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A pattern by Gertie worn by The Bee

You know Gertie, right? She is a fabulous vintage-loving, tattooed, rockin’ seamstress that has her own pattern line, has written a few books, AND now will have her own fabric line.

Yup. THAT Gertie.

To celebrate this, she is hosting a contest that my vintage-loving self could not resist.

This time, I sewed something up for my oldest. She is now 15 and looking every bit of it, too. This girl luckily loves vintage wear, especially if it is Mama-made. She has watched more old movies than I ever have and actually recommended I see a few. Who knew that American in Paris was so fabulous??!


I chose to sew up the B6094 pattern which was right up The Bee’s alley. I did have to grade the waist for her from a size 6 to and 8, but otherwise, the fit is perfect.


The back is my favorite part. I used a brown checked poly/rayon suiting for the outer part (AKA the wrinkliest fabric EVER), and a red flat cotton bed sheet for the lining (it is fully lined). I used two heart buttons for the back and made a reverse appliqued heart on the front. I also made some bias tape and inserted that into the front seam.


In some of these photos she is wearing a crinoline, but some without. She actually prefers it without, but you know me… I love a little extra pouf.


There is an invisible zip in the back. I am marveling at the fact that every seam actually lined up!


This is her favorite photo. It reminds her of another spicy red head. Can you guess who?


I love the fact that she doesn’t even hesitate when asking to wear this to school. The Bee marches to the beat of her own vintage drummer for sure.


I promised after making a Doctor Who inspired dress for Falafel that I would make one for her. This fits that bill perfectly. Do you see it? The red in the back looks like a bow tie!


I think she looks prettier than Matt Smith, though.


The only thing I would try to remedy next time is the pointy boob darts. I seem to always make them this way. I suppose it works for that old fashioned look where boobs were dangerous. If you weren’t careful you could take out an eye.


I love this pattern. I was thinking of all the great fabric combinations that would work. Maybe I’ll even make one for me.


The contest ends on the 31st of this month, so if you want to join in the fun, get sewing!!

Last Day for me to bug you about the Bundle

OK, let me start by saying I AM THE WORST SALESPERSON EVER.

I think this comes from me not liking the hard sell from other people. I cannot stand feeling pressure to buy anything. Seriously. If a salesperson in a store comes up to me to talk about a product, I am more apt to walk out than actually buy it. I have to really really think about each and every purchase I make for me and my family and I love the quiet to do it in. I appreciate the back-off approach. And I am frugal, so it has to be a good price for me to even consider it.

With that said, I also like to make money. And to share when I think something is a good deal with my readers. This Ultimate DIY Bundle is a whole library of do it yourself resources for one price. The PDF patterns alone are worth it. For $34.95 you get 76 different ebooks and ecourses and 5 bonuses too. If you order it using my link, I get a portion of the sale too.

Today is the last day you can get it. So if you have been taking your time to think about it (like I would), now is the time to act.

That is it. The last you will hear it from me. If you choose to get it or not is up to you!


We will still be friends tomorrow.

On-Our-Shelves Sunday

On our shelves this week is the second book in a series that Falafel and I are reading together:


Smells like Treasure

by Suzanne Selfors

I absolutely adore Suzanne Selfors’ books. She is a local Author, and writes fiction that is just wacky enough to be believable. This particular series is about a boy and his love for Treasure Hunting just like his deceased Uncle, who happened to leave him his dog after he died. This dog is very special. He can’t smell. At least, he can’t smell anything but one particular thing.

You’ll have to read them to find out.

What is on YOUR shelves today?

Life update and still chance to get the bundle

Well, Falafel was up vomiting yesterday in the wee hours of the morning, and then in her bed the entire day with a fever. I spent the day doing the laundry that comes with that, wiping down all surfaces, and keeping her hydrated…and really hoping that no one else gets it!

I am also in the middle (literally) of a few sewing projects that I cannot wait to share with you, but alas, my trusty sewing machine of 20 years, my right hand, if you will, is not behaving itself. Jim and I pulled it apart and cleaned what we could, but ultimately, I think it needs to be tuned up by a professional. It has been 10 years since it has been serviced, so I guess it was just a matter of time. Ugh. I have never depended so heavily on a machine before in my life. It is a strange thing to realize that I am in love with an inanimate object.


There are only a few days to get the Ultimate DIY Bundle before it goes away!


I hope you all are healthy and doing what you love with those you love this weekend!

The Norah Dress from the Ultimate DIY Bundle

Yesterday I told you a little about the Ultimate DIY Bundle. TODAY, I am sharing what I made with one of the patterns that is included in the bundle!


The Norah Dress  by Mouse House Creations (affiliate link)

Can I just say that I LOVE THIS DRESS??!!


It reminds me of my favorite dress that I had when I was in grade school (in the late 1970’s). It was yellow and had multi-colored balloons on it. *sigh* I wore it with knee-high socks. I also remember that mine was sleeveless, so my Mom wouldn’t let me wear it once the weather turned cold.


