New Zealand Part 7

Both of our girls celebrated their birthdays in New Zealand in very different ways.

For her 12th birthday, all our Falafel wanted to do was to take a walk down the road to where the Black Swans live, eat a picnic lunch, then splash in the lake. Sadly, it downpoured for most of the day.

When it did stop for a moment, we hurried down with our lunches, and ate by the water. She had her birthday crown on over her hat, which made me giggle. She didn’t get to splash that day because it started to rain and thunder, again. We did, however , make sure she got to go the next day. 2 days of celebrating? YES.

Our Bee turned 18 this year! The only thing she wanted was to go to the Stargazing Tour which is back on top of that dang mountain which required another gondola ride. *sigh*

Our Falafel has been practicing with Queenstown Gymnastics for the past couple of weeks, so we went there first. Her practice ended at 7:30 pm and the Stargazing didn’t begin until 10:45 pm. in the same town (the sun sets here promptly at 10 pm every night). So we went to a few grocery stores. We have gotten quite knowledgeable about which stores carry which items. When you have as many food restrictions as we do, food becomes top priority.

At 10 pm we decided to head on up on that scary cable car (once again). Our guide took us to the top of the mountain where there were two very powerful telescopes set up. It was super cold(about 40 degrees (F) or lower) so they handed out Canadian goose down jackets and I was glad I took one, even though I had my own down jacket on, as well as a fleece sweatshirt.

The night sky was filled with stars, and it was incredible to see and hear about the different constellations that are visible on this side of the world. Orion and his belt along with his trusty dog were all visible, but they were upside down. It was enough to make my head spin (in the best possible way). What’s even better, the girls were super excited to learn. We all were riveted. At the end of the hour tour, The Bee declared it was the best birthday she had ever had. Even though we had an hour to drive to get back (in the dark on an extremely winding road), and didn’t actually get in until 1 am, not to mention Falafel was beside herself with exhaustion… I’d say it was completely and totally worth it.


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  1. Amazing! I bet that was wonderful. I once stayed up all night in the mountains of Ecuador looking at stars and it too was amazing. It’s pretty great to get out of our comfort zones every once in a while and see something different in the world!

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