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Asking and getting and doing

Lately, I have been working on so many projects around our house. The first one that really needed immediate attention was staking the garden. I used a fallen madrona branch originally, only the pieces just weren’t tall enough.

SO, I asked in our local Buy Nothing Project group if anyone had any bamboo. Within the hour, a lovely woman offered as much bamboo as we needed.

Holy crud balls I LOVE THAT.

After a day of music lessons with the girls, and accompanying a jam session with my oldest and her fiddle group at night, I came home and finally got to staking up all of our lush growing plants.


My husband had already cut the huge bamboo poles in half (they were THAT huge) and de-leafed them. I just had to tie them together in threes, and tie the yarn around and around.


And then I gently encouraged each little tendril to grab on to the trellises instead of each other.


Done! And now we have them for next year.

Thank you BNP!

What have you accomplished today?

Still running





This girl needs to run. And I love seeing her in action.

I remember running as a child. There was nothing that made me feel like I was flying, more than running. It was freedom. In fact, I have never had a dream about flying. Only parkour (which I never have done, but it really seems fun in my dreams).

Due to not-so-great knees from years of gymnastics, I do not run. I should not run. But now I get to see my own daughter fly and it is almost like I am flying with her. Such an amazing feeling.

What makes you feel free?

Coming home to bounty

After our long week away, we came back to what our garden produced!


Enough green beans and snap peas to have with dinner every night. Plus kale and lettuce and a few small tomatoes.

I am loving this so much! The girls think it is one of the best things ever to go out and harvest things to eat. I especially enjoy the fact that everything we are growing is 100% organic. There is nothing that compares with fresh vegetables from right outside your door. What a Summer treat!


Do you have a garden? What are you growing?

Where we have been

Last week, we accompanied our oldest to a week long Fiddle Workshop in Moses lake! Bet you didn’t even know we were gone.


It was an intense learning experience filled with 6 hours of fiddle playing during the day, and then more with the band for Contra/square dances at night. That is a whole lot of practice!


While she was fiddling around (heh), we kept our Falafel busy with activities around town.


One of our favorite things was visiting with a few blogging friends IRL (in real life)!


Amy and Tasha from Friends Stitched Together both visited with us along with their children. It was fantastic. I love those ladies.


And another highlight was Blueberry Picking at this lovely farm owned by a really nice family.


I took quite a few photos here because it was so pretty.


They told us there were 4000 plants (give or take), and since they don’t spray, there were some critters we needed to be aware of.


Namely, wasps. Eek. But every time they found evidence of one, they tied a ribbon on the plant so no one would get stung.


We brought our own container, and had no trouble filling it.


So much fun.


We also saw a movie, went bowling, toured all the stores in the area, shopped at 3 different fabric stores, went to the lake, and ran our child at the High School track.


We also went to the HUGE swim park there.


Falafel took one look at that slide, and her eyes lit up. She spent half of the time we were there going on it. Definitely one of the highlights for her.


We also all enjoyed the dances at night. It was awesome to see our girl playing along with the band (rather rapidly) and having a blast. Also, contra dancing is so much fun and tired us out!


Overall, a great experience for everyone.


At a rest stop, on the way home, we saw chipmunks having a chase.


And this was the view, which rounded out our trip very nicely.


I am so glad we went. It sparked a fire inside our girl and ignited her passion for the fiddle. There is something magical about finding your people and immersing yourself in your craft.

She is already planning our trip next year.

Where have YOU been, lately?

And it is Summer












Right after an early dinner, we went down to the beach for an hour or so, yesterday. It was just the thing to kick off our Summer vacation. Despite the freezing water, my Falafel was enjoying it all by herself. She splashed around for the entire time with such enthusiasm that I couldn’t help  but smile at her.

There were two dogs on the beach that shared her enthusiasm for playing in that frigid water. They all had such a nice time.

What have you done to start your Summer?

Last Day of School

We are here. Last day of school.


This was the two of them on the FIRST day of school. I cannot believe the whole school year has flown by so quickly.


