Astrid Costume

I showed you what costume I made for the Bee, so today I will share Falafel’s Costume.


The original.

Here is what I made:


She chose another strong Female character: Astrid from How to Train Your Dragon. My girl LOVES these movies and the TV show.


We based this costume on the first movie, except for the red shirt. I could not find that stripey knit fabric anywhere, so I defaulted to the red shirt in the second film. Only die-hard fans will notice, I presume. I am OK with that.

This one is mostly self- drafted. Although I did use a pattern for the shirt. I used the same pattern as I used for my post apocalyptic look, The Skipper top by Sew Much Ado patterns. I love that one. Super quick and easy. BTW: I made my girl wear a long-sleeved shirt under it because she is just getting over being sick, and it has gotten a little chilly here, and contrary to what imaginary animated vikings think, we need to wear warmer clothing when it is cold.


I used the softest faux chinchilla fur that I have ever felt in my life. I want to drape myself in it! Anyhow, I sewed simple tubes of fur to slip over her rain boots.


Everywhere you see a dot, there used to be a spike made from Modeling Magic. We painstakingly formed about 100 of these spikes, waited 72 hours for them to dry (as per the directions), and then painted them. Except, they didn’t dry completely in 72 hours (or 96, or 120 for that matter), but I went ahead and hot glued them on, anyway. Well, I know you know where this is going…they all fell off. One by one, she shed her spikes all over when she wore it to a costume party this past week. *sigh* My girl isn’t bothered by it though, surprisingly, because now she can actually sit down.


The skulls have mostly stayed on, and the ones that have popped off, I have re-glued on using a tacky glue instead.


I tasked my husband with making the shoulder armor out of foam. The individual armor plates are held at the ends with brads. I sewed elastic to hold the whole thing on. Our girl found that ring and stuck it on. It makes her happy.


The skirt was really easy to whip up. I took some heavy vinyl, and cut. I only sewed velcro on to keep it closed. Under it, I made a super quick felt skirt, cut a ragged bottom, and sewed elastic to the top. Really not bad at all.

Luckily, we had the battle axe (???!!). I really have no idea.

Costume number 2 is effectively and happily complete. Oh wait. She just informed me that she wants to make a shield.

Almost done.

I will be sure to share the shield when we make it.

*If you would like the PDF pattern for the shoulder armor, leave a comment and let me know! My husband saved his handiwork, and would love to share.

**edited to add: Click on this link for the PDF pattern**


How about YOU? Are you done making costumes yet??

19 thoughts on “Astrid Costume

  1. Wow, amazing work!

    I managed to sew most of my daughter’s costume during the World Series game last night. Though it’s not nearly this detailed!

  2. I crocheted a beard for my little dwarf during the junior high band concert last night. I’m sure the people on the bleachers behind us wondered why I kept holding yarn up to his face, but no one asked.

  3. Oh wow! I love this so much! My friend was just telling me that she was hoping to make her daughter an Astrid costume, I’ll share this with her. In the meantime, I think I might want to make myself one!

  4. I love it! 🙂 This is such an amazing costume. And that shoulder armor is awesome! I’d love to know how it was done. I have one costume done, and am about halfway through the second. They coordinated, so I’m waiting to blog them together.

  5. Love Falafels Astrid, even with glue dots instead of spikes.
    My daughter is reusing bits of old costume, but I did make a witches hat for her last night out of some leftover denim – I hacked the Oliver and S bucket hat pattern and it turned out great. Plus she has made herself a spider (with a little help) and her Dad was making her a broomstick this morning.
    Her brother is aiming for a last minute panic involving the whole family I think….

  6. looks great! I finished everything last night, whew! I love both your costumes, they are so detailed! My hubby just announced he’s going to be a tooth fairy… pliers and a pair of wings. I’m letting him take care of that~!

  7. This is incredible Michelle! Too bad about the spikes, but I didn’t even notice until you mentioned it. And I love that you (or your husband, hehe) used foam for the shoulders – so clever!

  8. This is awesome! Can’t wait till our daughter is a little older, so I can make her a costume like this. For now, I’m adapting the Astrid shoulder armour to make the articulated shoulders on a Tin Man costume for my husband. We’re all dressing up as characters from Wizard of Oz this year, with the 14-month-old as Dorothy! Would you mind emailing me the pattern PDF? bldetwiller (at) gmail (dot) com. Thanks!

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