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Minion Rocks

Well, it is that season again. The season of celebrations and all the mayhem that goes with them.

Falafel’s Birthday is up first after Thanksgiving. Since both girls have Birthdays 4 days apart (and 6 years) in December, we have family rules (you can read about here).

The theme for her Birthday party this year is “Despicable Me: Minions“.


Over the Summer, I gathered a whole can full of smooth roundish stones from the beach to save for a rainy day. They were perfect for this project!


I just took some acrylic paint and free-handed minions.


Then I painted over it (once dried) with some clear gloss.


They are far from perfect, but my girl loves them.


We are planning on making some carnival-type games and these are one of the “prizes”.


I love the simplicity of these. Just paint and rocks.

I hope the party guests will like them as much as the Birthday girl.

Thanksgiving Toilet Paper Tube Napkin Ring tutorial repost

Today I am reposting a tutorial I came up with for making a napkin ring out of a toilet paper tube and egg carton. With Thanksgiving right around the corner, these will make their way to the table once again (yup we still have them and use them!).



Yesterday, I took part in another DailyBuzz Moms 9×9!

This time the challenge was to make a Thanksgiving Table setting.

I chose to make a very eco-friendly, recycled, and natural table setting using things I found around my house.

It’s all about simplicity.

First, I made these recycled napkin rings.

To make your own, you’ll need:

I used watercolor paints and hot glue along with yarn, popcorn kernels, and acorns. But feel free to use what you have!

I started by cutting the toilet paper tubes in half and tearing up the cups (roughly in half) of the egg carton.

Then I painted them. If you have children, this is where they can help out!

Allow them to dry completely.

Next, take two halves and hot glue them together. Then keep adding a piece at a time until you have a flower.

Hot glue popcorn kernels and acorns inside the flower.

Set aside.

I wrapped and hot glued orange yarn (that I got for free) around the toilet paper tubes. You can use any string you have, or none at all. They do look pretty great on their own, too.

Glue flower to the tube.

Insert a cloth napkin and you’re done!

I also left some without flowers for the men folk.

For the rest of the table, I gathered rose-hips and leaves, acorns, and even a dried wooden round that was in the firewood pile.

Cranberries in bowls add a sweet touch. I also whipped up a very simple tie garland using scraps of fabric that I had tied to a long piece of twine.

I had a few squash that I thought were really beautiful, so I added them to the mix!


I chose to just have a lovely crocheted runner instead of a tablecloth. And leaves instead of place mats. I really wanted to show off the table I made (see? if you don’t have a large wooden table, you could always make one!) and showcase the food that will be there on Thanksgiving day. Two of my favorite parts!


I hope you enjoyed my little tutorial.

How do you decorate for Thanksgiving??


I’m linking to:

Yarn Bombing

I have had these photos for quite some time now, and just never got around to blogging about it. A few months ago, the local library had a “yarn bombing” party. It was fabulous!


Anyone and everyone was invited to come and cover things, make things, and learn how to make things in yarn.


It lasted a few days and was really a lot of fun.


The Bee made this one. She calls her “Norwegian Nellie”.


The best part about this was sitting in a room full of neighbors and friends, creating and chatting and learning.


Falafel made a whole bunch of these.


I was one if the pompom makers.


The library kept up these creations for quite some time before tracking down those who made them and letting them take them home.

Have you ever yarn bombed anything?

Giant Ruler for our wall

When I painted our kitchen, I painted over the wall with the marks where we measure Falafel. I wanted something that we could remove and keep after we (eventually, and hopefully years from now) move from this house.


So I made a giant ruler!


I didn’t do a tutorial because it is pretty self-explanatory…but I will explain it anyway.


I started with a plain 1×5 board that was 8 feet long, and I cut it to fit the entire length of the wall. Then I marked (in pencil first) with a permanent marker, all the lines, and numbers, up to 7 feet.


I stained it and varnished it and nailed it up.


A simple project that makes a huge impact on the room, AND will make a great keepsake later on.


What have YOU made today?

Pinwheel barrettes

I found another gem of a craft out there on the interwebs, and whipped up some just in time for the girls going back to school.


Little Button Diaries has a tutorial for these, and of course, I did them slightly different. But only slightly, because these are really simple to make!


Firstly, I didn’t glue down the two layers of felt. I am lazy, what can I say? I did, however, hand sew all the points to the middle and the button on top.


Then I took some of that crazy strong E6000 and secured the clip onto the back.


Then repeated those steps a few hundred times.


And in no time, my girl has a few fancy hair thingies to wear.

Have you made these? What are you making this week?

Backpack ornaments

I am always looking for a good craft to help ease everyone into the transition of going back to school. I also like to find new things to distinguish the years from each other. Make each year a little more special than previous ones.


I actually found a similar idea over at Momtastic, only she made Name zipper pulls. I thought instead of putting our girls’ names on their backpacks or jackets (safety reasons), I would make some sweet words to inspire them, instead.


I used scrabble tiles and E6000 glue, too, but instead of popsicle sticks, I only had thinner craft sticks on hand, so I used those.


The longest part of this project was waiting for the glue to dry!


Luckily I had all supplies on hand, so the cost was $0. I made a bunch so we can gift them to friends.

This is a great project to use up those Scrabble tiles while making something that makes your kids feel extra special.

What have YOU made today?

On-Our-Shelves Sunday

Remember yesterday’s cute little mushroom?



by Nelly Pailloux

Both girls were drawn to this book the other day. But it was Falafel that really took to hand sewing! And more so, embroidery. This book breaks it down in easy step-by-step diagrams, which made it very user friendly for our 8 year old first-time sewer. And even better, she did it all by herself! She was super proud of her little mushroom girl.

What is on YOUR shelves today?


School is officially out now, and we are easing into Summer. Falafel has been drawing a ton.


At any given time of day, we can find her drawings on our whiteboards, or on little slips of paper, like the one above.

This one is entitled “The Fairy Queen is Back!!”.

Not sure where she went, but it is lovely to see her, and it is good to have her back.

I love seeing my young girl’s style slowly emerge. My goal for the Summer is to surround our home with both kids’ art.

What have your kids drawn today?

A thousand things to do, so why not add a major project?

The end of the school year is coming, and we had the eighth grade banquet, and I have a few sewing deadlines, so it was the perfect time to take all the bathroom cabinets off their hinges and repaint them, right?

*insert rolling eyes at self here*


It really could have waited a few weeks, but that is just not how I work, apparently.


I do love how it looks, though, now that it is all shiny and new.


The funny things is, I have shown this to several of my friends and they all responded with “It wasn’t white before?“.


What projects have you tackled this week?

Paper plate weaving

In my hopping around these here internets, I found this tutorial for paper plate weaving over at Scribbit.

paperloomm We only had a paper bowl, but it worked just fine! Falafel is really enjoying this very portable project. Brilliantly simple. That is my favorite kind, too.

What have YOU made today?