Too Short to Model

Too Short Model dilemma

Looking at that title, you probably are thinking, “What do mean,

Too Short to Model??!”

Well, let me explain. My redhead has wanted to either act or do print modeling for many years. She actually did a runway modeling job last year for Rock it Like a Redhead and again for the Trashion Show this past Spring (both unpaid). Since she was little, she has had a love of acting and being in the spotlight . And I, not being in that field, had absolutely no idea where to start. Now that she is 16, braces off, and an adult size, not to mention that social media makes these things a bit easier, I asked around and found the names of a few modeling agencies to check out.


One of the requirements is that women should be between 5’7 and 6 feet tall. Both agencies had this stipulation. If you are not that tall, don’t bother. Well, I measured my girl, and my ruler said she was 5’6.5, so we decided to take the risk, and go there for the open call. It is only half an inch, afterall.

We filled out the paperwork, I took special headshots and stressed about printing them (it only took about 7 times printing to get it right), we rode the ferry into Seattle, and walked 30 minutes there…only to find out she is too short. They measured her, without her shoes, and said she measured 5’5.5, and sent us on our way without a consideration, and told us that when she grows a few more inches, she can come back.

OK. Well, she is done growing, so that isn’t going to happen.

I was genuinely surprised. I thought, if anything, they would turn her away because of her pale complexion (which can be difficult to photograph), or her wild mane of red hair (which can be equally difficult).

This is not the end of the world, by any means. To her, though, it feels quite devastating. As a parent, I was trying to support my child in doing what she wants to persue, right now. And we both don’t give up very easily.

So my question to you, dear readers is: “Are there any other agencies/ roads/ ways for my daughter to do this, or is this brick wall too thick to bash through?”.

Look for the newsletter next week. I just couldn’t manage everything this week!

On that note, have a great weekend.

Beaching it before school is out

Beaching it with Falafel and the Bee

Beaching it with Falafel and the Bee

Beaching it with Falafel and the Bee

Beaching it with Falafel and the Bee

Beaching it with Falafel and the Bee

Beaching it with Falafel and the Bee

Beaching it with Falafel and the Bee

My poor girl has had a rough go of her first few days with braces. She not only is in pain, but the entire inside of her mouth is shredded. We had to go to the Ortho for an adjustment so that her mouth could stop bleeding, so I kept her home from school (her class was going on a field trip, so she couldn’t join them). We ended up having a great day at the beach (with a friend who also missed out on the field trip).

The temps last week were in the 90’s, and today have dropped once again into the 50’s. It was so incredibly windy and cold on the beach, and it ended up raining on us, but we all had a blast. The kids were happy to dig in the sand the entire time (they were creating a shelter from the weather), and we saw a large seal (or sea lion- we just saw his head) not to mention that flock of seagulls (heh, 80’s reference).

I know that school is almost over, but this was such a great pause in our week to enjoy one of our favorite places, and just get out to play (before everyone else has that same idea). Sometimes it feels good to shake things up a bit, doesn’t it?

And that first photo, is my new favorite photo. Ever.

What have you done today?

Braces for Child #2

Our youngest has had as much dental trouble as our oldest (here and here). We are small-mouthed, big-footed people in this house, which means Orthodonture (and special ordering shoes).

Before Braces

She has started “Phase ONE” as our Orho calls it. Which means she had a palate expander for 3 months, and now partial braces for a year. Then she gets them off, the rest of her teeth can finally fall out and come in, and in a few years she gets full braces.

Before Braces

Yesterday, her palate expander was removed (YAY) and her partial braces were put on (UGH).

  Braces: or "phase One".

One day, and her teeth have shifted already, which means she is in a bit of pain.

Braces: or "phase One".

Ready or not, here we go (again)!

Found Nest

Our youngest found a nest in our yard two days ago.

Junco Nest

Junco Nest

This tiny nest was just made in the grass. What a find! In fact, I am amazed that she saw it at all. Evidently, my husband even mowed over it, because it was hidden in plain sight. Brilliant, really.  After consulting our Facebook people, we have decided that they came from a  Junco.

Junco Nest

Our girl has been obsessing over it, worrying that the Mother has abandoned it. She is a step away from sitting on the eggs herself to get them to hatch.

Junco Nest

It is such a strange thing. One day, nothing. And then the next, there is a new nest that has come into focus, and causes worry. I suppose that is life, isn’t it?

Junco Nest

I have assured her that nature will worry about itself. We just need to give the nest some space (after photographing it, of course) to allow the Mama bird to do what she needs to do. Or not. For whatever reason.

Junco Nest

It is incredibly beautiful, this life. These eggs. Both delicate and strong. Robust and fragile. Intricate and simple. An incredible paradox that we get to be a part of.

I hope your weekend is full of exciting discoveries, both big and small, too.

Talking and Doing at the same time

Did you ever try to talk at the same time you were doing something else?

I recently tried my hand at making a video tutorial, and came to the shocking conclusion that I cannot talk and demonstrate at the same time. At. All.

I actually ended up scrapping the whole video because, well, I sounded like an idiot. Anytime I moved my hands to do something, it was like someone hit my mouth’s pause button.

Now this is different than talking with my hands. I do that all the time. I am referring to intentional actions (ie: baking, sewing, ironing, drawing, etc) that require my brain’s whole power, evidently.

