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A little Rock Love


I am working on a whole mess of creative things right now, as well as doing all the normal life stuff that goes with being a Mom to a tween and a teen.

So today I thought I would show you a rock we found on the beach. Clearly, it is full of love.

Happy Wednesday to you!

Fun Mail

The internet is fun, but there is still nothing quite like getting good ol’

fashioned “snail mail“.

This week I got some fun things in the mail!


First, because I participated in the February sewalong, Caroline from The Sew Can She blog sent me this fantastic button, and her business card which has this handy dandy centimeters to inches chart on the back! My husband told me that I should laminate it and keep it in my purse. Ha! I think he may have a great idea there. Am I the only one that has trouble converting? Seriously. Waaaaay too much math for my brain.


The second things to arrive were my goodies! I have to say that I loved how each thing was packaged. It made me feel like they went above and beyond to make the presentation special. I have already used those stickers. Aren’t they sweet? The most exciting thing, though, is my new business cards!


There is a front AND back!


I love them so much! I have never had business cards that I liked before. Crazy, huh?

And lastly, my friend Kristi from Kopykat & Kidz sent me her extra copy of Ottobre magazine (affiliate link)! I have always wanted to check out that magazine. It is FILLED with amazing patterns. The only downside is, I WANT TO MAKE THEM ALL!!! Thank you Kristi!

Do you like getting mail? What is the most exciting thing you have received this week?

Sharing something worth sharing


Do I have your attention?

There is a contest going on to win a chance to hang out with Robert Downey Jr. and go to the premiere of the new Avengers movie. But believe it or not, that is not the awesome part.

You enter to win by donating $10.00 or more to a place called Julia’s House (a children’s hospice center dedicated to helping improve the lives of children diagnosed with terminal illness). “Julia’s House is a children’s hospice charity dedicated to helping life-limited children and their families. The nurses and caregivers at Julia’s house provide life-changing support for parents and their children both in the hospice and in their own homes. The majority of those children are unlikely to live beyond the age of 18, but thankfully Julia’s House is there for them year-round, offering emergency respite and overnight care during treatment and offering emotional and practical support at the end of a child’s life“.

I feel compelled to share this with you because I think it is more than wonderful that they have given this contest purpose. You can feel good about giving to a worthy cause while trying to win something totally fun and frivolous.

Don’t take my word for it, though….


Head over to Omaze now to donate and enter.

**I am not being compensated in any way for this post. I just received the info and am passing it on…because it is awesome.

Expo Recap

I went to the Sewing and Stitchery Expo on Saturday! This is the very first year I have ever made it. I was so excited!!!


I met up with Amy from Friends Stitched Together (and Crafting Con).


It was the first time we met IRL, and we laughed for about 4 hours straight! Instantly comfortable around each other.

She is so fabulous. It was really nice to be able to walk around and share this experience with someone who sews!


There was so much to see. And THE FABRIC. My goodness. THE FABRIC.


Oh these lace trims! I am pretty sure I drooled a little bit near them.


There was something there for everyone, for sure.


It was a quilter’s paradise, though. Plenty of fabrics, machines, and gadgets geared toward quilters. We even got to test drive a quilting machine. It was crazy fun.


This made me wish I knit.


This was one of Amy’s favorites.


The delicate fabrics on these dresses just melted my heart.


THIS!!!! We have a friend who’s son is going to college for something brilliant and science-y. I would love to make something like this someday.


And then….. we met Gretchen from Gertie’s Blog for Better Sewing!!! You may remember that I entered her contest (here). We actually got to see the winning dress. Beautiful.


 I was a little star stuck. She is made of all sorts of awesome. I also felt a little short. Ha!


Overall, a memorable day. And an excellent excuse to get out, do a little fabric shopping (more on that in another post), and socialize with my sewing people!

Off to the Expo

Come back tomorrow to see what book is on our shelves this week.


Today, I am off to the Expo!

She’s Back!


My machine is back! And it has absolutely has nothing to do with this airplane, above, but I just had to share this photo. This plane flew over our heads and it was so low, I felt compelled to photograph it.

Anyhow…… my beautiful 35 pound (if I had to guess) Singer Quantum XL-1 sewing machine is back and purring like a kitten! When I went in to pick it up, my husband said it was like I was greeting my puppy who was at the pound. I’ve missed her so. I refrained from hugging her. This past month that it has been gone, I felt like a shoemaker without his hammer and nails, or a cook without a stove… or some other person who makes things without their tool to make them with.

The woman that worked there said “Yeah. They make them lighter nowadays“. Ooof. Yup. That is one heavy baby. And she’s ALL MINE.

