Last minute gift? Give some fruit!

Friends of ours just gave us a wrapped up pomegranate for Christmas, and I have to say that I LOVE it. What a brilliant, simple gift.

I think we need to get back to basics.

In that spirit, I came up with two different ways to give another fruit:



This first one, I actually saw while perusing Pinterest. There is a super simple tutorial here to make this fun orange wreath. All you need are some “cuties” or clementines, celophane wrap, and ribbon.


Who doesn’t love cute fruit?!

The next one is a bit more complicated since I made the rope bowl first. But really, you could make a similar presentation with an already made bowl too.


I saw this type of bowl or basket over at Maya Made and over at SouleMama, and decided to give it a whirl.


All it took was some old cotton clothesline and my sewing machine.


I think I’m hooked. These are so much fun to make, AND there are so many varieties you can play around with. I made this one with handles, but it isn’t mandatory.


I just used whatever thread was in my machine already, and when it ran out (these do take A LOT of thread) I grabbed whatever was closest. Next time, though, I could be more intentional with the colors I choose. Even dye the rope first, if I wanted.


There are also so many ways you can finish it. I opted for a spiral in front, but I have seen them with a loop, too. This is truly a customizable project.


That is it! Fill with fruit of your choice. I love that our local Costco carries these, so there are plenty to share.

What are some last minute gift ideas you will be using?

4 thoughts on “Last minute gift? Give some fruit!

  1. Brilliant. I once got given a coconut for a birthday present by a broke friend when we were students. We all had great fun throwing it out of a 3rd floor window to crack it. It was such a great present, even though (unbeknownst to my friend) I can’t eat coconut.

    1. LOL What a fun story. I was thinking that too (about possible food allergies). The person can always share with other friends, I suppose… or throw it out the window.

  2. Oh, those are both great! My kids love the little oranges… Abby has a collection of the stickers that come on them. I have a roll of rope like that, I might have to try a basket! 🙂

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