Skirting the Issue donations

I finally carved out some time to sew up a few skirts to donate for Skirting the Issue! As you have probably read in the news (if you read that sort of thing), WA state has been having a heat wave as well as much smoke from wildfires in Canada. WA state isn’t known for it’s hot weather, so keeping cool inside has been, uh challenging to say the least. Unfortunately, my sewing area is not cool, and I had to figure out the coolest time of day and the perfect angle of the fan to get this done.

Skirting the Issue donation skirts

On the up side, I usually have all sorts of fun novelty prints in my stash (they are my weakness- especially food fabrics). I find they are perfect for these fun skirts.

Skirting the Issue donation skirts

There was only a little bit of this muffin fabric in there, but it was enough to make this size 6 skirt. I used this handy dandy sizing chart that Simple Simon & Company offers FREE every year.

Skirting the Issue donation skirts

I found that nacho fabric at the Sew Expo this past year and was saving it for something special. I’d say this qualifies! These are 4 size 10 skirts all ready to go.

If you haven’t sewn up any yet, you have until the 15th of August to get them linked up (to qualify for one of the prizes). If you need some inspiration, I put together a little for you here.

Hope all of you are staying cool!!

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  1. This is so good of you, thank you for sharing your talents like this. I love the blueberry muffin skirt and know that some lucky little girl will be thrilled with that, and any of the others. Our weather is strange, we didn’t even hit 70 degrees yesterday in B’Ham. Jan

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