Bookworm Button Up, but Warmer

Remember the Bookworm Button Up I made for my youngest? Well, I sewed up another, only this time I made it in super soft, thick, flannel and lined it in fleece!


Talk about cozy!! She hasn’t wanted to take it off. It has gotten quite cold here, suddenly, and all we feel like wearing is fleece and flannel which is great because that is all I feel like sewing!


It was much like a puzzle figuring out how to line it with fleece, while keeping all the seams neat and enclosed. Not too difficult though, once I figured it out.


She has been wearing it with her thumb through the hole above the cuff. It’s like a built in fingerless glove.


This pattern is easy to follow and easy to customize!


I added a little lace to the back to fancy it up a bit.


I tried my best to pattern match, but this flannel made my eyes cross. Sometimes, I find I just need to not make myself crazy. In the end, she will love it anyway. I mean, what’s not to love about cozy fabric, right?


We’ve already lost power twice, this season, so our wood stove is getting a workout. Carrying in firewood is her favorite. Having a warm shirt to do it in…even better!

What have YOU made today?

10 thoughts on “Bookworm Button Up, but Warmer

  1. Oh, that is awesome!! I love the enclosed seams in the inside. Not sure how you worked it all out but it looks great. I made a flannel shirt for me recently and it’s so cozy! but I hadn’t thought about lining with fleece. 🙂

    1. I was thinking of a tutorial, but it would be so long! LOL
      You should totally do it! This is now her favorite shirt.
      Most of it, I treated the fleece and flannel as one piece. Then put the cuffs on over, and the yoke. The inside was trickier, but as long as you take right sides of the material and sew them together, it is all neat and clean.

  2. Great looking fleece shirt! It is getting cold here now, finally, so I have been sewing up quite a bit of fleece this week, too. Now to get some pictures of it all! Hope she is feeling better now.

    1. It really was!! Giant branches are still scattered all around us.
      She loves when we have an excuse to light the wood stove, though. How did you all fare through it?

      1. I had just turned on the sewing machine when the power went out. It came on again soon, though, and the sewing went well. The boys love using flashlights and candles, and wish the power would go out more often. But I’m grateful that it doesn’t!

  3. I had to go look at your bio when someone mentioned wind storm. We’ve been hit lots by wind in Washington and thought, ‘wonder what the chances are…’. So hey from Snohomish County! Glad you have a warm shirt, young one. Makes me wonder now if my daughter would wear one….

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