottom Middle, Bottom Right

Top Left, Top Middle, Top Right

Middle Left, Middle Middle, Middle Right

Bottom Left, Bottom Middle, Bottom Right

I wish you all the best this upcoming year! I know I will strive to be full of the kindness I want to see in this world.

What are YOUR best 9?

Last minute gift to sew

That’s it, we have almost run out of time, but you know that there is just enough time to sew up some last minute gifts!

Rice pack gift

A holiday just wouldn’t be a holiday without making some rice packs. See others I have made here, here, and here.

Rice pack gift

Almost everyone I know can use these handy items, and they are super easy to make. They are good for hot (if you microwave them) or cold (if you put them in the freezer). We go through a lot of these. I have no idea where they end up, but Falafel loves to heat them up and take them to bed with her, as well as in the car on a frosty day!

What are you making last minute?

Ginseng Dress made with Cali Fabrics

Ginseng Dress sewn by Falafel and the Bee for Cali Fabrics

Today I am Guest Posting over at the Cali & co blog, sharing the amazing new Holiday dress I made for The Bee.

Ginseng Dress sewn by Falafel and the Bee for Cali Fabrics

I used the Ginseng Dress Pattern by Sew Chic Pattern Company (which she generously supplied for this post). I had seen one that Laura made on her FB page, and fell instantly in love. This dress has a classic vinatge-50’s housewife-cocktail party vibe to it, which fits my (almost) 17 year old daughter’s personality and style. That pattern paired with fabric from Cali Fabrics make my heart swoon.

Ginseng Dress made by Falafel and the Bee using Cali Fabrics

On to the details.

Firstly, all the Sew Chic patterns are paper patterns (opposed to PDF patterns you print yourself), so they mail them right to you. It comes with a handy booklet of instructions, and all the pattern pieces. The sizes go from 2 up to 18, and there are two different views you can sew. I chose “view A” with a collar. It has a side zipper, which gives it such a neat look.

Ginseng Dress made by Falafel and the Bee using Cali Fabrics

I picked out this amazingly buttery beautiful Gold on Gold Damask Stretch Twill for the main fabric, because it has nice drape, and enough structure to make the skirt portion of the dress flare. When hemming circle skirts, I find if the fabric has a little stretch it makes it much easier to get a neat and even hem. I asked Ron over at Cali Fabrics to help me chose the accent fabric, and he picked this Champagne Midweight Bridal Satin. It matches perfectly.

Ginseng Dress sewn by Falafel and the Bee with Cali Fabrics

My sewing machine was being tempermental, and not gathering the fabric as it was required, so the only change I made to this was folding the sash, accordian style. I do like the effect, though. Now that I have sewn it up once, I may make myself one! This pattern is so flattering and classic, especially in this fabric.

Ginseng Dress sewn by Falafel and the Bee with Cali Fabrics

If you would like to see more photos, click on over and check out my post on the Cali & Co blog.

 *Disclaimer: Although I was provided the pattern and the fabric for free, as always my opinions are mine mine mine. I enjoy showing you the brilliant products I discover.