YUMMY Gluten-Free Potstickers

I was perusing Pinterest as I am known to do, and I came across this gem of a recipe for Gluten Free Potstickers.

Now I have tried my fair few of Pinterest-found GF recipes, and not all of them were good. In fact, we have found that most are not.

But this one is AMAZING!

We are all hooked on these. So much so that The Bee has declared Wednesday to hereby be known as “Potsticker Wednesday”!


We only put ground pork as the filling and they are fantastic. I imagine that adding more would only make them better.


The photos aren’t even doing these justice. They are not greasy. Not mushy. JUST FULL OF YUM.

No one asked me to review these potstickers, I just had to share this recipe with you, because if you are GF, you know how hard it is to find good recipes! And this one is.

Do you have special meals on certain days?

When your tree gives you apples….


We had a great growing year here in Washington. We had unusually hot weather, which our fruits and vegetables LOVED.

Our apple trees are now producing these fantastic apples, and I wanted to make something fun with them for the first day of school.

I found a fun recipe on Pinterest, but I changed the entire thing to make it allergy-friendly.

Here is my recipe for:

GR, EF, DF Fried Apple Rings

For the batter:

1 cup of milk (I used rice milk, but I bet a creamier coconut milk would be great too)

1 cup GF all purpose flour

1/4 tsp baking powder

1 squeeze of lemon or lime

1/4 tsp salt

 egg replacer (for 1 egg)

1-2 TBSP cinnamon sugar

I used 4 nice sized apples, cut them into round slices, and then cut a little hole in the middle (to take out the seeds). I used a pastry tip to cut the hole, but you can use anything that will cut through the apple that is round.

I dipped them in the batter, then fried them in canola oil until browned.


Top with more cinnamon sugar



I actually ate a few with my dinner. It is back-to-school week, so I figure, anything goes, right?

What have YOU made today?

Shopping in my Garden

Please excuse the absence of On-Our-Shelves Sunday this week. Just completely slipped my mind! I honestly forgot what day it was.

But I wanted to share something with you in its place.

I am LOVING this whole garden thing. Whenever we go out (usually a few times a day), I feel like I am shopping in my very own private store. One that has only well-tended 100% organic plants. And they are GOOD. Such a treat.

Mostly we have gotten a whole bunch of green beans, snap peas, cucumbers, and a little lettuce… up until yesterday.


We planted some cheddar Cauliflower and it finally was ready to pick!


And boy was it yummy!

How about you? What is growing in YOUR garden?

About Those Cookies

Did you see yesterday’s post? A lovely reader asked if I would share the recipe.


These are GF and EF chocolate chip cookies. I used the recipe on the back of the Namaste Foods Perfect Flour Blend Gluten Free package (*affiliate link*), but these are the other products I used.

      1. I omitted the raisins and nuts
      2. I used Bob’s Red Mill Gluten Free Whole Grain, Rolled Oats  *also affiliate link*
      3. Enjoy Life Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips, Gluten, Dairy, nut & Soy Free, Mini Chips*affiliate link*
      4. I used egg replacer instead of an egg (since my youngest is allergic) Ener-G Egg Replacer — 16 oz  and you guessed it*affiliate link*


I couldn’t post the recipe because it wasn’t mine to post, but I hope this helps you if you have any dietary restrictions. These cookies are so incredibly delicious, even people that are not gluten-free (or egg-free for for that matter) LOVE them.



Do you have any allergies? Any favorite cookie recipes?

Some Kale for my Sister

I told my sister that I would show her how to make crunchy kale, so I thought I would share it with you too!


This is super easy and so very tasty to make, we have it a few times a week. I take lacinato kale and tear it into pieces, put it into a hot frying pan with a drizzle of olive oil, and cook over medium heat (I turn mine with a fork)…


…until it looks crispy, like this. Just be careful not to burn it.


I add some sea salt, and devour immediately!

That’s it! Wasn’t it easy?

What is one of YOUR favorite foods to make?

Rounding up the hearts

I thought it might be helpful to do a Valentine round-up of my past projects as inspiration for you!


Here are a few posts (you can tell we really liked these) about making Gluten-Free salt-dough Valentines

here , here and here.


Heart bags


Pocket Hearts


Need something to keep your love notes in? Here is one of the first tutorials I wrote for a messenger bag!


Felt chains


This is one from 2010 using watercolors and salt.


This is one of my favorites!


Special skirt? YES.


Special outfit? Emphatic YES!


soft heart necklaces


And last, but SO not least….the food.

conversation hearts,

candycane hearts

chocolate hearts

Meringue kisses

So, how about you? Are you making anything special this Valentine’s Day? Food, clothing, decor, or gifts?

Peppermint Pretties

You can see that it is Christmastime by what I am making. The same thing as I made here, here, here and here.


Peppermint Bark!

Over the years, our allergies have gotten more extensive, so the recipe for my Peppermint Bark has evolved to be gluten, dairy, and egg free.


This stuff is my Kryptonite. Seriously. I can eat an entire pan (of this, NOT Kryptonite, just to be clear).


It is super messy to make what with the hammering of the candy canes, and the melting of the chocolate, but I do it  because it is THAT good.


FYI: Chocolate is Enjoy Life mini chocolate chips

Candy canes are TruJoy Sweets

And Peppermint extract is Pure

What treats are a must have for you around the Holidays?

Gelatin Fruit snacks

I made up some more Gelatin snacks, but used a mold this time. I was inspired by this post  over at Live Simply.

Instead of using their recipe, though, I used 2 cups of all natural Grape Juice (with no added sugar) and 1/4 cup of gelatin. Just heat up the juice (not boiling) and then remove from heat. Whisk in the gelatin. Pour into silicone mold.

Sounds easy, right?


 Well, these two are the only ones that came out right. The rest look like this:


The girls still love them, and they taste the same, just not as pretty.


I have no idea what I did or even how to fix it next time. Maybe spray with canola spray?


Oh well. These will all get eaten. And I love that it has no added sugar. I didn’t even add the honey that was in the recipe.


I was thinking that next time I would make these with vegetable juice! I wonder how they would go over with our girls. Hmmm.

What have you made today?

Wonderful Words Wednesday: Apples became

::Trying something new today. Wonderful Words Wednesday is when I share something I find to be wonderful with you. You can link up your image too! Click on the link below to show off your wonderful photo/post this week::


These became….


This is one of the very best thing about Fall! With our homegrown apples, I make a Gluten and Egg free apple crisp (or several). Every year.


I slice up the apples, and toss them with a handful of brown sugar, a little cinnamon, and a little cornstarch in a bowl and place aside.


In our mixer, I add one stick of butter (1/2 cup), 1 cup brown sugar, and 1 cup of GF oats.


I spray a rectangle pan, then pour in the apple mixture and top with the crumb.


Bake at 350 for approx. 30 minutes.


Now it is YOUR turn! I want to hear from you, my friends.

Apples of many sizes

Our apples trees were very happy this year and produced so much fruit!

We have three different kinds. The Yellow (see how technical I am?) ones were early, so we gobbled them up already, but the Green and Red are just ripening now! And they are delicious.

Falafel came in yesterday carrying this giant apple! I had to have a little photo session with it and all it’s enormity. Cause- well, look at it!


I asked her to pick some others so we could compare them.


The one on the far left is the largest we have ever grown. The middle one is average, and the right is the smallest.


On an unrelated note, I also wanted to mention that I really love reading the kind comments I get on this online home of mine. I know I have a lovely global following. My stats told me so! I encourage all of you who are out there reading (with something nice to say) to please comment! The only way for a blogger to know their audience is to hear from them via comment.


So What is growing in YOUR part of the world?