Cosplay Challenge

Over at Project Run and Play, the next challenge is the Cosplay Challenge where you need to “create an outfit inspired by the cosplay craze” but not a costume.

Now this is right up my alley! If you have been reading for a while, you know how much I love creating these kinds of outfits like Doctor Who, and Star Wars, and even Black Widow (although that was a costume) and more Doctor Who and Merida (which is a costume too). Come to think of it, I love making costumes, just as much.

When I read what this theme was, I drew a blank!ย  My well was dry. I think, because I have done quite a few of these already, I was creativly tapped out. So I went to my child who I sewing for and asked her what she would like. Her answer actually surprised me!

Belle cosplay-inspired dress for the Cosplay Challenge

Cosplay Challenge

My Falafel requested, very specifically, Belle’s peasant outfit from Beauty and the Beast! When I saw what the contestants made, I actually was shocked to find that Sewing Mama RaeAnna sewed up a Belle-inspired outfit too! Hers is the fancier ballroom yellow gown, but really what are the odds we both would choose the same movie from 1991?!

Belle cosplay-inspired dress for the Cosplay Challenge

I used the same pattern as I used for the Jane Austen inspired Regency dress, and made the same alteration to the pattern by addingย  ribbon instead of elastic through the waist casing. This time, though I made it with long sleeves and a shorter length.

Belle cosplay-inspired dress for the Cosplay Challenge

I also added a panel of white to the skirt portion of the dress to mimic Belle’s apron, and box pleated the whole thing.

Belle from Beauty and the Beast cosplay-inspired dress for the Cosplay Challenge

I have to admit that I love how Belle is a character that loves books AND she falls in love with the Beast even though he is not a pretty package. She sees past all that. Strong, smart, girl of substance. AND she’s French. I can see why Falafel chose her.

Belle cosplay-inspired dress for the Cosplay Challenge

Remember the bag of sheets I was talking about?

Belle cosplay-inspired dress for the Cosplay Challenge

Well, I used more of them for this outfit! The sleeves are from that same white sheet, and the blue is a very worn flannel. Perfect for my comfort-loving girl.

Belle cosplay-inspired dress for the Cosplay Challenge

This is the first peasant dress I have ever made for her, and she loves it!

Belle cosplay-inspired dress for the Cosplay Challenge

I love repurposing those sheets!

Are YOU sewing along too?

27 thoughts on “Cosplay Challenge

    1. Thanks!
      I guess that is what my kids are into right now. But Marvel gets in there too.
      I sewed up a Doctor Who outfit for my youngest who never actually saw any Doctor Who,
      but I thought she would appreciate something she liked.

  1. This is wonderful! I love peasant dresses, they seem so comfy. I’m glad she choose Belle, she is pretty fun! I did sew along with Rey, Star Wars of course! My kids loved the movie, but we had already been showing them the other ones since John and I love Star Wars too. So I guess they come by it honestly! ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Thank you!
      When we saw the recent Start Wars, I commented to Jim about Rey’s outfit being very cool, and I am sure we would see so many cosplay outfits!
      Originally I was thinking of doing that one too… but Falafel hasn’t seen it yet!

  2. Love that you re-purposed old sheets for a beautiful (not to mention comfortable) dress. I always like to find new uses for old things. It’s good for the environment and prompts creative thinking ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. Belle is one of my fave princesses too. Your girl looks great with her sheets dress… ๐Ÿ˜‰ I tried to sew along, but I just couldn’t think of one thing only and time flew by me.

    1. This one was challenging for me, believe it or not! But my girl wanted Belle. It came out pretty cute.
      I was stunned that I won (even though it was random).

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