Making a recycled materials corset

Remeber the Trashion show I am going to be in? I made another outfit for it, only this time it is for the “trash” category. That means it needs to be made from things that normally would be thrown away and are not traditional fabrics. For this challenge, I got to make my first recycled materials corset.

recycled materials corset using juice pouches, weed barrier cloth, and zip ties!

Would you have guessed I made this corset using juice pouches, weed barrier cloth, and zip ties?? Well, I did!


I used Butterick pattern 5935 Corset view A *affliliate link*. It walked me right through the process (in conjunction with the Basics of Corset Making book). And you know what? It wasn’t that difficult!


I discovered a few things while making this very unique garment for my teen. First is, juice pouches (especially when cut open and sewed together) rip easily. Which brings me to my second discovery: I should have followed the pattern that directed me to sew bias tape all around the border to connect the lining and outer layers. I veered from the pattern and stitched the coset and lining right sides together, so I had to turn the straps (which were very narrow and stiff). I ended up ripping one small spot that I stitched to repair on the left shoulder. I am thankful it wasn’t worse.


I did use bias tape on the bottom, and really like the effect.


I am combining this with a skirt that I made out of packing foam. I am really excited about it!


I’d say this is one of my favorite upcycles so far.

What have YOU upcycled today?

10 thoughts on “Making a recycled materials corset

  1. Wow, you mentioned you were making a corset but you did not mention you were using trash to make it. I am amazed at your creativity and skills Michelle. I would just tight the corset in the proper way so it becomes easier to tight and untight. Do you know how that is?

  2. I have to start sewing with unusual things! I regularly do some upcycling or squeeze a garment out of scraps, but I always use fabric, you open up a whole new world to me!

    1. Oooh I am so glad! It is really fun, once you start!
      The only downside is not being able to wash it, but most of those surfaces would wipe down with a damp cloth, so it is all good!

  3. Wow this is so cool! I am seamstress too, and hoping to get into more upcyling and getting more sewing onto my blog! Fabulous job!!

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