Some Kale for my Sister

I told my sister that I would show her how to make crunchy kale, so I thought I would share it with you too!


This is super easy and so very tasty to make, we have it a few times a week. I take lacinato kale and tear it into pieces, put it into a hot frying pan with a drizzle of olive oil, and cook over medium heat (I turn mine with a fork)…


…until it looks crispy, like this. Just be careful not to burn it.


I add some sea salt, and devour immediately!

That’s it! Wasn’t it easy?

What is one of YOUR favorite foods to make?

Rounding up the hearts

I thought it might be helpful to do a Valentine round-up of my past projects as inspiration for you!


Here are a few posts (you can tell we really liked these) about making Gluten-Free salt-dough Valentines

here , here and here.


Heart bags


Pocket Hearts


Need something to keep your love notes in? Here is one of the first tutorials I wrote for a messenger bag!


Felt chains


This is one from 2010 using watercolors and salt.


This is one of my favorites!


Special skirt? YES.


Special outfit? Emphatic YES!


soft heart necklaces


And last, but SO not least….the food.

conversation hearts,

candycane hearts

chocolate hearts

Meringue kisses

So, how about you? Are you making anything special this Valentine’s Day? Food, clothing, decor, or gifts?

Peppermint Pretties

You can see that it is Christmastime by what I am making. The same thing as I made here, here, here and here.


Peppermint Bark!

Over the years, our allergies have gotten more extensive, so the recipe for my Peppermint Bark has evolved to be gluten, dairy, and egg free.


This stuff is my Kryptonite. Seriously. I can eat an entire pan (of this, NOT Kryptonite, just to be clear).


It is super messy to make what with the hammering of the candy canes, and the melting of the chocolate, but I do it  because it is THAT good.


FYI: Chocolate is Enjoy Life mini chocolate chips

Candy canes are TruJoy Sweets

And Peppermint extract is Pure

What treats are a must have for you around the Holidays?

Gelatin Fruit snacks

I made up some more Gelatin snacks, but used a mold this time. I was inspired by this post  over at Live Simply.

Instead of using their recipe, though, I used 2 cups of all natural Grape Juice (with no added sugar) and 1/4 cup of gelatin. Just heat up the juice (not boiling) and then remove from heat. Whisk in the gelatin. Pour into silicone mold.

Sounds easy, right?


 Well, these two are the only ones that came out right. The rest look like this:


The girls still love them, and they taste the same, just not as pretty.


I have no idea what I did or even how to fix it next time. Maybe spray with canola spray?


Oh well. These will all get eaten. And I love that it has no added sugar. I didn’t even add the honey that was in the recipe.


I was thinking that next time I would make these with vegetable juice! I wonder how they would go over with our girls. Hmmm.

What have you made today?

GF, DF, and EF Tuna Rolls

In preparation for school starting up again, I have come up with a fun lunch for the kids to take that can be prepared ahead of time, is allergy friendly, AND tastes great! This would also work for a meal on the go, as we often find ourselves when school begins.


Gluten, Dairy, and Egg free California Tuna rolls!

OK let’s gather our ingredients.


  • 2- 2.5 oz. packages of Bumble Bee Tuna (or you can just use 1- 5oz. can)
  • Nori
  • 3 cups of sushi rice prepared
  • Avacado
  • Cuccumber
  • Veganaise (or if you can have egg, mayo would be delightful here)
  • Sushi mat (I covered ours in plastic wrap so it is easier to clean)

*Anything else you would like to add. I kept it simple and used things both girls would like, but feel free to make it more complex!


The first step is to prepare all the different components. I added a little Veganaise to the Tuna and mixed it together, but still left it a little chunky. The rice was steamed, and then as it cooled and I turned it, I added rice vinegar and a little sugar. Slice the veggies and we’re ready to begin assembly.


Lay down a sheet of Nori on top of the sushi mat. Then take a nice sized ball of rice and place that on top of the Nori.


