Office Chair Refashion

I found this chair on my local Buy Nothing Project group.

The upholstery had holes and was worn, but the chair had “good bones”, so I grabbed it for my daughter. When I brought it home, I did a simple Office Chair Refashion that made us both happy.

Office Chair Refashion

I started wiht asking my 10 year old what kind of fabric she wanted. She said soft and warm, like flannel. That narrowed it down, nicely. I then went through my fabric stash, and found this adorable woodland creature flannel and she was in love.

Office Chair Refashion

If you have never recovered one of these rolling chairs, it really is super easy. Unscrew the screws on the back, remove the old cover (and any staples) and cut a new piece of fabric to fit. After the fabric is in place, secure it (either staple or even tape) making sure to get all the wrinkles out, then place the backing and screws back on. Repeat for the seat part.

Office Chair Refashion

The only thing I was in doubt about was giving my child a white chair. Ha! She does not keep many things white, for long. So far, though, she is treating it gingerly, and lovingly. I do hope those fuzzy creatures help her maintain it. But if they don’t, I can always recover it.

Office Chair Refashion

What have you recovered today?

Recycled Plastic Bag Christmas Wreath dressed up for the Fourth of July

Recycled Plastic bag wreath dressed up for the Fourth of July

Remember this wreath I made from recycled plastic bags? Well, my Falafel wanted to turn it into a Fourth of July wreath. She took one of her ripped up fuzzy blue socks, and cut it into strips, and tied it on the wreath.


Pretty clever 10 year old, huh?

I think we should use this one for Valentine’s Day  too. Just add some hearts. I like this reuse business. Makes decorating a little easier.

Do you decorate for the Fourth?

Happy Independence Day!

30 Days of Sundresses: Fabric Splatter Paint Tutorial


I am so thrilled to be a part of 30 Days of Sundresses this year! This series has been going on since 2012 and it has always included such talented sewists. Tons of free patterns and tutorials, just for you! I am honored to share my fabric splatter paint tutorial with you today.

  30 days of Sundresses Tour: Fabric Splatter Paint Tutorial

First, gather up your supplies:

30 days of Sundresses Tour: Fabric Splatter Paint Tutorial

acrylic paints (however many colors you would like to use)

empty spray bottles

white sheet/ or fabric


30 days of Sundresses Tour: Fabric Splatter Paint Tutorial

To prepare the paint, you squirt some of the acrylic paint into the spray bottle. I did about a tablespoon. Then add about a cup of water to that. Shake to mix.Test it on scrap fabric. The more you dilute it, the better.

30 days of Sundresses Tour: Fabric Splatter Paint Tutorial

Hang your sheet up somewhere you don’t mind getting painty. Add one child/person who would love to get messy (wearing clothes you don’t care about getting messy). Spray!

30 days of Sundresses Tour: Fabric Splatter Paint Tutorial

My daughter went a little heavy in parts, which made the fabric stiff. If you can, limit how much spraying goes on. Letting the white shine through is a good thing. I also had her do a second piece, and I watered down the paint even more, which helps too (not shown).

30 days of Sundresses Tour: Fabric Splatter Paint Tutorial

Plan on getting covered in paint (which, according to her, is the best part!).

30 days of Sundresses Tour: Fabric Splatter Paint Tutorial

After it completely dries, throw the whole sheet in the dryer for a few minutes to heat set your paint. If you need to soften it up a bit, you can then machine wash it with a 1/2 cup of baking soda. Then dry again.

30 days of Sundresses Tour: Fabric Splatter Paint Tutorial

Sew up one of your favorite sundress patterns using your new fabric! For the bottom of this dress, I used the very watered down painted sheet. I like how it looks like the top is running.

  30 days of Sundresses Tour: Fabric Splatter Paint Tutorial

Now your girl can sport fabric designs she actually made!

30 days of Sundresses Tour: Fabric Splatter Paint Tutorial

Thank you for stopping by! If you decide to give this a try, please show me what you make!

30 days of Sundresses Tour: Fabric Splatter Paint Tutorial

If you haven’t been, yet, head over to Melly Sews to check out some of the other tutorials.

Adults making friendship bracelets


Making Friendship Bracelets Tutorial

Today I am teaching a class for adults on making friendship bracelets. I used to adore making these as a teen, and I still do. It is a great meditative exercise.


I truly love the simplicity of taking string, and knotting it to make something pretty.


I am teaching the class how to make three different kinds of bracelets.


This one is a fishtail braid, which is new to me, but so pretty.


I have been making this kind, forever.