Anyhow, I realized that while this doesn’t seem like a huge problem that would affect my whole life, it actually does! If I am crafting, I have to only do that. I have a friend over every week for a sewing/creating day where I theoretically work on upcoming projects that are due. Notice I wrote “theoretically”.  Well, my friend comes over, and if I am sewing, I actually wind up ripping seams more than any progress being made. Or not sewing at all (we do like to chat, and eat cookies). Not to mention when I am driving and talking to a passenger. If I have to turn or switch lanes, or do anything different than going straight, I stop talking (most of the time mid sentence).

I am starting to wonder if this is just me.


Here is a sneak peek at what is coming next week (look how I can rhyme).

How about you? Can you talk AND be productive at the same time?

Nostalgic rite of passage

Camp photo from 1982

Sorry it has been a bit quiet around here. I can assure you our lives have been anything but that. Our youngest is away at camp right now with her class, and the hustle to prepare for this epic adventure has been, well…epic. Between the emotional pendulum she has been on, swinging from extreme elation to extreme anxiety, to the physically preparing for her to go.

I have been keeping my hands busy by making a bunch of stuff (like this and this), but we had to also buy a bunch of stuff, and send a bunch of stuff. In fact, I think her bags weigh more than she does.

This is a right of passage, though, right? Our oldest did it 6 years ago, and I even did it circa 1982 on the East Coast (see above photo- can you guess which one is me?). Although, I will say, it was much easier to send our oldest. The first reason is, I had a 4 year old to take care of. That made our days fly. The second is because my younger, Falafel, has food allergies and asthma. SO much harder to trust others to handle what you handle on a regular basis when there are things that are out of the norm.

Camp photo from 1982

I’ll give you a hint: I am wearing a hat.

 Anyhow, I hope she is having a blast and making memories, just like The Bee did when she was 10, and just like I did when I was 10. My husband had the privilege of missing out on all that fun. He was sent to a Catholic Military boarding school. That is a whole other ball of wax.

Did you go on a grade school camping trip when you were younger? How about your kids?

Guest Posting at Sew Mama Sew

Triangle pocket tote tutorial

Today you can find me over on the Sew Mama Sew blog, sharing my tutorial for the triangle pocket tote.


I had a great Mother’s Day. The Bee gave me $16.00 in cash. $1.00 for every year I have been a Mother.

Oh that girl.

My family let me sleep in until 9, which I cannot remember the last time I did. We all went to the garden center for plants. Then on a hike. And my husband made me the most delicious sushi ever for dinner. AND I ate an entire pint of cashew cream caramel chocolate chip ice cream. Myself.

I would do it all again. Especially the ice cream.

The best part of all was sitting with my girls and chatting.

I feel loved.

I hope you had a great Mother’s Day, and feel loved, too.

Happy Mother’s Day

The reason I am a Mother. My husband and our girls.

My husband and our girls are the reason I am a Mother, and I am grateful and thankful every day for all three of them.


My weekend is off to a good start. I took our youngest to a Tibetan Monk Mandala Ceremony yesterday.


It was a pretty incredible experience for both of us.

Tibetan Monks at the Mandala ceremony

Falafel was entranced. She loved the chanting. She said it brought her peace.

sand mandala

A highlight for me was when they swept it up. They actually gave out bags of it to the huge crowd that was there, so that we could place them wherever we thought needed the most help, or blessings. We have both decided to think about it, before placing them.


I have always been facinated with this ritual. I love the symbolism. It is a great reminder to appreciate what you have now, because the world is ever changing, and nothing lives forever. Life is so incredibly beautiful because of it’s impermanence.


On the walk back to our car, I took photos of all the beauty I saw. Nature that may not be around in a week or even another day. I captured their images so that I can remember the delicate intricacy that made up these blooms.

Lone iris

To celebrate Mother’s Day, I look forward to us all being fully present with eachother. Well, that AND not doing any dishes. The kids always stress about what to get me, and really if I don’t have to do dishes, it is a good day.


I wish all of you a thoughtful, peaceful, beautiful Mother’s day with those you love.

Lilac bouquet

Lilac bouquet

Lilac bouquet

Lilac bouquet

Lilac bouquet

Lilac bouquet

It is amazing what a beautiful garden bouquet full of lilacs and mint will do for a room! I love this time of year for the same reason I despise it: the amazing blooms (and the dreaded pollen)! I just went around and cut everything that looked like it needed to come inside with me. I really cannot wait for all the produce we planted to come up! For now, I will enjoy the bounty that is all around. And sneeze a whole bunch too. The Bee, actually, is the one that has been hit hardest by pesky allergies this year, and is finding it difficult to even find any beauty in it at all.

I am trying my best to look past how it all makes me feel, and instead soak in all the incredible color and texture. This week went by incredibly fast, so I thought I would leave you for the weekend wtih this bouquet that has been causing me to smile every time I come into the room. It’s really the little things, isn’t it?

Oh, an don’t forget to look  to your inboxes today! I actually got the newsletter out this week and it has some of what has been keeping us so busy in it! I promise to share something I sewed soon. Lots of sewing going on behind the scenes (which is really saving my sanity right now. Well, I suppose it always does that)!


What is causing YOU to smile?