Farmer’s Market Eye Candy

farmersm Tomatoes, Flowers, and pods. OH MY!

farmers6m This past weekend, we just walked around our local Farmer’s Market and looked at all the bounty.

farmers4m This time of year, the colors are so vibrant and the crops are a plenty.

farmers7m The girls were both so enthralled to just be around it all.

farmers3m Plus, they got to sample some pears and plums, which helps “sweeten” the day.

farmers2m Sometimes, in looking ahead at our calendar, the week is over (in my head) before it begins. Today, we are back to the routine of school, but still consciously holding on to the beauty of what this season can bring.


Happy Monday!

Farmer’s Market

This past Saturday, my husband did a cooking demo at our local Farmer’s Market. For many years we were a part of the Market in Kingston (which will always be dear to us), but it was a new and exciting experience to visit (and be a part of) the Bainbridge one!

It is a much smaller market, but it is packed with that same enthusiasm for community and locally grown/made items that always makes me smile.

The girls and I got to take in the sights and sounds while Jim was demonstrating.

Falafel was able to pet a woman’s pony. She wasn’t part of the market. Just a patron out for a walk with her pet. Which I suppose does make her part of the market.

Lots of observing.

What would the market be without tons of dogs?

Then there were leaves. And friends. And friends making piles of leaves.

Oh so much fun!

We had a blast and look forward to coming back again!

Happy 21st Birthday Kingston Farmer’s Market

The day was lovely, and the turn out was great! We have been lucky enough to be an active part of this Market for 8 years now. Our 10 year old was 2. Oh goodness, time does seem to fly. After all these years, the Market has grown, and multiplied in numbers and product. There is so much diversity every Saturday. From textile crafts, to wood. From Fruits and veggies to Bagels *wink*.

This Market is abundant.

From the amount of people that showed up today to celebrate, it is clear that the people of Kingston love their Farmer’s Market.

Happy Birthday!

Curlers, Frogs, and Bagels

This morning I was allowed to sleep until 8am (which is such a treat with my early risers). As I lay, waking  up, I noticed…

It. Was. Quiet.

Panic took over. I am used to most mornings, waking up to some sort of screaming, yelling, arguing and general upset. Usually to the tune of “Get her out of my room!“.

I run into The Bee’s room and find them setting their hair with foam curlers.

Cheeky little monkeys.


They do have these moments (that I am infinitely grateful for) where they find common ground. Something they both can enjoy.

Later on today, they found something else.

I love that there are girly girl primping moments and there are catch-some-frogs-and-look-at-bugs-in-yard moments.

Whatever those moments consist of… there is harmony.

I hope you had some harmony today!


Tomorrow, Saturday August 21st from 9am-2pm, come join us at the Kingston Farmer’s Market to celebrate their 21st Birthday with Cake and Music and Friends. the Annual Slug Hunt will be going on as well! There is fun for the whole family.

Big Bagel will be there! Will you??


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Slowing Down to Market Time

Everyone’s pace is a little slower and eyes a little wider. It must be a day at the Farmer’s Market!

Here’s a few images from my booth today.

I never realized how “girly” my products were. I need to make some boy stuff A.S.A.P! Gotta take care of those little guys too.

I hope your weekend is filled with something for everyone.

Beach Business

We had important business today. We went to the beach.

First, we gathered our tools.

Then we jumped in.

Sand in all the appropriate body parts.

Made some friends…

Covered a lot of ground…and got some distance.

Made great discoveries and creations.

All the while exploring the world of calm and relaxation.

Whew! I love our work.

Speaking of work, I will be at the Kingston Farmer’s Market this Saturday July 17th with…

It’s MY turn!

You can find me there selling my wares from 9 am until 2.

Hope to see you then!


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