Years ago, in my early 20’s, a friend of mine came over to my house, we watched The Doors movie (which you can get with my affiliate link, if you like that sort of thing), and she wrapped my hair using the same method as I used for this bracelet, pictured above. It took the entire length of the movie, because I had such long hair back then, but it was so worth it. I kept it in for about a month.

I created a tutorial over at Instructables for only one of the designs, so you can make one of these for yourself!

Project Run and Play Stenciled t-shirt for me

Do you remember the freezer paper stencil Abby from Sew Much Ado shared last month? Well, this time I made myself a Project Run and Play Stenciled t-shirt!

Project Run and Play stenciled t-shirt FREE PDF

I got my husband to cut this stencil out again, for me. Thank you, Honey.

Project Run and Play stenciled t-shirt FREE PDF

I probably should have made my own t-shirt. Instead, since I couldn’t find a nice weight t-shirt in the women’s section (they were all thin see-through tissue…seriously, designers??!!) I found this one in the men’s section. And it doesn’t fit properly. I think it may be because most men don’t have large ta-tas.

Project Run and Play stenciled t-shirt FREE PDF

I think I may have to alter this one because I am in love with how the painting came out. I may have to ask my buddies over at the Capsule Wardrobe sew along Facebook group. Those ladies are awesome at helping each other with fit issues.

Project Run and Play stenciled t-shirt FREE PDF

OR I can just ask my husband to cut out yet another of these stencils and I can just make my own shirt.

Either way, I love this stencil.

What have you made lately?

Ninja Kitty T-shirt

Remember last year when I made a Ninja Kitty Stuftie for Falafel’s friend? Well, they are still friends, and they are still into playing Ninja Kitties. His birthday is coming up (with a Ninja theme), so I came up with another gift for him this year. A Ninja Kitty T-shirt!

Ninja Kitty freezer paper stencil t-shirt

My husband is our designated exacto blade  handler in this house, and he is so good at it. He came up with this design by altering another he found on the internet. He then cut it out from the freezer paper, and I painted it on a t-shirt.

Ninja Kitty freezer paper stencil t-shirt

Instant cool Birthday gift fit for a 10 year old boy!

Ninja Kitty freezer paper stencil t-shirt

Since it is painted with regular acrylic paints, I threw it in the dryer to heat set it. Now it is ready for a ninja kitty to wear it!

Ninja Kitty freezer paper stencil t-shirt

I am hooked on freezer paper stenciling (especially with my husband doing the hard work)!

Have you tried this method of painting on shirts?

On-Our-Shelves Sunday: Craft Book Review

On our shelves this week is a craft book review!


Paper + Tape: Craft & Create

by Marisa Edghill

*affiliate link*

This book is full of paper crafts, and most use washi tape. My Falafel happened to go on a washi tape binge last week, and used up all four rolls I had, so we improvised. I got out the blue painter’s tape (I have no idea why we have an entire roll of this since I never tape when I paint- ha!) and some card stock, and we made one of our favorite projects from the book.


Paper Pyramid Pouches


She made this orange one all by herself.


Using the recommended materials (origami paper and washi tape) make them much cuter, but I think ours are just as sweet. And I love that they still worked, even though we used what we had.


There are so many projects in this book! Everything from Paper Puppets to Washi Tape and Paper Beads. My 10 year old was so into this one, even though the crafts are geared toward adults. We did the pouch project together, and once we did one, she made a whole army of them on her own. Luckily, she stuffed them and gave them as gifts.



If you like working with paper, this book is a fun addition to any paper craft library.


::Even though I received this book to review, as always all my opinions are mine, mine, mine::

Floral head garland for Prom

My daughter had the pleasure of attending a prom with her boyfriend, that her best friend invited them to, given by her friend’s church. For her outfit, I made The Bee a floral head garland, since the theme was “Enchanted Forest”.

  Floral head Garland for Prom

It was super simple to do with silk flowers, and I think it added a little bit of whimsy to her outfit.

Floral head Garland for Prom

Did you know that I was a floral designer for many, many years? It’s true! So glad to be able to use my skills for my kids.

Floral head Garland for Prom

More details on that stunning dress here.

Floral head Garland for Prom

I kept it fairly sparse, so that the brown covered wire would show through, and give it more of a foresty fairy look.

Floral head Garland for Prom

Floral head Garland for Prom

Their attempt at a Charlie’s Angels type pose. I love these two silly girls.

Floral head Garland for Prom

Her first corsage.

Floral head Garland for Prom

 Ack! When did my baby get all grown up?!

Anyhow, please leave a comment below to let me know if you want a tutorial on how to make this simple head garland, and like magic, I will!