Press and spread out the rice so it covers the entire sheet of Nori.


If you want the rice on the outside of the roll, then flip the entire thing over (rice is now facing down on the mat). If you want the Nori on the outside, leave the rice facing up.


Spoon the tuna close to the edge, in a line, across the bottom.


Close up.


Now add in the veggies (and avacado which is technically a fruit).


Time to roll (those are my husband’s hands)!


Follow any sushi rolling instructions you like.


When you are done, it should look something like this.


Either slice into sushi rolls right now to eat, or wrap the entire log up in plastic wrap and put it in the fridge for the morning when lunches need to be packed. Slice before packing for lunch! This made three log rolls (can be portioned up to 8 pieces of sushi each).


We often find ourselves running from activity to activity during the school year. These would be the perfect on-the-go food, as well!

If you would like to see other recipes, head on over to Bumblebee’s recipe page.

What do you make with Tuna?

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

The yummiest GF zucchini bars EVAH!

I was recently checking out Yammie’s Gluten freedom blog, and found this amazingly good zucchini bread recipe.


I made a few changes, though.

Instead of eggs, I used egg replacer in the same ratio. And Namaste All purpose GF flour instead of rice flour. I also added GF/DF chocolate chips, because CHOCOLATE CHIPS.

These are sooooo good. The browned butter frosting is amazing. I used Rice milk and it worked well. Jim thought they tasted like butterscotch Krimpets from our childhood.

I cannot stop eating it!

I love finding new tasty GF recipes.

What have you made today??

GF and EF Carrot Cake

We had such a lovely Easter celebration yesterday filled with food and friends. I laughed so much that my face still hurts. I call that a good day.

Amongst the bounty was this treat that I made from a recipe found here: The best Gluten Free Carrot cake recipe by Yammie’s Gluten Freedom.


Since it was made with dairy (there is cream cheese frosting), I couldn’t eat it, but everyone who did LOVED it. I even substituted the egg with an egg replacer!


Definitely a recipe I will use again!

What did you make for your celebration?

Banana Bites

I tried out a new treat recipe from Yammie’s Noshery.


bananabitem These were a big hit!

bananbite6m They couldn’t be simpler, really. Banana slices, melted chocolate, and melted peanut butter.

bananbite4m You could fancy them up by adding coconut, chopped nuts, or sprinkles. My girls like them just like this.

I must admit that I tasted quite a bit of the melty bits while I was making these…and yum.

What have YOU made today?

Fruit Juice Finger Jello

The other day my friend Rebecca of the Rock Farmer posted a recipe on Facebook for a quick and relatively healthy snack. I am always looking for those! So I gave it a whirl.

jello8m The girls flipped over this!

I will share Rebecca’s recipe, and then what I did differently.

1 cup cold juice 

3 cups near-boiling juice (hot enough to dissolve the gelatin)

4 envelopes Knox gelatin or 1 oz of bulk gelatin  

2 Tb honey (optional)  

 Pour cold juice into a large bowl, then sprinkle all 4 packets of gelatin on top. Let this sit while you heat the rest of the juice to near-boiling. Pour the hot juice into the cold juice and gelatin mixture. Add the honey if you’re using it. Whisk until the gelatin is completely dissolved (up to 5 minutes of work). Pour into a 9×13″ pan, put that into the fridge and let it set up.

jello7m I only had Cranberry Juice in the house, so that is what I used. Since it already had some sugar in it, I skipped adding the honey. The kids (and Jim) all reported back to me (since I gag at the thought of eating jello, no matter how good it is) that the cranberry juice tasted slightly tart and needed more sugar. Actually Falafel said it tasted “dark”. I have no idea.

jello4m Anyhow, I am not the neatest jello-cutter ever. I really just hack my way through. If you are more talented in the ways of jiggly dessert portioning, I wish you all the best.

jello6m Even with my sloppy knife-work, it still looks pretty, though. Right?

jello3m What kinds of snacks do your kids like? Do you make homemade gelatin desserts?