Cleaning and purging and watching

I took an entire afternoon, this weekend, and cleaned out my sewing closet. I organized and purged until it all was in order.

PicMonkey Collage

Then I listed a few fabrics (like the ones above) on my local Buy Nothing Project group (including a HUGE garbage bag FULL of scraps). My closet was filled with things that I just won’t ever use. Raunchy biker babes? Virgin(s) of Guadalupe? Thankfully they have gone to other people who will put them to good use.

Now there is room for more. That is the whole point, right?

Then I watched the first episode of the second season of The Great British Sewing Bee (on YouTube). I really dislike reality shows, but this one is great. They are all so kind to each other and supportive. It is refreshing with all the informative content and lovely sewing people. You know where to find me for the next few nights, as I binge watch this entire season (and then there is a  whole other season to go!).

What have you done this weekend?

We went to the Animal Fair




















We went to the County Fair yesterday! There were animals and archery, food and shows, rides and games, vegetables and exhibitions.

By far, the best thing I saw was in a bathroom.

It was that sign above. “Beautiful Definition: A person who is reading this.” And underneath, a very helpful someone corrected it “The person reading this“. I think that should have won a ribbon.

Have you been to the Fair?

Coasting it

Over this past weekend, we still didn’t have our running water back, so we decided this was a good time to go somewhere there was a different type of running water.


The Pacific Ocean.


*Brace yourselves for a ton of photos as I am  trying to hold on to the Summer a little longer*


Our oldest really does not like camping. At all. In fact, last year, after our annual camping trip, I told her that she didn’t have to come with us anymore. Really, she complained about it the whole time, so I figured she would be happier staying with a friend.


This year I honored my word, and she stayed with her friend and her lovely gracious family. And had a blast.


On the contrary, our youngest LOVES camping. She has wanted someone to teach her how to fish since she was 2. She still hadn’t. So this was our opportunity.


We took our Falafel and headed out, for the first time ever, to camp at the coast with just the three of us.


We got there and the wind was intense. It was blowing so hard that we had a lot of trouble setting our tent up. It took us about an hour and we finally had that sucker weighted down with every large rock we could find.


There was a burn ban in effect because of all of the devastating wildfires that are raging throughout our state. That AND the drought which has caused said wildfires. What this meant for us was no campfire. Which was fine. I really didn’t even miss it.


There were a few people that didn’t think this rule applied to them, and they lit one anyway. It really made a difference in air quality! We instantly started to choke and felt the effects of those seemingly small fires. Luckily, they didn’t stay lit for long.


Do you know another downside to a drought? THERE WAS A FISHING BAN TOO. *sigh*


Ironically, that night, our tent got soaked.


Not quite sure if it was rain or spray (most likely the latter since there is a drought). But all of our gear and bedding was soaked. Falafel’s hair was wet since she was sleeping under one of the drips, and her mattress completely deflated.


We had planned (and payed) for camping two nights. The girl still wanted to stay another night. My husband and I did not.


With all of our clothing and bedding wet, one mattress deflated, the other not fully inflated, and having spent a 46 degree night sore and cold, we just simply did not have it in us.


We stayed the day on the beach and ate smoked salmon (which was a first and a highlight for her).


Then headed to Marymere Falls for a hike after being in the car for quite some time.


It was nice to give our 9 year old all of our attention. That doesn’t happen a lot. I also know that our oldest is only going to be in High school 3 more years, so this may become the new norm.


I feel like time is passing so quickly, and even though we really didn’t need to go to yet another place we couldn’t take showers; we did need to.


I do always feel refreshed in some way. Dirty? Yes. Tired? Yes. But definitely renewed in my soul. And the best part was seeing her absolutely ecstatic the entire time.


It was really dry and slippery on the trails and the water levels were noticeably low at the falls.


It was still beautiful but also made me sad to see this area so depleted.


We made dinner at a little picnic site there and got back on the road.


When we arrived home, the well was being fixed.


Our beds never feel as good as when we get home from camping.


My husband found a place (right near our home) that there wasn’t a ban, and finally took her fishing. Now that is ALL she wants to do..and she didn’t even catch a fish.


School is beginning next week. I am so grateful for having taken this time to be out with our soon-to-be Fourth grader in the wilds.

