Airdrie Bag PDF pattern Hack

You may remember the first Airdrie Bag I made for myself (here). I still LOVE it. This is one very large bag, though, and when I take my camera and all my stuff, it fits everything nicely. But I needed something a little smaller for my everyday life, while having it be large enough to carry all the supplies I need on a regular basis. What’s a girl to do??

Make another, (slightly smaller one) by hacking the pattern, of course! Airdrie Bag Pattern hack

I had all of the fabric in my stash, as well as the zipper. Really, since I am an impulsive sewist, I have to have an ample fabric selection, or I would never sew (at least that is my story, and I’m sticking to it).

Airdrie Bag Pattern hack

I love love love this pattern so much. It is not a quick sew, by any means, but it has all the things I look for in a bag, and it is highly customizable, as you will see.

Airdrie Bag Pattern hack

The first change I made was I shaved 4 inches off the main pieces (2 inches off each piece that was on the fold for a total of 4 inches each). The top zipper panel then also had to be adjusted, as well as the side gusset.

Airdrie Bag Pattern hack

I left off the back zipper pocket (since I rarely use it) and left out the separating pocket to reduce bulk. Instead, I made a removable zip bag to carry my medical supplies in (antihistamine, epi pens, bandages, etc). I did include the elastic pockets inside the bag (not pictured-you’ll have to trust me on this one) and left the bottom flexible.

Airdrie Bag Pattern hack

Like my last bag, I made a permanent strap instead of an adjustable one. I like to have it at a certain length, always. One less thing to choose. Ha!

Airdrie Bag Pattern hack

As the pattern recommends, I interfaced the heck out of this one. Every piece has some kind of stabilizer which makes this one sturdy bag.

Airdrie Bag Pattern hack

I’ve already taken it out for a spin, and LOVE my new bag. Now I am ready to focus on holiday sewing!

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  1. Oh, I’m so jealous! It’s beautiful. I’m actually going to go purse shopping at my SIL’s tomorrow 🙂 I want something different and have too many other sewing projects going on to actually sew it myself!

  2. Oh Michelle, this is so awesome! I’ve been wanting to make a smaller one too, and may have to pick your brain before I do, lol! That fabric is sooo great!!!

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