I couldn’t help using this filter to make it look like a vintage photo from the 70’s. Uh wait, did I just call myself old?

This one, however comes with different length sleeves, so your child won’t have to wait until Summer to wear her favorite dress!


Another fantastic feature is there are no buttonholes to sew OR zippers to insert! It closes with a button and loop. Easy Peasy!


I had this crazy mushroom fabric in my stash, and somehow… it works!


She couldn’t help but sing.


Oh how I wish those teeth would just come in already!


You have only 5 more days to grab the Ultimate DIY Bundle!

 **Disclosure: I have included affiliate links in this post. Read the fine print about this bundle and read the answers to frequently asked questions about the bundle.

It is time to get The Ultimate DIY Bundle

There aren’t enough hours in the day, right? I find myself always saying that! With work, helping the kids with their homework, preparing meals, running kids where they need to go, cleaning up after everyone and putting yet another load of laundry on (seriously, where does all that laundry come from??!!), there’s very little time for sleep (and I really like sleep) – let alone DIY and crafting!

But do you browse through those wonderful crafting successes on Pinterest *sigh* and think to yourself that “one day” you’ll have a few more minutes to yourself so that you too can create something incredible?

You’re not alone – there’s a huge community of people out there who are feeling just as frustrated as you are!

Thankfully though, there’s an exciting new product to help you quickly and easily get into (or back into) the creative projects you’ve been desperate to start. It’s called The Ultimate DIY Bundle, and it’s a collection of carefully curated DIY and crafting eBooks and eCourses from the world’s leading authors and bloggers in the industry.

For the low price of just $34.95, you get access to a carefully curated library of over 76 eBooks and eCourses. And let me reassure you that this really is great value: the Ultimate Bundles team (who produced the resource) has spent MONTHS seeking out the most respected experts in the industry and asking them to contribute their premium-quality eBooks and eCourses. These really are the best of the best when it comes to DIY and crafting advice and information.


Holidays & Seasonal

Home & Garden

Home Decor


Scrapbooking & Art Journaling


The Business of DIY



 **Disclosure: I have included affiliate links in this post. Read the fine print about this bundle and read the answers to frequently asked questions about the bundle.

Come back tomorrow to see what I made with a pattern in this bundle!!

Flipping around

Yesterday I took Falafel to watch a local gymnastics competition. She loves this sport so much. As we watched together, I got to see that spark in her eyes that I used to have when I would watch it. Still do, I suppose.


She hopes to be as good as these girls one day, and compete.

Sharing this passion with her has made me relive that part of my life. It was such a huge part of my childhood and adolescence. I lived and breathed gymnastics. Not that I was any good. I wasn’t. I was on the High school team, and a club team and the least skilled on both. But if it my ability was measured by the excitement for the sport, I would have easily equaled Mary Lou Retton. I loved anything to do with it. Especially movies. Bet you didn’t know there were even gymnastics movies made, huh?

I watched “Nadia” again the other night. I haven’t seen that movie in so many years. It is terrible. I may even bust out”American Anthem“. YIKES. I never said they were good.

I have so many projects in the air right now. One is currently draped all over our living room. It was fun to step away from it all for an afternoon to encourage this new found love for my daughter…and to remember what I love about it too.

Do you love gymnastics?

On-Our-Shelves Sunday

This week Falafel is onto:



Power of Three series

by Erin Hunter

She has gone through the first 6 books, then the next series (The New Prophecy) which had 6 books, and now she is breezing through these next 6 in the Power of Three. Goodness this child has never loved books so much. THANK YOU Erin Hunter!

What are your kids reading??

Where is your Creativity?

Have you lost your creative side somewhere between shuffling kids to appointments and lessons, and doing laundry and making meals?

I have to admit, it is something I have struggled to keep very much at the forefront of my days.

There is a Free 4 step mini course  on just that!

You can sign up here to take this short course to spark your creativity. Time to get it back and hold onto it!

Check back soon to learn more about the Ultimate DIY Bundle, too!


The Blue Hat

Remember the blue hat I made for the Doctor Who outfit?


I wanted to share a little bit about that with you. If you are anything like me, there is always room for a good hat. Especially a comfy warm slouchy hat!


Firstly, I found the free pattern here at Heidi & Finn. It is simple and whips up quick.


I used fleece, but repurposing old sweaters would work just as well. It may even look cuter. I sewed up the largest size the pattern goes up to (which is a child size: 6 yr.). It fits my very small 9 year old, but it also fits me. Disclaimer: I also happen to have a very tiny head. In fact it has been referred to as a “peanut sized skull” more than once. *ahem* So if you make one, you may want to size it up.


Insert goofy child (or goofy adult with peanut-sized head), and you are done.

BTW: I wasn’t asked to review this, I just took it upon myself to share it with you. That is the kind of person I am. I share because I love.

What have you found today worth sharing?