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Peppermint Pretties

You can see that it is Christmastime by what I am making. The same thing as I made here, here, here and here.


Peppermint Bark!

Over the years, our allergies have gotten more extensive, so the recipe for my Peppermint Bark has evolved to be gluten, dairy, and egg free.


This stuff is my Kryptonite. Seriously. I can eat an entire pan (of this, NOT Kryptonite, just to be clear).


It is super messy to make what with the hammering of the candy canes, and the melting of the chocolate, but I do it  because it is THAT good.


FYI: Chocolate is Enjoy Life mini chocolate chips

Candy canes are TruJoy Sweets

And Peppermint extract is Pure

What treats are a must have for you around the Holidays?

More animal gifts

I took the animal gifts (that I posted about yesterday) one step further.


I painted them white!


It gives the illusion they are made of something other than plastic. AND It made the creepier ones look a little, well.. less creepy.


Add a little ribbon for color, and they become very festive.


I think they will make nice present toppers. Even the spider.


What have YOU made today??

Animal Adornments


I have seen people all over blog land making things with plastic animals, and I just had to try it. I think it is a brilliant idea! Goodness knows we have tons of these things around.


I took a bunch of old plastic toys, and with my smallest drill bit, drilled holes in them. Then twisted in an eye screw. That is it!


They make great key chains or ornaments…


Even necklaces!


I think whatever you use them as, they make great gifts.

Red Velvet Holiday Dress

I made Falafel her Holiday dress using the same pattern as the grey dress I made her. She wanted a fancier version to wear at Christmas, and I happily obliged mostly because I adore this pattern (and my daughter, of course). I made it using this incredibly soft red stretch velvet.


I did raise the neckline because my Falafel has narrow shoulders, and it was an easy fix. This fabric, however, was NOT easy. Yikes. I thought for sure it would be like sewing with any other knit, but it likes to stick to itself, and no amount of pinning prevents this!


Despite the sticky fabric, I think it came out rather well!


We had fun with this photo session.




And then she discovered she could see her breath…and that made it even more magical.




The kids are ready for Christmas.

How about you? What have YOU made today?

Jingle Bows, Jingle Bows, Jingle Bow Clips

After making these last year, I knew I had to do it again. Only this time, I added a little something jingly.


All you need to make these is:

Mini bows (I got mine at the dollar store)

Hair clips

Strong glue (I used E6000)

Mini Jingle Bells

**Full tutorial here **


I remove the little paper tab thingy on the back of the bows first. Then glue on a bow. On a few of them, I glued on a jingle bell for extra fun!


Insert into hair….or clip onto gifts!


This is a super easy and fun way to add a little Holiday cheer!

What have YOU made today?

On-Our-Shelves Sunday

On our shelves today:


Bite-Sized Magic

A Bliss Novel

by Kathryn Littlewood

This is the third book in the Bliss series. The Bee enjoyed the first book and urged me to read it. Which I did. And when I told her there were more, she was super excited to read them (even though they are not really geared for her age at all). Some books hook you with their own special magic. This series is one of those.

What is on YOUR shelves?

Fifteen and a Vote

The Bee is fifteen today. FIFTEEN.



She is in the Nutcracker this year (as an actor) and they wanted her hair in a faux bob. It only took one time for her to realize that she never wanted to do that again, and so she asked me to chop it off!


Long hair or short, I love my feisty red headed teen. So much.

And now someone has to help me process the information that she can take Driver’s Ed.


On another note, I would love if you could take a minute to vote for my Holiday Project over at Sew McCool (only if you liked it, of course).


See original post here.


Holiday Lady Skater

**Sorry about the late posting. I had this one already to schedule, and when I went to press the button, the power went out. Crazy wild wind and rain storm last night. Today all is calm**


This year, The Bee asked if I would make her a holiday dress. Only she didn’t want it to be formal or kitschy (heh, I just realized I wrote that) like this one. She specifically asked for a dress like the one I made for the Challenge Create competition.

So I whipped out the Lady Skater Dress pattern by Kitschy Coo and traced her size.


I just happened to have a few yards of this black jersey in my stash, and then I had a few pieces of the grey sparkle knit from Falafel’s Uptown/downtown dress.


Then she had the brilliant idea of pairing it with this overlay we found thrifting last year.


I love the science-fictiony feel of it.



This is such a fun holiday outfit. It is dressed up without being too formal. And she can wear them separately if she wants.


I can’t believe that tomorrow this girl will be 15. Time is flying for sure.

Every day princess

I recently won this pattern from Sew Straight and Gather: The Uptown/Downtown Dress !


Oh. My. Word. Goodgolly I love this dress. I WANT ONE FOR ME!


There are several extensions to this pattern that give you so many options to customize this dress. I chose the maxi length with long sleeves. My girl didn’t want to cowl neck (even though it is absolutely adorable).


All I can think of is Princess Buttercup.


I used a heavier grey knit fabric (that has sparkles in it) and love the weight of it. It flows when she walks like some medieval princess. Only for every day.

Actually I can envision this pattern making incredible princess costumes.


The neck does run a little wide for my narrow-shouldered girl, so the next one, I probably will raise a few inches. Oh and there will be a next one for sure! She has already requested that her Christmas dress be made from this pattern, only out of red or green or shiny fabric instead.


I told her that she could even wear THIS one for Christmas. She replied “No way. This is for every day“.

UGLY skirt Challenge

More than a month ago, Audrey from Skirt Fixation asked me to be the very first to take part in her new series The Ugly Skirt Challenge.

This is how it works: She mailed me an ugly skirt, and I had to make something with it. That is it!

 Here’s the Before:


As you can see, this comes up to the armpits on my 5’5″ girl. Those ladies over at Skirt Fixation are TALL!

This is a fuchsia colored, snakeskin printed, very sheer skirt.

And I had NO IDEA what I was going to make with it!!?

But after weeks of marinating ideas, I came up with a great plan for this skirt. And although it looks like Halloween is back, I can assure you, this will be worn all times of the year!


OK. Let me break it down. Since the skirt had two parts to it, (a lining and outer layer) and they were both sheer, I made the outer into wings, and the lining into an overlay for a skirt.


I first cut down the side of the skirt to open it up, and cut off the elastic waist band. Then I lay it on it’s side. I hemmed the new sides and sewed a gathering stitch up the middle. I used FOE (also known as Fold Over Elastic) and made loops for the shoulders and sewed them in place. Next, I made a loop at the wrist, and folded the elastic over the top of the fabric. I sewed it straight across until I got to the other end, and then made another loop for the other wrist.



And for the skirt, I had this taffeta that someone gifted me, in my stash, and it happened to be the same color as the lining!


It is simple, but pretty.


Then my girl flew around the yard in her new wings.






Yes, it was raining.


Thank you so much Audrey for inviting me to take this challenge~ it truly was challenging, but so much fun!

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