Star Hair

While I was perusing Pinterest, as one often does (and by “one” I mean ME, and by “often” I mean every night), I found this fun hairstyle for the Fourth of July. I gave it a try, and it came out adorable. BUT a little while after I did it, my girl was complaining about it pulling and hurting the back of her head, so it didn’t last the whole parade. Luckily, though, I am an opportunist when it comes to blog work, and photographed her with it (before we went to the parade) for an upcoming tour I am on. Since the tour is next week, I can only show you her head.

Star Hair

Cute, right?! I actually can’t wait to share the whole outfit with you. That will have to wait for another post.

Have you tried any hair styles you found on Pinterest?

5 thoughts on “Star Hair

  1. That’s really cute and I feel I might actually be able to manage that even with my limited hair dressing skills. Shame my daughter will not consent to anything other than two plaits.

    1. It wasn’t too bad! My daughter usually likes two pigtails, and that is all. I can talk her into crazy hairstyles for the blog. LOL

  2. Very good, and so creative. Perfect for 4th July. I can envisage it with five of those tiny paper US flags (on toothpicks) stuck in the bands!
    Are you in Bremerton?

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