Custom Leotards

If you follow me on Facebook or subscribe to my newsletter (see sidebar), you probably know that I now make and sell Custom Leotards! 

You may ask “Why Custom?”. Wouldn’t it be less effort if I just made general sizes and could keep the costs down? Yes, but then I would be no different than the big box stores, or large manufacturers, right? Well, I started this business because I saw a need. I was spending up to 50.00 per off-the-rack leotard for my own gymnast and none of them fit her right. She would complain that the shoulders were too tight, or armholes too snug, or tug on the bottom because it wasn’t long enough in the torso. If we went up a size, it hung off her like baggy elephant skin. When I discovered I could customize a leotard to her particular measurements, I heard an angelic chorus it fit like a glove. Or rather, like a leotard should fit. It suddenly didn’t move around as much when she moved, and this freed her up to be concerned with more important things she was doing, instead of fussing with her clothing.

I then started to notice the fit of other gymnasts’ leotards, and realized it was not just my girl that had this problem. You know how once you identify a problem, you cannot unsee it? And here’s the kicker: EVERYONE HAS A UNIQUE BODY!

Hence, Flip and Bend was born.

Custom leotards

I have just recently opened it up to anyone in the contiguous United States. SO, if you are interested in purchasing a cutsom leo, you can request to join my group. I wanted this to be more than a store, but an interactive community. I ask you two questions as part of my screening process. Please answer them so I know a little bit about your needs and if you would be a good fit. I encourage parents to share photos, and I share photos of my gymnast in order to show fit, so I made it a closed group to respect privacy.

custom leotards

With that said, if you are interested, I would love you to join!

Hope to see you there.

2 thoughts on “Custom Leotards

  1. Michelle, I wish you all the best in this new business endeavour. There definitely is a need for custom sized gymnastic leotards and once any customers start wearing what fits them properly, they will move better (no tugging here and there) and thus perform better no matter what level they are at. Kudos to you for seeing the need and may you get lots of orders. I won’t be singing up for your group but I look forward to any updates you write on your blog.

    1. Thanks so much, Judie! I love seeing young gymnasts flipping around in my leos! They look like…um they were made for them. LOL
      I appreciate your kind comments.

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