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Fifteen and a Vote

The Bee is fifteen today. FIFTEEN.



She is in the Nutcracker this year (as an actor) and they wanted her hair in a faux bob. It only took one time for her to realize that she never wanted to do that again, and so she asked me to chop it off!


Long hair or short, I love my feisty red headed teen. So much.

And now someone has to help me process the information that she can take Driver’s Ed.


On another note, I would love if you could take a minute to vote for my Holiday Project over at Sew McCool (only if you liked it, of course).


See original post here.


Happy Birthday to my little darling

Today is my younger daughter’s 9th Birthday! To honor this, I am sharing part of a sponsored post I did this year about her. It completely sums up how I feel about my Falafel.


 She is my youngest. The one that is quiet and few in her requests. She often feels overshadowed by her older sister’s dynamic presence. Our 8 year old (Now 9 year old) girl.

My Falafel.


This girl of ours is really something. Many of you know that she has endocrine issues that hinder her growth. Even though she is small in size, it has never held her back. This child has plenty of personality to make up for it. Her boundless energy and need for adventure has helped her to try and ultimately fall in love with things like gymnastics, Irish step dancing, and rock climbing. She is fearless when it comes to touching bugs and critters. Her heart welcomes them all into it, warmly. Because of her curiosity and hands-on approach with any creature great and small, her teacher allowed her to catch and take care of classroom crickets.


Pet rats were her Birthday present this past year. And it couldn’t have made her happier.


We have the most interesting conversations. I love hearing her special perspective on the world.


The most cherished moments are those seemingly mundane ones. The every day ones that we could miss if we didn’t know better.


Falafel came to me with a book that we have been reading at night together, before bed. Normally, I read and she draws. It is a great way to wind down our days. This particular night, we found that it was just us in the house, and it was past her bedtime. I could just skip reading and rush her off to bed to attend to a million things I needed to do. But if I did, I might be missing an opportune moment to show her that I do want to spend time with her. That she matters. School was out for the Summer. No plans. How could we make this more special? I had one of those lightbulb moments. What if we read it OUTSIDE in the hammock together??


And that is exactly what we did. It was so quiet with the exception of some nighttime birds settling in too. It was just the two of us, reading, under a blanket in a hammock outside. It felt like one of those moments that I didn’t ever want to forget.

Our kids are only this age once. I am enjoying every phase and every aspect of their very different personalities.

Happy Birthday to our 9 year old girl!

Last year of single digits…AND it is her “Golden Birthday” (9 on the 9th). Can’t get more special than that!


My husband and I cleaned out the garage the other day because that is what you do in 28 degree weather right???!!

Anyhow, usually we walk quickly (or run) from car to house and house to car without paying much attention to anything outside. I even had a dead geranium plant hanging right outside the door because it is so incredibly cold and I just couldn’t bring myself to deal with it.

You can call me Weather Wimp from now on. I have earned it.

The whole point of this is to say no one even noticed that the hose (which is also right outside the front door) had a leak and was frozen over, until that day.


It was so cold that my camera lens fogged up when I went to photograph it, hence the fuzzy ethereal look of our common garden hose.

What have you NOT noticed until now?

A little snow goes a long way

Our landscape, usually drenched and soggy, is all dressed in white.


Literally, a dusting of snow. Not even an inch. It is making me giggle with joy to see my Facebook feed bursting with locals all snapping photos of their families enjoying this unusual treat.


Poor Falafel has been sick, so she hasn’t been able to romp around in it at all. I am actually hoping it sticks around so she can, at least, touch it.

The Jersey girl in me is laughing just a little bit. But to an area that just doesn’t get snow, a little goes a long way.

Some Thankful Bloopers

I am sitting here in bed with a virus and laryngitis. Not being able to speak is frustrating.

BUT it does allow for lots of reflection and thinking (uh, and watching bad movies-which is beside the point). I wanted to take this moment to thank you all for visiting my humble little blog every day and leaving such lovely comments.  I appreciate every single one of them. You have become a part of my circle. Of my life. And I am thankful.

I am also extremely thankful that we took our Holiday photo before I got sick. So today I will share the bloopers. Because really, they make me laugh, and I am most thankful for these goofballs. Each one of them. After all, without them, there wouldn’t even be a blog.












They even allowed me a few nice ones:




Even though I am not feeling my best, I am so very thankful to be spending Thanksgiving with these strange folk I call my family. I love them so very much.

I hope you get to spend Thanksgiving with those you love, eating lots of food!

What are your Thanksgiving plans?

Days 4 and 5 of the B&W photo challenge

See Day 1 here and 2-3 here.


This one of my husband was day 4.


And lastly, Day 5.

That was a fun challenge. It was like a warm up, really for what comes next….

Holiday photo cards! Yikes.

Wish me luck.

Day 2 and 3 of the B&W photo challenge

Since I shared that awesome pattern with you yesterday, I missed posting about the B&W photo challenge.

Here is what I put up for day #2:


And Day #3:


What have you seen in B&W today?

5 B&W photos, 5 Days challenge

I don’t usually do challenges on Facebook. They sometimes can feel like chain letters, and I cannot stand those.

BUT, a friend of mine tagged me to take 5 Black & White photos in 5 days and I just couldn’t resist. So I figured I would share them here too.


This is the one I posted yesterday.


I also took these, but not for the challenge. Just to share here.



I absolutely love B&W photos. There is something so raw and gritty about them that you just don’t see in color.

How about you? Do you ever photograph in B&W?

Baby it’s cold outside





It hasn’t snowed yet. It actually is not a common occurrence around here. But there is plenty of frost. And I can see my breath. And we lost power several times over the last few weeks. And sometimes I can see my breath INSIDE THE HOUSE.

Yesterday we lost power again, and it was so cold, that my husband actually lit the first fire in our wood stove. It only warms the kitchen and dining room area, so we don’t do it very often. But it was so cold.

As soon as he lit it, the power came back on.

And that is how it goes.

How does it go in your part of the world?

Ecclectic update Post

Let’s see… The Bee had a sinus infection this weekend that really knocked her down. That child rarely ever gets sick. She has been going and going since the start of school, so I figured it was just a matter of time.

The temps have been below freezing this week, which is not a common occurrence round these parts, so we were not very prepared for it. Slowly we have been  sealing up drafts and trying to keep the heat in, both for our house and ourselves. All my fingerless gloves have been a staple these days, and my neck has rarely been without a scarf. Fleece is our friend.

I have several sewing projects that I am working on…in our dining room since the living room (where I normally sew) is freezing cold!

Amongst them is a pattern I drafted (for something I cannot share yet) and sewed up a test one so that I could see if the pattern worked. It did, and then I LOST THE PATTERN.

I have no idea. *sigh* All I can think of is got swept up with the scraps. I will be starting over tomorrow. *double sigh*

Hmm what else? Oh and Falafel’s teeth STILL haven’t come in.


I think she likes it that way.

Jim and I binge-watched the recent Doctor Who season. Now I am left with wanting more. Gah.  We have watched a whole slew of movies lately as well, to tide us over until the new season begins. The time to get cozy is here.

That just about sums it up for now.

What is happening in your world? What are you up to?