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My name is Michelle. I am a wife to the same man for 21 years and counting. We both grew up in NJ, but moved out to Washington about 20 years ago, and have 2 two lovely and lively girls….Falafel and the Bee (hence the F&B) {not their real names}

I started calling our 11 year old Falafel (or even Falafel berry) when she was born and it stuck. I have no idea what I was thinking when it came out of my mouth, but I was probably hungry~heh. My husband has always called our 17 year old readhead, The Bee since forever ago. I love creating for them as well as with them.

I sew, create, thrift, recycle, parent, problem solve, clean, walk, photograph, woodwork, and nurture. We are a Celiac Family, so I do occasionally share Gluten-free recipes as well.

Oh yum. These are my favorites.

My goal is to create a place of inspiration, and creativity, and above all, a place where anyone can do anything they put their minds to. I truly believe that is true.

Please feel free to look around. And as always, I welcome your comments!

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  1. Hi Michelle,

    I was notified through a pingback on our website (Friends of the Farms) that you mentioned Harvest Fair on your blog. I am on the board of Friends of the Farms, the group that puts on the fair, and helps preserve and enhance local farming. I thought the pictures you took of the fair were terrific. I was wondering if you would allow us to have some of them for possible use on our website, facebook, etc. I am the one who gathers photos for Friends of the Farms! Great pictures speak a thousand words.



  2. Hi Michelle… I’ve had your blog saved in my favourites under ‘blogs to read’ for a while now… over the last couple of days I have read your entire blog right back to the beginning… and I have to say its fabulous! I love the way you write, and your sense of humour – I love that you capture all those beautiful moments of everyday life, and your girls are just gorgeous 🙂

    Anyway enough gushing… just wanted to tell you how enjoyable I found your blog – I am not a sewer (I have a sewing machine sitting dormant next to me as we speak) but you’ve inspired me – I may actually get it out and make something soon! Lol

    Thanks again for the sunshine you’ve added to my day(s)

    Kristin 🙂

  3. Michelle,
    You are so amzingly talented!!!!!

    Loved the clothes you’ve made. Absolouetly beautiful and our sweet grand-daughter is the perfect model!!!

    You have a gift and can do just about anything…..
    I’d like to take some credit but it is ALL YOU!!!!

    Ilove you so much and are so proud of your accomplishments


  4. Great pics, I am thoroughly enjoying looking back at the n.j. visit. forever cherish in my heart!!!!
    great to see the pics of your return home. I agree also, there’s no place like home sigh!!!!!
    the pj’s were spectacular. you never cease to amaze me.

    Love,Love,Love to you all

  5. just found your web site, i love it!!! you are very creative, i love your models / girls. you have a beautiful family….GOD BLESS, and keep up the excellent work! xoxo Leslie

  6. Excited to learn that you are Michelle from the BNP hood. Just wondering how your Barbie rehab project went? Do you have any photos?

  7. I’m so happy to have found you! I’m fairly new to sewing and I’m excited to try one of your patterns 🙂

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