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The Boho Trouser pattern test

Recently, I tested a pattern for Heidi from Elegance & Elephants.


The Boho Trouser (and shorts) pattern!


Firstly, Heidi’s patterns are beautiful to look at. Seriously. I even showed it to my husband and said “Look at how pretty!”. Her photos are really well done, and each one is very informative. I am such a visual gal, so I require photos that help me for each step. This one does not disappoint.


I learned a few new techniques from this pattern, as well. The pockets go together in a way that is new to me. I have also never used bartacks before! And how cool is that elastic waistband??!! When I learn something from a pattern, I consider it to be well worth having.


I happened to have this sparkly striped weird fabric (really no idea what it is) in my stash. It appears to have some kind of metallic thread in it, and reminds me of Richard Simmons. Of course, my girl loves them.


There is a pants option that I cannot wait to try, too. For now, these will be a great wardrobe addition for the Summer (if it ever warms up again!).

What do you look for in a pattern?

Testing the Timmy Top

I recently tested a fun pattern for a friend of mine, Amy of Friends Stitched Together, and Crafting con, and now….Mama Quail Patterns! And now I get to share it with you.


The Timmy Top!


This pattern is not a quick sew, but it has so many fun little details, and the yokes go together in a really unique (to me) way. I always say that if I learn a new method or technique from a pattern, it’s a good one.


I let Falafel choose the fabric for this shirt, from my stash. Who knew that paperclips and foxes went so well together?


I sewed up a size 6 for my petite nut and it fit perfectly.


There are so many variations you can make of this shirt. Really your imagination is the limit! Even though it technically is for boys, as you can see, it works for girls too. BTW: I want to turn those pocket flaps into eyes so badly. Maybe the next one.

If you would like to purchase your own copy of this pattern, it is 30% off right now using the coupon code: TIMMYTOP  here.

Kitchen Linen Challenge

Sew Mama Sew is hosting a Kitchen Linens challenge given to a few sewists by Spoonflower. I was one of the lucky 6 people chosen to participate!

I had to choose 2 different fabrics to use for my kitchen project. Most of you know Spoonflower for being a great place to design your own fabric, but they also have fabric from individual designers that you can purchase. Let me tell you, putting the words “Kitchen” into the search brought up so many fabrics my head was spinning. SO many fabulous choices. It took a while to narrow it down.

As I was browsing the selection, I came across this cookie print (and if you know me, you know I LOVE food fabric) and it hit me…


I searched for milk themed fabrics and fell in love with this retro milk bottle print. And a beautiful match was made.


I decided to do 2 different types of oven mitts. The one in the photo above was made by tracing one that we already have.


For the other, I followed a tutorial (loosely) by Miss Mary Sewing Classes. I actually winged the shape, and top stitched (and she didn’t), but the idea is the same. There is a liner and Insul-Bright (*affiliate link*) in each one to make them heat resistant.


Something about the combination of the cookies and milk theme, and that retro fabric makes me think of a classic Vintage housewife a la Lucille Ball.




*BTW: That apron was my Mom’s and I wore it my High School production of Bye-Bye Birdie when I played Mrs. Macafee (about about 25 years ago-yikes!). Now my oldest is wearing it.


There you go! As simple as, well…cookies and milk.


It was hard to restrain herself from eating these until the end.





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The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle 2015 Sale

Today I interrupt On-Our-Shelves Sunday to bring you an offer that is almost gone:

I really am one of the worst salespeople ever. I don’t like to push people into anything. I am a no- pressure type of gal. BUT I have noticed that some people were interested in buying this bundle, and I would love if any of your are interested, to buy through me! That way, I get to benefit too.

Here are just some of the ebooks included:

