Cold Broccoli


It has been C.O.L.D here and we really haven’t been outside too much. But when I took my camera out the other day, I found this sad little broccoli plant that we never knew produced anything. Now I guess it is too late since it has gone to flower.


We are feeling a shift in the air. It seems like we went from Summer straight into Winter this year.  Although I do see the evidence of Fall on the ground. It must have been. Sometimes if it wasn’t for the photo documentation of the passage of time on this blog, I wouldn’t remember it actually happened.

What is the weather like where you are?

Taking my camera outside on newsletter day

I haven’t taken my camera out just for fun in quite some time now, due to being so busy with other things, plus the constant rain hasn’t helped.


Today was sunny at times, and cold. So I took this break in storms to get out in our yard and look through my lens.


What I found was a whole lot of puddles and mushrooms. Not really surprising.







What is outside YOUR home?

Oh- and it is newsletter day! Check your inboxes for the latest and greatest from Falafel and the Bee. And please don’t blame me for any unintentional ear-worms, kay?

6 Degrees of Separation Blog Tour with Sew the Show

Do you know that game “6 degrees of Separation” and how everyone and everything is six or fewer steps away, by way of introduction, from Kevin Bacon? I bet you have!

AND have you heard of Sew the Show?

Well, it is not a costume series, but it “IS a chance to re-watch your favorite shows, enthuse about them with a couple hundred of your closest friends, and honor the talents of each costume department with nods big & small to their unique, iconic styles.” Basically, you sew along with the show of the month, by creating an inspired look (not a direct copy- unless you want to, of course). This month the show is Firefly and anyone can join in!

Well, now those two things are colliding next month and I am going to be on the tour!


Can you find my little head in there?

I cannot say what movie I am sewing,yet. You will have to follow the trail until my degree of separation is up. The fun begins December 7th, so be sure to “tune in”!

Newsletter Day

Look to your inboxes! I barely remembered this week because that is just how our week has been. But I did it. So that is all that counts, right?


Here is a silly photo just for you.

I will be back tomorrow with a new project! Happy Friday (uh it is Friday, right?).

Birthday Strongman photos and his Pumpkin

As you know, we my husband’s Birthday was Sunday. On that same day was his work Halloween event, where he carves a giant pumpkin (every year).

We have traditions for both of those events. For his Birthday every year, I take a photo of him holding our girls. Both of them at the same time (2014, 2013, 2012. 2011). Well, this year he is 46, and our girls are a month away from being 16 and 10, so while he gave it his all, we have to admit this tradition must change.





That is much better.


As for the pumpkin, this year he chose a 312 pound monster to carve this Cthulhu.



I think he did a great job!

What a busy October. How are YOU winding up this month?

I now have a smart phone. Hold on to your hats!

I did it. I caved and bought a “smart” phone. It is still the semi-useless pay-as-you-go kind, but this one will allow me to post to Instagram (which was really the whole point). A huge part of the blogging world seems to happen on that social media platform. I have actually missed out on paid opportunities because I couldn’t post there. Without a smart phone, you just cannot use it.

  In our family, cell phones are just for emergencies. We don’t text, or check email, or photograph. Now I will be able to do that last one, and maybe I can read a message when someone automatically assumes I can receive texts, and sends me one. I have had people try to text to our land line. It is a world of communication I am not familiar or comfortable with.

I resist technology like the plague.


In fact, I think it may be. I see people walking around with their faces buried in their devices, and my stomach flips. It is like watching the zombie apocalypse. It feels wrong to be connected to a machine all the time. I do not want to be a zombie, so I haven’t been touching my new phone at all. I didn’t even turn it on! I like eye contact and conversation with real life people and warm hugs (a lot like Olaf) from friends. Plus, I was a little scared of this thing.

Finally, I thought to myself, “this is silly, self“. I turned it on. It actually took me 30 minutes, yesterday, to figure out how to take a photo and post it on Instagram (And just as long to actually find out what my new phone number was). But I did it. You can see it here.

Slowly I know I will get more accustomed to using my fingers to touch the screen (it’s like navigating with a sausage). But for now, I am enjoying the little victory of posting that one photo of my costume progress for all the Insta-land to see.


Do YOU have a Smart phone?