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Market Day project done

Are you tired of seeing juice pouch projects, yet {like here and here}?

I promise to have something else tomorrow (I make no promises for the day after, though~heh). For today, I will show you the Market Day juice pouch wallets Falafel, Jim, and I made.

All 27 of them!


We did them assembly line style. Jim and I cut the strips of tape and she put them together.


The only thing left to add are the velcro dots.


My girl chose that mustache duct tape. I love how whimsical  it makes these!


I think she did a fantastic job with these.


Have you ever crafted with trash?

Juice Pouch Duct Tape Wallet

We are in the final weeks of school for this year, and there are quite a few activities packed in. One big one is “Market Day”. This is where the kids have to make something to trade with other kids. Falafel had to make a craft based on a fact she found out about her assigned state (which is Florida).

We looked up different fruit related crafts and she decided that a juice pouch duct tape wallet sounded like fun!

I found a great tutorial here.




There is even a pocket on the back.


I think these would even make great party favors/crafts. The only time consuming part is cutting the different lengths of tape, and then halving them. Other than that, it is a really fast and easy project.

Now just to make 23 more. Wish us luck!

Recycled mini vintage mannequin

Recently, I found this fun and clever project over at Adirondack Girl@ Heart, and just HAD to make one of my own.


Oh my wow. There are so many variations you could make. I chose to make a Steam-punk-esque mini mannequin.


I used a dishwashing liquid bottle, old pages from a book, a brown paper bag, an old doll stand, glue and water, and some paint.


I followed her instructions for cutting the bottle, but decoupaged pages from an old torn book (instead of brown paper) we had in our crafting supplies. I painted the cap and the stand with black paint, first.


After the paint almost dried, I decoupaged over the stand with a torn up brown paper bag. This way, a little of the black paint mixed in, but not too much. I love the effect it created.


I then took some copper paint and painted the cap, but made sure to leave a little of the black showing through. I then gave everything a coat of polycrylic to seal them.


When decoupaging the pages to the bottle, I wrapped them underneath because the edge was sharp. Then I brushed a little of the copper paint along the edge.


The neat thing about this mannequin is not only is it good for hanging jewelery or as an art object, it fits 18″ dolls’ clothing (which we have a lot of).


Falafel was especially excited about this!


I may have to make a few more of these. I was even trying to come up with alternative bases. Maybe using something recycled, as well.


Finding a good project makes me so very happy! How about you?

What have you recycled or upcycled lately?

Easter ALREADY??!!

OK, with all my room painting and cleaning, I neglected any Easter projects I wanted to do. After all, EASTER IS TOMORROW! Really, is it just me that it sneaked up on?? So yesterday, I sat at the table and tackled the one I wanted to do most:


Egg Holding Buns!


I found this project over here on the Sculpey website.


They were fairly easy to make, and awfully fun. AND since I haven’t really done anything to prepare yet (and we are hosting) it felt good to get started with something so cute.


*Seriously: we haven’t even dyed eggs yet (that is today’s project- we are using the natural dyes we have used in the past). The eggs shown in this post were made by Falafel when she went to a friend’s house, and they were kind enough to let her take some home.


I ran out of white Sculpey (affiliate link) pretty quickly, so I just used two other light colors that we had.


Not perfect, but they work. And they are sweet.





Have you made anything for Easter or are you a big ol’ procrastinator like me?


Spring Break and two more dolls

The girls are on Spring Break this week, so I have decided to gut their rooms. steam clean the rugs, and paint the walls! Jim has been tending to things like the first Spring mow and outdoor tidying! Not exactly relaxing, but really productive.

Anyhow, I have two more dolls to share with you today.


I have to say that blondes are tricky because of the eyebrows. I think I have it down now, but I have to do layers of colors. Darker on the bottom and then lighter on top.


Sorry for the blurry photo on this one. I must have been rushing. I don’t know why. Heh.

I have to say that Falafel is loving these new dolls. She is building playground equipment for them to play on. Tricky since she is sticking skewers together with tape, but I love that it is inspiring her to be creative.

What are your plans this week?

Not as easy as I thought

Have you heard of Tree Change Dolls?