Project Organize Your Entire Life – Is your house slowly being taken over by clutter? Do you stare at that pile of papers on the kitchen counter and wonder how they seem to multiply overnight? This eBook will show you how to get organized and stay organized with simple systems that are easy to manage and grow with your family.
The Pregnancy Companion – Is a new baby in your future? In this eBook, you will learn how to experience more glowing, wonderful pregnancy moments without all the stress and fatigue. You will get quick tools and tips to sleep better, eliminate morning sickness, reduce stress, and give your baby a healthy start in life. Everything is here for you.
Handmade Walls – Do you have the home decorating bug but don’t know where to start? Painting your own walls, making homemade decor, and unique styling are fun and frugal ways to express your personal style. After you read this eBook, you will feel 100% confident to bring personality and life to your home using only a few inexpensive tools and your imagination. Happy decorating!
Simply Clean Home – Is it time to get your house back on track? Keeping a clean home doesn’t have to be complicated or a struggle. And your house certainly doesn’t have to look like the cover photo of a magazine all the time! This eBook will teach you how to develop simple cleaning routines that support your life.
The Steady Mom’s Freedom Guide – Are you looking for a life-affirming way to relax, let go of stress, and be the best mom you can be? This eBook will teach you all the cool tips and tricks that successful moms use to strike a balance between steadiness and blissful freedom, so that you can enjoy your parenting journey (and inspire your children to become their best).
Become a Frugalista – Have you ever seen a beautiful dress in the store and thought, “Who are they kidding?!.” This eBook will give you all the core personal finance skills you need to give your family the very best… on a limited budget. There’s no need to do without. Once you have a few simple money management skills, you can create the life of your dreams on a shoestring budget.
How to Blog for Profit Without Selling Your Soul – Have you ever wanted to run a business from home? Something small, on the side that can grow as your children grow? This eBook will jumpstart your journey of profitable blogging that honors you and your family. Create a blog that works perfectly for you, your family, and your goals. Then share it with others for fun and profit.
Marriage, Intimacy & Sex: Moving from Blah to Blazing – Are you ready to bring the fun and zest back into your marriage? This audio download inspire you to strengthen your connection with your spouse, create a safe place to share your deepest feelings, and start acting like carefree honeymooners again.
Easy, Oven-Free Dinners – Are you tired of being stuck in the house waiting for dinner to finally pop out of the oven? Are you ready to break free from tired old recipes that bore you to tears? This eBook will show you how to make healthy dinners, faster, easier and completely oven free!
Natural Remedies for Parents – Do you want to soothe and heal simple aches and pains with all natural remedies? Virtually every ailment imaginable can all be managed quicker and easier, with common household items that you probably already own. These natural remedies are a safe way to help reduce the chances of germs spreading through the whole family. A double win!
Plus, 89 other eBooks and courses to guide, inspire and encourage you.

There you have it. If you are interested in any of these subjects, this is a screamin’ deal. Please click on the Buy Now button to read more about it…and buy it now (but only if you want to).


I’m a Sewlebrity!

If you are visiting from Sew Can She, then WELCOME! If you have been here before, then WELCOME BACK!

I had the honor of sewing up this fantastic Tied Belt for the Sewlebrity Sewalong:


This is a great belt for either casual wear…


Or dressing up!

You can find the pattern in the book Just for You: Selfish Sewing Projects from Your Favorite Sew Can She Bloggers: 24 Simply Stylish Projects

*affiliate link*


BTW this is the kind of photo you get when you are the model, photographer, and stylist all in one, and your remote for the camera is broken, so you can had to set the timer and run back and forth. Ha! Barely in the frame there that time.

Not that I would know anything about that. *whistling*


Anyhow, I made mine from some quilted faux leather, and made my piping and the bow from this strange green fabric I had in my stash. I chose to make my belt a little larger than my waist so that I could have the option to wear it on my hips.


I  love the way it turned out! It is constructed in a way I didn’t expect, but really like. I did choose to alter it just a little by doing French seams on the ends because my quilted fabric was unfinished on the back, which made the ends fuzzy and white after I cut them.

A HUGE Thank You to the ladies over at the Sew Can She blog for having me as their Sewlebrity. It was nice to get all dolled up, even if it was in my own yard.

Time to Travel Blog Tour

I love going on tour…from the comfort of my very own home.


This time I sewed a few items from the new ebook that will be released today: Time To Travel!

I was lucky enough to test the first one. I had so much fun making it, I made two.


Ready, Set, Go Wallet


This is a great little gift idea, and of course BOTH of my girls wanted one. The great thing is, I made this one using an old pair of jeans, and some sweet quilting cotton. Look at that fox. I love him, so.


This one I made from mattress ticking fabric found in the utility section of Joanns.


But the inside is PRETZELS!! I think this one is my favorite.


As you can see, there is a place to hold dollars (real or play) and plenty of compartments for cards and photos.


I did this one with wider bias tape, but really the pattern is flexible. Before this, I had never sewn a wallet before. It was quite addicting.

Next, I sewed this up for The Bee:


The Swansea Bag


I had a little fun with mixing this one up a bit by adding extra large curtain grommets (these things are HUGE) and jumbo furniture piping.


Even though the pattern comes with detailed instructions on how to do French seams throughout the whole bag, I also chose to line it with lime green sock monkey fabric for a contrast. The wood grained outer fabric was a little too washed out, so I thought it could use a pop of color.


This one is the adult-sized bag, but there is also a smaller kid-sized bag in the pattern.