What have YOU made today?

Freezer Paper Stenciled shirt

Freezer Paper Stenciled Shirt by Falafel and the Bee: Free Pattern by Sew Much Ado

Yesterday, Abby from Sew Much Ado posted her FREE PDF’s over at Project Run and Play. I loved it so very much that I had to try out a freezer paper stenciled shirt for my girl!

Freezer Paper Stenciled Shirt by Falafel and the Bee: Free Pattern by Sew Much Ado

My husband helped me out by cutting the stencil for me, because I don’t use exacto blades. Ever. I am terrified of them! But he is quite adept at using them, thankfully.

Freezer Paper Stenciled Shirt by Falafel and the Bee: Free Pattern by Sew Much Ado

I did the painting part. Since I used this rib knit shirt, the paint just soaked into it. I had to do three layers, and finally added a little white to it for the paint to show up.

Freezer Paper Stenciled Shirt by Falafel and the Bee: Free Pattern by Sew Much Ado

 We all love how it turned out!

Freezer Paper Stenciled Shirt by Falafel and the Bee: Free Pattern by Sew Much Ado

I really love that you don’t even have to know about the website to appreciate the shirt. My girl is totally a “project run and play“. I cannot wait to make one for me. Maybe I will add “Virtual Assistant” to mine to make it official.

Freezer Paper Stenciled Shirt by Falafel and the Bee: Free Pattern by Sew Much Ado

Have you tried Freezer Paper Stencilling?

Easy Kid Recycling Project

Today I have a fun and super practical craft for you, and the best part? All you need is two things for this easy kid recycling project.

Easy Kid Recycling Project

We buy bandages that come in these oval shaped containers, and not all places recycle #5 plastics yet, so I have been hoarding keeping them until I came up with a project. The Care To Recycle® program has spurred me to get them out and make something with my kids. We decorated the containers, and then came up with many practical uses for them. For me, that is key to keeping something around. It has to have a place or purpose!

To decorate your own, you will need:

Easy Kid Recycling Project

A Band-Aid container and washi tape. Scissors are optional (the washi tape rips fairly easily).

Easy Kid Recycling Project

Start with ripping (or cutting) strips of tape and laying them across the middle of the container lid.

Easy Kid Recycling Project

Since our tape was pretty transparent, we did a few layers. That’s it! The great thing about using the tape, is that it is removable. My initial thought was to decoupage them (as I am known to do), which works, but it doesn’t come off so easily if you would like to change it up, or even recycle the container (if you find somewhere that does take them). With this tape, you can change the design as many times as you want, and even take it off completely when you are done with it.

Easy Kid Recycling Project

Now for the fun part. Filling it!!

Easy Kid Recycling Project

My daughter’s dolls had a lot of fun in these portable doll beds!

Easy Kid Recycling Project

You can also make an emergency kit for someone going off to college, or a new driver!

Easy Kid Recycling Project

Of course, you can also make a box decorating kit for someone else to make.

Easy Kid Recycling Project

Some other ideas we had:

  • medical kit
  • portable sewing kit
  • treasure box
  • jewelry box
  • gift box
  • notions organizer
  • party favor box
  • hair tie/ ribbon holder
  • pencil box
  • Mother’s Day gift box
  • car activity box
  • miniature doll house
  • toy bathtub
  • glasses case
  • toiletry holder for traveling
  • bank/ money box

Easy Kid Recycling Project

Here are some tidbits of info for you provided by Johnson & Johnson Family of Consumer Companies :

 Parents are an emerging bright spot when it comes to extending in-home recycling habits to the bathroom.

  • A 2016 consumer survey on in-home recycling habits, conducted in partnership with Johnson & Johnson Consumer Inc., shows that 60% of parents would be more likely to discuss recycling with their children if it was an activity they could do together and they had more creative, engaging ways to explain the impact of recycling.
  • The study also revealed that:
    • One-third of regular recyclers (34%) admit that it never even occurred to them to recycle in the bathroom!
    • The largest obstacle when it comes to recycling personal care products in the bathroom is a lack of tools and resources; only one in five recyclers have a recycling bin in their bathroom.

 Care To Recycle® seeks to break down barriers commonly associated with recycling in the bathroom by showing that recycling in the bathroom can be easy and fun!

  • Everything from shampoo and mouthwash bottles to soap and bandage boxes can be recycled. To better understand which bathroom products can and cannot be recycled, visit
  • The more you know about what’s recyclable, the more likely you are to do it. For tips and tools to become a better recycler, visit

Easy Kid Recycling Project


I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.