The tech (see post here) that actually fixed it, fashioned his own spring because they stopped making that part for that machine. And although it cost a whole lot to do it (I am trying hard to block that part), he did it, and I am grateful he extended the life of my tool. My friend.

How about you?? Are you attached to any of your tools?

Update on my right arm

Well, not really my right arm….but it feels like it. It is my sewing machine.

You probably know by now, it has been in the shop since the end of January. I, luckily have been able to borrow my lovely friend Kirsten’s machine. It has been hard to not have my own, though. I love it so! You all know what I am talking about, right? You love your machines too, right? RIGHT??!!!

Last week I got a call from a tech guy who informed me that he was retired but they call him in to work on “the problem machines“. That can’t be good.

He also informed me that it would cost a lot more to open it up (it is THAT complicated) to even see what is wrong with it. *sigh* OK.

I knew that mine, for some reason, is not one that everyone would willingly work on. It is a 20 year old Singer Quantum XL-1,  a digital dinosaur of sorts that Singer has stopped making parts for….apparently.

Yesterday I got another call that it is done. He said there was a broken spring (that, yup, Singer doesn’t make anymore) and he “fashioned his own” and fixed it.

Uh, OK.

Wish me luck!

I’ve got two major things to work on that are due this weekend. *gulp* I could really use my best gal to help me out.

Here’s a photo of the sunset the other night, just so I don’t leave you photo-less today.


We did it!

Remember that secluded hike I spoke of before? We went back (this time we brought the teen too) and we made it down to the river and back!


On the way there, the Hood Canal bridge was up to let a few large ships through, and it gave us the opportunity to get out and snap a few photos on this incredibly gorgeous day!


It was a nice pause before we got to our invigorating hike.


The trail is in Quilcene, and on a weekend, it was a little more popular than on a weekday, but only by a few people. That actually made me feel a bit better about being out in the middle of nowhere with our girls.


It is not an easy hike, full of rocky hills…but really beautiful.



It was 2.5 miles to the river, and on the way there, all of a sudden darting up the path was a dog we had seen earlier (with a woman jogging) being chased by two pitbulls. The dogs scared the crap out of us because they stopped right at our feet and barked at each of us before continuing on the chase. We continued on for another 1/2 mile or so, and saw the frantic owner of the first dog, so worried. She explained to us that these two pitbbulls came out of nowhere and chased her dog. She lost her grip on the leash. We told her where he was headed.


We finally made it down to the raging river, and the noise was so loud that we didn’t hear those dang dogs when they raced at as again and started to bark at us. We shooed them away, calmly.  They ran further down the trail. About 10 minutes later, we saw their owner and the two dogs were once again on leashes. What excitement!


Luckily, those were the only wild animals we saw.


The river was everyone’s favorite part.









By the end, we hiked a little over 5 miles, and felt tired. But good tired. I am so proud of our girls…uh, and us old folk too!

Do you have a favorite hike?

Into the Woods

Remember the woods from yesterday’s post? I had a few more photos to share with you.


It really was a beautiful remote place with lots of trickling waterfalls.


What isn’t conveyed in these photos is just how quiet is was. And how that quiet was wonderful, but also a little unnerving. Really. I talked yesterday about the fact that I thought there was an animal waiting to pounce on one of us, and I was serious! The forest was vast and expansive, and it made us feel small.


Being out there, knowing we were alone, was both phenomenal and terrifying.


The path was only one large enough for one person to walk at a time, and was high up on what was essentially a cliff, towering over the river. The drop was steep, so I was a little nervous when our child was skipping nonchalantly ahead of us.


When I had them pose for this photo, they were sitting a little too close to that drop for my liking. See how wide that trail is? One butt’s width. YIKES.


Our brave little girl loved every minute, and cannot wait until we go back to further investigate. We only made it 30 minutes in before it started getting dark because we had a late start. So, we will be going back to try and hike more of the 9 mile trail.


We have been into the woods before, but never really too far off the beaten path, or too far from civilization (without our car being right there like on our Alaska trip~ remember that?). This was a first for my husband and myself who are born and raised city folk. On the contrary, our girls have been exposed to nature all their lives, and don’t really have the same concerns being out there as we do.


Are you at home in the wilderness? Or are you a city dweller?

It is the Beard-Shedding time of year!

Every year my husband grows a beard starting on the first day of Fall, and then shaves it off on the first day of Spring. But for the last few years he has been getting the itch to shave it before then (like here and here).

This year is no different.


Silly silly man.

We always have fun with photos when he decides to shed it.


Every year I slowly see the face I fell in love with being uncovered.


And he has a bit of fun with it.


OK more than a bit of fun. Stand back ladies…he’s all mine!





Ahhhh. That is better.


Do you have a Springtime ritual?