As you can see, it is a perfect sleepover/camp bag for my 5’5″ girl.


I think the next one I sew up will be in a heavier canvas to hold up to the outdoor adventures we will have in the Summer!

Now on to the fun part…the prizes!

Enter the Rafflecopter below to win one of these fantastic items:

“Grand prize: $50 gift certificate to FabricWorm and a copy of Time to Travel*

2nd: 1 yard of fabric from Mabel Madison and a copy of Time to Travel*

3rd: a copy of Time to Travel*

*If you buy the eBook and win the giveaway, we will either refund your money, or send the copy on to a friend of your choice.

But that’s not all! If you buy the eBook during the tour, you’ll be automatically entered to win a $30 gift certificate to Fat Quarter Shop!”

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Free video mini-course

The people from the Ultimate Bundles have a new one coming out, and are offering a free video mini course

4 Simple Steps to Stress-Free Homemaking“.

I watched the video, and I can recommend it to anyone (especially those with small children) who feels they are overwhelmed by all that needs to be done in a day. I know some Moms of littles that could really use these tips!

I was glad to find that I already do all of the steps that she recommends already (and they really do work)! Once you start, it becomes second nature, and housework becomes less of a “chore”.

Best part is , it is FREE!

Click here to take you to the video.

A-line A La Mode pattern review

I had the privilege of sewing up this little number for my Falafel:


*I was given this pattern for review, but as always, all opinions are mine all mine!


I used a light pink quilting cotton and a cream colored lace tablecloth to make this dress! I was going for soft and classic, and just plain pretty.


Even though my 9 year old is the size of a 6 year old (that is the size I sewed up), she is totally nine. So when I showed her the pattern, she requested that I change the puffy sleeves and that I make it “not as full”.


Instead of grading it out to an 8 (according to her measurements, that is what I should have done), I just sewed up the size 6 as is. To fulfill her other request, I shortened the sides of the sleeve pattern to match up with the armholes, and also cut a few inches of length. Then I hemmed the lace and cotton as one piece. I left off the band (that is part of the pattern).


I didn’t change anything else. I am never disappointed when sewing up one of Melissa’s patterns. She is so thorough. The instructions are clearly written and photographed. I always feel like she is here, guiding me through each step. I have learned how to do new things from her patterns. They are like sewing mini lessons.


This is not my first time sewing up a Blank Slate pattern (see here, here, here, and here) and it certainly won’t be my last.


What have YOU sewn today?


Have you heard of minted.?

In a nutshell, it is website that sources art through a community of artists and designers (that span the globe), through monthly challenges. Their products include stationary, art prints, and even fabric!

This new year has me changing things up in our home a bit, starting with colors and art. And I have enough art made by me and my family. So I went on to browse, and really was sucked into the fabulous options and diversity of art choices. One thing led to another and I realized I had been looking for more than an hour. And don’t even get me started about the fabric!

I narrowed it down to feathers and foxes. I seem to always come back to those two themes and no one in our house would object.


Geometric Fox


imaginary vase


Pretty Plumes

And that led me to nests.



BUT then I saw these too..


Big Red

I have always had a thing for gumball art.


Love set in stone

and this…which I really love.

How about you? Have you browsed around this site at all?

What jumped out at you?

*disclosure: I will receive credit to their store in exchange for this post, but as always, all opinions are mine mine mine!

Pink for your Boy inspiration

Kelly from Handmade Boy is doing a Boys CAN Wear Pink series in February. And although I do not have any boys, I do have a husband and I LOVE the idea of breaking the stereotypes for all male people.

Really, it is just a color. And some people regardless of gender actually love it and look and feel good wearing it.

Since I am participating I thought I would put together a little bit of fabric and pattern inspiration for you in case you want to sew along!

fabricCollage Imagine Gnats has fabulous fabric selections with pink. The first one is a double gauze with construction vehicles. How awesome is that??!!


Clean Slate pants by Blank Slate Patterns


Little Gentleman pants and vest


Zippy Jacket by Blank Slate Patterns


High Five Hoodie


Critter Canvas: Boston Terriers

or even


Geometric Bliss: radical blossoms blush in knit

Imagine some of these patterns using these fabrics! *swoon*

So how about you?

Would you dress your son in pink? OR more importantly would he wear it?

**Some of the links in this post are affiliate links which means if you buy the product through my link, I get some money too.
::AND I only am an affiliate to shops I truly love and believe in the quality of their product::
***PPSSSS I also linked to Blank Slate Patterns even though I am not an affiliate, but so love her patterns.