Project Run and Play Season 11: Nothing but Knit

The new season of Project Run and Play has begun!! The first challenge for the sew-a-long is called “Nothing but Knit“. I LOVE sewing with knits! There. I said it.

Funny thing is, that is the fabric I learned on. I started sewing up baby hats when my oldest (who is 16) was born. I was drawn to how very forgiving the fabric is, and how soft. Whenever someone tells me they are afraid of sewing with knits, I recommend just jumping in. Seriously. Play around with them and get to know your knits. Using the correct ball point needle in your machine and sewing with a zig zag stitch helps tremendously.


For my entry, I started with Sew Straight and Gather’s Uptown/Downtown dress pattern (like I made here and here), and made a few changes.


First, I raised up the neckline. I also widened then gathered the tops of the sleeves to make them poof just a little.


Speaking of the sleeves, I did a lettuce edge hem on the sleeves, as well as the bottom of the dress.


I also added a belt. I interfaced and sewed up a rectangular piece of mustard knit, and made a fun knot to tie it on. She can also wear it without!


The fabric is Charlie Harper (for Birch Fabrics Organic) Feathers Mineral and is lovely. The mustard color knit is something I had in my stash, and I have no idea where I got it!


          We had some fun with feathers.


          She got to hold her sister’s fiddle for these photos, and she couldn’t be happier. She took it very seriously, though.





           Now my girl has a fantastic grown-up (but not too grown-up) princess(y) type dress, fit for a 10 year old.

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          1. Beautiful dress! The feather fabric is gorgeous. I am inspired by your lettuce hem….I recently got a serger (happy dance!) and am slowly familiarizing myself with its functions (I assume you used a serger for that?). Lovely job. She looks very pleased with it!

            1. Thanks Jenn! I sadly do not own a serger! I did this with a tight zigzag stitch on my regular machine!
              She loves it and has worn it to school twice already!

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