Here is a video in case you haven’t:

OK…now that you have, I saw this video in my Facebook feed (as I am sure a lot of you have), and I got very excited and inspired by what Sonia has started. I love that she is not only upcycling these dolls, but she is turning them into dolls that I wouldn’t mind my own daughters playing with.

I had to give it a try for myself!


I got a bag of Barbie-type dolls from my good ol’ BNP. Cleaned them up and brushed out their hair.

I will share one with you today.


I stripped off all of the original paint, and then repainted her face!

I have to say that I thought this would be much easier than it actually was. I was an art major in college, I lived and breathed art for most of my life, and actually painted for a living for a few years. THIS WAS HARD. I learned that there is a fine line between cute and creepy. Seriously. Each feature really can go from adorable to YIKES in one small tilt of your brush.


I think for my first finished doll, it isn’t bad. I did go through a few before her, and actually ended up stripping their paint again. I am sure with practice it will get easier. Both my girls tried their hand at painting one, and they also wanted me to strip theirs down again.

I have a great respect for Sonia’s ability and her vision. She is really incredible (and seems like a very kind human being) and is handling her new found fame with such grace!

She has a few DIY video tutorials on her YouTube channel that I highly recommend if you want to try this too!

What have YOU made today?

Making More Tiny things

Remember the food we made in yesterday’s post?

Well, those critters needed something to put their food on, right?


I bought some Sculpey after we ran out of the clay that came with the kit. It was so much easier to work with. Soft and pliable much quicker.


I also whipped up some spoons (under the direction of my 9 year old), along with a teeny tiny mouse.


She made most of these pots and pans. Can you tell which ones?


I should have photographed these with something to show how small  they are! The plates are about the size of a nickel.


These were put to use right away. The critters are very grateful.


Lastly, I just had to make one of these. It is so stinkin’ cute!


I know there will be many more times we break out the oven bake clay. It is an incredible boredom buster as well as a great way to connect with older kids. There is something so nourishing about playing with clay.

What activities do you and your kids enjoy doing together?

Mini clay food because even Critters need to eat

Falafel received this set  for her birthday in December,  and it has taken us this long to actually sit down and use it.


So we made some mini food for her Calico Critters (which she plays with all the time).


‘Cause even critters gotta eat. 

AND there is something so cute about miniature clay food, right?


Falafel, The Bee and I made these. We had a blast doing it. It was actually nice to sit with my girls and create. It always makes them quite chatty.


The book has step-by-step instructions (that we all could understand) to make so many different types of food. We also improvised a bit too.


I thought about painting little sesame seeds on the bagels. For now, I decided they will be plain.


The kit also comes with little eye screws to turn them into jewelery, but we only did this for a few since Falafel really just wanted to play with them.


We all loved it so much that I went to the store a few days later and bought some Sculpey to make more!


You’ll have to stop by tomorrow to check out what else we made with that clay.


Have you played with oven bake clay before? What have you made?

**This post contains affiliate links, so when you click on them and buy something from that link, I get a little something too. No one actually asked me to write it, though. I am just sharing something fun we did, with you.

Punny Valentines

I wanted to keep the Valentines for school this year simple. Not candy. Nothing fussy or expensive. I usually tend to go a bit overboard, but this year I ran out of steam.

I looked around at what we had in the house, and landed on oranges. Yup. We have 25 of those!

I then went to my good ol’ friend, the internet  and found these adorable printable tags from Crafting in the Rain, and that was it.

I ran it by Falafel for her approval even though I knew she would because that girl appreciates a good pun.


Absurdly simple.


We always have cello bags in the house.



What are you giving out for school Valentines?

Rounding up the hearts

I thought it might be helpful to do a Valentine round-up of my past projects as inspiration for you!


Here are a few posts (you can tell we really liked these) about making Gluten-Free salt-dough Valentines

here , here and here.


Heart bags


Pocket Hearts


Need something to keep your love notes in? Here is one of the first tutorials I wrote for a messenger bag!


Felt chains


This is one from 2010 using watercolors and salt.


This is one of my favorites!


Special skirt? YES.


Special outfit? Emphatic YES!


soft heart necklaces


And last, but SO not least….the food.

conversation hearts,

candycane hearts

chocolate hearts

Meringue kisses

So, how about you? Are you making anything special this Valentine’s Day? Food, clothing, decor, or gifts?