Another Guy Senior Portrait

With School starting up again, Senior portrait time is in full swing, and I am loving it. I had the privilege of doing Another Guy Senior Portrait. This time it was for someone my family has known for 9 years. Sheesh. Where does time go?!

Guy Senior Portait idea

I always ask the people I photograph to choose a place that means something to them. Even their own home. I want them to be able to look back at the photos and not only connect to their younger selves, but to the place itself, where the photos were taken.

Guy Senior Portrait idea

The other thing I do is I give minimal direction. These young people all come up with some fabulous poses, and positions, that are all part of who they are. If I asked them to stand a certain way or pose them, it wouldn’t be as natural. And honestly, they come up with things that are way better than anything I would! I just follow the light.

Guy Senior Portrait idea

This is the second “guy” photo session I have done, and I am finding that no matter the gender, these young adults really all shine in their own ways. So far, everyone has been up to the “challenge” of being in front of the camera lens. And for some of us (*ahem* that is why I am behind the lens) it is certainly a challenge.

Guy Senior Portrait ideas

Not so much for this young man.

Guy Senior Portrait ideas

Goodness these are super fun.

Guy Senior Portrait ideas

Have you taken Senior photos? What do you normally do?? What is your favorite part about it?

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