More Rope Baskets

Sorry it has been a little quiet around here. Both the girls are sick. I have been taking care of them, slowly getting back to creating, all while cleaning up from Christmas, and making room for New Year’s celebrations.

I made up a few more rope baskets to give as gifts to friends we will see for the New Year.


I am completely addicted to making these!



I played around with different colored thread, this time, as well as making them different sizes.






I think my favrorite so far, are the ones with handles on top. They look like market baskets to me.

Now I just need more rope.

What have YOU been making?

6 thoughts on “More Rope Baskets

  1. Any tips on making these (needle size, zig zag size, etc.) now that you’ve made a few? I’d like to try it and I read the tutorials, but I still don’t feel really competent to give it a go. 🙂 Yours look awesome! Sorry to hear the girls are sick.

    1. I used a denim needle, and I played around with the different lengths and widths of zig zag stitches.
      Start with curling the end, and sewing across it. Then sew between the rows, just catching both sides. Turn and go slooooooooowly.
      Just hop right in! You can do it.
      Thank you:) My Bee feels better, but little Falafel still is under the weather.
      Tis the season!

    1. Thanks Magda! Always good to end with a test:)
      It is good that we don’t have school yet. Falafel is still not feeling good:(
      Happy New Year to you!

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