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As slow as growing Teeth

I tell you, friends, lately my mind is SO FULL. It only gets full when there is a lot going on that isn’t resolved or finished. So I thought I would give you a little peek inside my head and share what is happening in there. Not all of it, of course, but some of the major ones.


*I am sharing photos of Falafel to illustrate my point. This girl lost four front teeth last OCTOBER. They are just growing in.

As I was saying, lots going on in there. Especially learning new things. I am currently taking an online workshop for digitizing patterns! You CAN apparently teach an old dog new tricks, OR a 42 year old mom new skills. Whichever. There is so much to it. I am slightly overwhelmed by it all. I have made up my mind to give it a whirl and start my own pattern line. BTW: Feel free to let me know if there is anything you would like me to design. I have some ideas that I will start with, but I always love hearing your ideas too!


The other thing I am learning is how to use my new sewing machine. It is amazing and also overwhelming at times. It is relearning a lot of what I knew how to do, in a different way. I am taking it slowly, stitch by stitch. I didn’t realize how much of my sewing was done by muscle memory. I wouldn’t have to look at my machine, I just did it, lighting quick. Second nature. Now I have to look. I have even embroidered for the first time ever! Lots to learn.

END OF THE SCHOOL YEAR IS ALMOST HERE. That takes up an entire section of my brain, really. There is planning how to honor all those hard working teachers and staff, end of the year activities to help with, and Summer to plan. Yup. That’s a lot.


For some reason, this time of year is when we are all due for one kind of appointment/check-up or another, and I find myself on the phone talking to people to make appointments…which takes up a lot of space in there.

Having a garage sale this weekend, so there’s that. My lovely friend comes over and we try and sell all the stuff that has been accumulating in our respective households over the past year. At least after this weekend, that one will be out of my head. There’s limited space in there, afterall!

And the cherry on top is, I have been dealing with chronic pain in my foot for months now. That doesn’t really take any brain power, but it sure does distract me.


All these things feel as slow as growing teeth right now. I know they all will be replaced with all new things after I have mastered/conquered/checked them off my list. Honestly, I think orthodontia for child #2 is going to be on top of the new list!

What is your brain filled with lately?

Mother’s Day recap

I hope you all had a wonderful day celebrating the fabulous Moms in your life.


My husband made me Eggs Benedict (which I had never tasted before!) in the morning, and then ribs for dinner. In between meals, we gardened. This year is the first year we put in raised beds, and there was so much to do to prepare to plant. Then Falafel and I created our annual Fairy house together.


Then I actually got some photos of me and my girls.




Is there something in my teeth?


Look at the camera!


Ack! The sun is in our eyes.

It was a lovely day where I didn’t actually have to do any dishes.  And that was really all I wanted.

How did you spend your Mother’s Day?

On-Our-Shelves: Happy Mother’s Day!


To all of you incredible Mamas, Moms, Mothers, Ma’s, Mommies, and Mums:

Happy Mother’s Day.

I hope you spend it surrounded by those you love, doing whatever it is your heart desires.

Here is one of my all time favorite picture books that I used to read to my girls when they were wee ones. It just happens to be about a Mama and her baby:

Where’s My Hug? (Don’t You Feel Well, Sam?)


What are your favorite Mama/child books?



This weekend, our Falafel was sick (still is) and for the first time, requires an inhaler. Nothing like wheezy breathing to make a Mama nervous.


The sunshine was absolutely incredible, though, and Jim managed to get both girls outside to play a little bocce ball, in that glorious sunshine. The vitamin D did us all some good.


So many creative balls in the air right now, for me…and none of them are ready to show you, yet.


Except for the one in that photo. Heh.

What are YOU working on?

Bird on a chair


Yup. That is all I have for you today.

I hope your weekend is healthy and happy!

A few finishing touches

Remember Spring Break when I painted both girls’ rooms (here and here)?

Well, Falafel still needed a few things for her room. First, was replacing her curtains.

This was a hard one. I normally don’t get attached to objects. I am not really the sentimental type, but I love this fabric. I bought it when she was a baby, and whipped up curtains for our old house out of it. They really didn’t go with her newly painted purple room, though, and my 9 year old wanted something a little more “tween”.





We all love the new purple curtains. They are a bit longer, and the silver swirls are just whimsical enough. Plus, now I get to use that pretty floral for something else. I have no idea what, but it definitely needs to be made into something.

The other thing that was needed was a desk. This child has such trouble concentrating when doing her homework. A desk in her room is a must. My sewing table wouldn’t fit in the space with the desk I had, so I took Falafel’s old desk, The Bee took mine, and Falafel was supposed to have The Bee’s desk…but it was too big for her room.

So, my husband turned to me and said “We can always build one!”.

And that is exactly what we did.

We had this old book shelf that we took apart and basically sawed in half. The book shelf was all wood but really poorly constructed, so it isn’t the finest piece of furniture we have built. It was supposed to be the easiest. In actuality, it proved to be a little more complicated because of the placement of the bolts.


The great thing was, we only had to buy the boards that we added to the top. I sanded the whole thing, painted it white, and sealed it with some polycrylic (all done with materials we already had).


Pardon the photos. I just threw her stuff on it and snapped a few photos. It always takes time to figure out what goes where.

It fits the small space, and our girl is rough on furniture, so this will do for now.

It feels good to cross another couple of things off my list!

Do you change up your kids’ rooms? What are little changes you have made?

New Specs

Not a sponsored post. No affiliate links. Nothing fancy here.

Just sharing my new glasses with you!





I kind of love them.

So many balls in the air, and my to-do list seems to be getting longer, not shorter with everything I attempt to complete. So crossing off get new glasses, feels good.

What have you crossed off your list, lately?

The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle 2015 Sale

Today I interrupt On-Our-Shelves Sunday to bring you an offer that is almost gone:

I really am one of the worst salespeople ever. I don’t like to push people into anything. I am a no- pressure type of gal. BUT I have noticed that some people were interested in buying this bundle, and I would love if any of your are interested, to buy through me! That way, I get to benefit too.

Here are just some of the ebooks included:

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There you have it. If you are interested in any of these subjects, this is a screamin’ deal. Please click on the Buy Now button to read more about it…and buy it now (but only if you want to).


Swinging in Sunshine





There was a time in my life when I could swing like that. There was something so freeing about it, almost like flying (even though your butt is plastered to a seat of something secured by chains).

Now, though, it totally makes me sick. I think there is a time when we go from shooting for the stars to planting our feet firmly on the ground. I’ve come to that place. I don’t even miss flying because I get to watch my kids do it so joyfully, now.

Anyhow, we are back to having rain and cold the past few days, but that sunshine last weekend is still with me in these photos.

Are you still flying or are your feet planted…or are you somewhere in between?

Lady Luck

My girl LOVES all critters big and small.


She was finding ladybugs (a whole bunch of them) and picking them up until they flew away (after they peed on her).


I was just enjoying this incredibly beautiful weather we have been having.


And I was actually chuckling to myself as I was watching her. She loves ladybugs, crickets, roly polies (potato bugs), and just about every other creature….EXCEPT SPIDERS.


I just cannot wrap my head around what exactly freaks her out about them. To me, they are all equal on the freak-out scale.

To each their own, I suppose.

How about you? Do you pick up ladybugs?