This is them the night before the LAST day of school.

We’ve had teeth fall out and come in, a haircut or two, a new boyfriend,  ears pierced, piano and fiddle lessons, many arrows shot, jam sessions, and we finished paying off those braces. Plus all the countless minute triumphs and accomplishments and struggles for our family. There has been growth of the academic variety and also the physical kind (and let’s not forget the emotional roller coaster growth). We have ALL had another year of learning and experiences and I’d like to think we are wiser for the wear.


 We have funny little traditions that I don’t even know how they got started. The kids always get to choose what we have for dinner and dessert (this year they chose this incredible cashew cream ice cream that even I can have!) on the first and last days of school AND I always surprise them with a small gift (usually a book).

Ultimately, at the end of the day, we will now have a High School Sophomore and a 4th grader in our house. Wow.

*letting that sink in*


What is in our world right now and a garden update

Before school is out for the Summer, and the kids are home full time, I am taking on many little projects. I completely organized my sewing closet (it felt SO good), and then got into a bin of photos that span decades. I had just dumped them into a bin without order, and this weekend I made sense of them all. Piles and more piles. And our poor second child has almost no hard copies at all. When she was born, we switched over to digital and I hardly ever print them out. So it looked like she only had a few (when in fact, there are thousands of digital ones on our computer).


*We found out our library was showing “Mary Poppins” the other day, and decided to go. Falafel threw this costume together, herself.


My husband came across a video recently about growing lettuce in some water, after you have eaten it. We normally buy these organic Romaine hearts, and thought we would give it a try. Guess what? IT TOTALLY WORKS! Now we have lettuce growing in our bathroom. I also stuck a bok choy in some water too (since it kind of looks like lettuce) and it is sprouting too!


This is a total game changer for us. We had been tossing the left over stumps in the compost. Now we can grow them! I was really surprised at how very fast they are growing. That green in the photo above grew in just a few days.


Our outside garden is growing too! I know it doesn’t look like much, but it feels so good to see something green coming up!


We planted cauliflower from starts.


Green beans, peas, kale, cucumbers, carrots and lettuce from seeds.


I would love to put in a cutting flower garden too. Falafel just planted some sunflowers out in another bed, which is a start.

So there is, clearly, a lot to tend to. But I keep finding more.  My New Year’s goal was to be intentional (and I haven’t forgotten). I am trying to do that in every aspect of our lives. Just look at it, and intentionally keep it or intentionally purge. It feels really good!

I think it is just in time, since my kids seem to have a completely different goal of collecting just about everything. Ha.

What is in YOUR world?






The weather has been so lovely and perfect for anything blooming. We are still finishing up the school year. ALMOST DONE.

This weekend we are all working hard in preparing for wrapping this year up with a bow.

Happy Saturday!

Bloomin’ Heat

This weekend, the temps reached the low 80’s (F), and I think we just about melted.


I know, East Coast people. We are weather wimps. BUT I will say that the lack of sun makes us so very sensitive to it. My girls both put on tons of sunscreen and actually BURNED THROUGH IT.


The flowers, however, are thriving.


It actually is nice to see the sun again. Like anything, I think we need to get used to it.

How hot is it where you live?

Not being perfect

I have seen many many posts where women debunk the “perfect image” that is portrayed on the internet. Does anyone really think that any one person has it all or is perfect?

I have always thought about those beautiful pictures and stories as people sharing the good in their lives. Sharing what makes them smile. Cause really, there are so many terrible things in this world, and I honestly would like to see some more pretty. It never has meant that the ugly or imperfect moments don’t exist. But do I want to see you when you first wake up in the morning or the dirty diapers that you cleaned?? Uh not really.

With that said, I personally feel a need to balance things out. I do show my triumphs as a sewist, but I also want you to see the stuff I mess up on. Not all of it, mind you. Just as I show only a glimpse of the good, I will show you a glimpse of the difficulties because I learn from every one of my mistakes..and maybe you can too.

To read more, hop on over to Sew Can She where I share a few not so pretty stories.