How are you spending the last few days of Summer?

Trying to teach this old dog new tricks

Oh goodness people. I am still hacking away at the PDF pattern class I am taking and I WANT TO POKE MY EYES OUT when doing it.

I have developed a huge respect for those designers that actually understand Adobe Illustrator. Because I just don’t. These people earn their money, let me tell you. Seriously. Support Indie designers. A lot of work goes into PDF pattern making. A LOT. More than you would think.

Give me a pencil and paper any day.

With that said...I am not giving up. You all will just have to wait for my pattern release one day, and it won’t be soon. Hopefully it will be before someone develops another program that I have to learn. And hopefully someone will still want to sew up what I am creating! Thank you for your patience.

While putting my nose to that grindstone, our well decided to stop working. So, we have been without running water for a few days. Luckily, friends of ours offered us showers…because ew. I never realized how much water we actually use in one day…until now.

I do realize there are much much much worse problems in the world, and I am not complaining. Just an update for you with why it has been a little quieter than usual around here.

Come back tomorrow to see what book we are reading…and Monday I will share a super quick project with you to help prepare for the kids going back to school (if they haven’t gone back already)!


What new things are you learning?

Pausing to look around







It is that time of year, again, when I like to take a moment to stop, look, and listen to what is going on around us. Because, really, it is too easy to run past all of the life happening in our busy every day lives.

The fantastic spider webs are being constructed all around the yard while our garden is still producing. I do know that those days are numbered and the season seems to be coming to an early close. Our apple trees are almost done! We usually get apples into October, and I don’t think we will this year.

It has been a very strange Summer, weather-wise. My thoughts are with those who have lost so much in all the wildfires of Eastern Washington. Drought is upon us here in this normally water-drenched state, and although we are in the Western part of the state, we feel it in the air here.

I sense that Autumn is going to make her entrance soon, and hopefully bring the rain (never thought I would say that!).

What have you noticed in your neck of the woods?

Lots of News

Along with all of the normal goings on here (like pattern tours, testing, and blogging about life), I have joined two teams!!

*BTW: these photos have nothing to do with the news. I just had them to share.


The first is:

Blank Slate Pattern Team

I am absolutely thrilled to be a part of Melissa’s team of amazing women. I love sewing Blank Slate patterns, and now I get to do it as a job. How great is that?!


and the second is:

 The UpCraft Club Team

This is another group of talented amazing ladies that I am so happy to be amongst! And I get to sew some more awesome patterns!


Not sure if you noticed, but we have also changed themes so that those of you who visit my blog from your smartphone, will be able to see it! None of us actually have smartphones in this house, so I wasn’t aware my blog wasn’t compatible until recently. Please let me know if you have any trouble seeing anything!

What BIG changes are in YOUR life, lately?

Rock it like a Redhead

My Bee got to be a part of the How to Be a Redhead fashion show the other night.


It was over in Seattle. or THE BIG CITY, according to my country mouse.


She had her hair and makeup done, and wore 4 different outfits. So much fun for her! She has asked to model for years now, but her height has stopped her. She was absolutely thrilled they let her join in with her whole 5’6″ self.


My husband actually went with her, and filmed one of her walks. Such the ham.

Redheads are actually quite the special breed. It was great for her to be amongst her people!


I love how her hair seems to glow at times. I have no idea why. It actually wasn’t sunny when I took this one.

If you are interested, here are some facts about redheads! I can tell you, that most of these are absolutely true. Especially the pain threshold thing. Even having her hair done was unusually painful! She does look stinkin’ cute though, right?

Do you have a redhead in your life?

My first Senior Portrait

This past week, I had the privilege of photographing our dear friend for her Senior Photo. It was the first time I have ever taken those (and her first time posing for them) and I think we both did pretty well. Both she and her Mama said I could share some with you.













Some of these were just for fun. I ended up taking 200! Talk about fun.

Have you taken Senior Photos for anyone? Any tips?

Fawn Munch



Oh deer. All I have for you today is this cuteness. We see the two fawns and their Mama everyday in our yard, munching whatever they can reach. Falafel has named the Mama Deer “Victoria”.

I have no idea.

What is in YOUR yard?