On-Our-Shelves Sunday: School Lunch edition

Today I am preparing for the kids to go back to school (in a week) by gathering up ideas for lunches! lunchbox

Beating the Lunch Box blues

*affiliate link*

by J.M. Hirsch

I cannot remember where I saw this book online originally, but I am so glad I did! It is amazing. I love the photographs (it is all in the presentation, you know), and the ideas are fantastic! My Falafel and I went through it together and she pointed out lunches she was excited about (we probably shouldn’t have done it at bedtime, because she was hungry afterward-ha). I  feel like we now have some jumping off points to start off the school year strong. Lunches are always a problem in our house. Either the kids get stuck in a rut of the same thing everyday (which sometimes doesn’t get eaten-grrrrrr) or we try something new that no one likes (which, again doesn’t get eaten, plus gets me upset about wasting all the time/money/food on it).

I am hoping some of these ideas heave us up from that lunchtime rut, and get my kids nourished creatively (without waste) at school.

*PS- no one asked me to review this book…but I do have an affiliate link up there. If you click it, I earn a wee bit o’ lunch money…which we are clearly going to need.

On-Our-Shelves Sunday

Today my youngest is reading a book that my oldest and I read:



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by Kathryn Littlewood

A magical bakery??! YES. Greedy Aunt trying to steal recipes for her own personal gain??! Yup. Kids left to deal with this tricky situation?! You betcha.

This is the first book in a brilliant trilogy that will keep young readers reading.

What is on YOUR shelves this week??

On-Our-Shelves Sunday

Aaaand we are back  to share more of what we are reading! This week a brand new book (to us) is actually on our shelves:


Unicorns of Balinor

by Mary Stanton

I started to read this book (there are three in this series) with Falafel last night, and after I was done with a few chapters, she was hooked! She then read (with her flashlight) the rest of the first book.

If you have been here before, you will know that getting my girl to read anything other than The Warrior Cat books (affiliate link) is a feat in itself. For her to actually enjoy it, is amazing!

What are YOU reading this week?

On-Our-Shelves Sunday

We have this next book in one of my all time favorite series, on our shelves this week:


Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

by JK Rowling

My youngest (Falafel) read the first book without me! She just couldn’t help herself. She was sucked into it (not literally, of course) and just didn’t stop reading until it was done. She finished it in three days. She asked if she could move on to the next one, and I said she could, only if she passed the reading comprehension test at school for it.

She got 19 out of 20 correct. *sigh*. I was truly hoping to share this one with her. I love these books so much that it would have been nice to read them again with a brand new perspective. She told me that we could still read them together, but she would read them by herself first.

I’ll take it.

What is one of your favorite series that your kids are now reading?

On-Our-Shelves Sunday

This week, on our shelves,  we have a book that I read a long time ago with The Bee :


Dragon Rider

by Cornelia Funke

What a wonderful tale of magic and adventure. I am actually trying to convince my Warrior Cat obsessed child that she will love this book. I mean, talking dragons?! Brownies?! Talking rats?! Good stuff right there. *sigh* Wish me luck!

What is on YOUR shelves today?

On-Our-Shelves Sunday

Today we have a book on our shelves that Falafel chose from school as her Cinderella story:


The Golden Sandal

A Middle Eastern Cinderella Story

by Rebecca Hickox

Her class read Cinderella stories from around the globe, and then this week they celebrated by creating their own costumes based on the Cinderella they chose. There were even boy versions of the story. It was wonderful to see her creativity with this. I didn’t help her (teacher’s rules), so I was off the hook for a last minute sewn costume. Instead she made the dress the fish gives Maha (Cinderella) in the book by using a piece of white fabric, cutting a hole for her neck, and wrapping a scrap around her waist to hold it together. She also put a piece of white fabric on her head and tied it on. She looked great!


Her teacher supplied the crowns. This was an interesting assignment. I had no idea there were so many versions of Cinderella!

What is on YOUR shelves today?

On-Our-Shelves Sunday

This week, Falafel and I are starting an old favorite of mine that really needs no introduction:


Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

by JK Rowling

I cannot tell you how thrilled I am to be reading this series with our youngest. I LOVE these books so very much (having read them first with our older daughter some years ago), and to be reading them with a fresh set of eyes and ears will bring new perspective, and with that a whole new love for them for both of us! Woohooo! Here we goooooooooo! Accio Book!

Have you read this series with your kids?

On-Our-Shelves Sunday

This week, my Falafel is reading something other than a Warrior book *gasp* I know.


Nuts to You

by Lynne Rae Perkins

Honestly, I cannot tell you what this book is about. I am just thrilled my girl is reading something other than the Warrior books (over and over again). Ha!

You can also always find comics and graphic novels (Big Nate, The Smurfs, TinTin, Garfield, FoxTrot, Calvin and Hobbes, Smile, Sisters, Archie, Amelia Rules, etc) on our shelves, along with assorted Manga for the teen (which apparently, I pronounce all wrong).

I do love their love of books.

How about your kids? What do they love reading most?

On-Our-Shelves: Happy Mother’s Day!


To all of you incredible Mamas, Moms, Mothers, Ma’s, Mommies, and Mums:

Happy Mother’s Day.

I hope you spend it surrounded by those you love, doing whatever it is your heart desires.

Here is one of my all time favorite picture books that I used to read to my girls when they were wee ones. It just happens to be about a Mama and her baby:

Where’s My Hug? (Don’t You Feel Well, Sam?)


What are your favorite Mama/child books?