Black Widow Costume

Both my girls want to be very strong woman characters for Halloween. I LOVE that so much, that when my almost 16 year old came to me with her request, I could not refuse, even though this particular costume is a tad mature.

Here is the original:


And here is the one I made:

Black Widow Costume/ cosplay

Black Widow Costume

This costume is no joke. From far away, it may just look like a simple form fitting one-piece jumpsuit. But in actuality, there are so many details! So let me break down what I did for you.

Black Widow Costume/ cosplay

I originally wanted to use scuba knit or something thicker, but then I saw this Matte Black Lycra Lame with 4 way stretch fabric from Cali Fabrics (who awesomely donated 2 out of the three yards). This stuff is amazing. I have never worked with it’s equal. The stretch is incredible, but it almost looks like leather. Great recovery, although slippery as all get-out. I used the Skinsuit pattern by Jalie patterns (which she generously supplied for this project). Holy crud balls people. I had never used any of Jalie’s patterns before this, and I really loved it. Easy to follow instructions. They are in French first, but the English is next to it. I like the use of space for the instructions and diagrams. Less to print but all the info is there. My girl’s measurements are all over the map, so I took a chance of going by her bust measurement and sewing up a woman’s 6. It fits her like a glove. Or like a superhero outfit.

Black Widow Costume/ cosplay. Ammo gloves made from cotton swabs and toilet paper tubes

Speaking of gloves….I used Melissa’s (from Rebel and Malice and a fellow Upcraft *affliliate link*teammate) free pattern for fingerless gloves found here. I printed her pattern, made it a little larger, omitted the lining, and took in the thumb hole just a bit.

Black Widow Costume/ Cosplay

The “ammunition” bracelet is actually a toilet paper roll cut in half, then slit vertically (to make a cuff), then I painted it black, and sewed on a tiny strip of elastic so it wouldn’t pop off of her arm.

I then hot glued q-tips on, painted them black, and added tiny sliver dots.

Black Widow Costume/ Cosplay

I just free-handed the eagle patch on her shoulders with some silver paint. It was the last thing I did to it. Honestly I didn’t even notice she had patches on her shoulders until I double checked the images I was searching. If I sewed a patch, it would have been too bulky, so painting was the perfect choice.

Black Widow Costume/ Cosplay

BTW I tried straightening her hair for the photos, but my girl has red hair with a mind of it’s own. It held for approx. 5 seconds before curling again.

The belt is just a simple tube of fabric that I top stitched and added velcro to. I painted the black widow belt buckle on in red and silver paint.

Black Widow Costume/ Cosplay

The leg harness contraption was funny to come up with. I emptied my stash of straps, that I hoard keep, into a pile and searched for ones that fit. They are from discarded bags and random things I cut off of objects. You never know when you may need a strap or two. Clearly.

I had my daughter try it on, while I measured each strap where it would go. I made her stand there while I sewed each one, so she could try it on as I went.

Black Widow Costume/ Cosplay

We skipped the weapons. I still think she looks badass without them.

I tried to get as much detailed (movie) geekery into this one. She loves it.

What costumes have YOU made?

55 thoughts on “Black Widow Costume

  1. Fantastic!
    I just sewed my first Jalie pattern, too. I thought the location of the instructions was a bit awkward, but they were easy enough to follow that I didn’t need to look too hard. I used cutting lines from about six different sizes, and the combination turned out perfectly!
    We tend to use pajama patterns for our costumes. My 12-year-old mostly sewed his pants on Saturday, but I get to do the more intricate top. The 9-year-old just announced his intention to be a steampunk dwarf. I hope he has some good ideas for recycling things we already have!

    1. I thought that too at first, and then saw that it really made sense. I just put out the two side by side, and worked like that.
      LOL A Steampunk Dwarf??!! That is very original~ I can’t wait to see what you find!

  2. That is “totally wicked” (I hope you’ve seen the Incredibles)… I love it! apparently Black Widow is big this year, one of the junior highers at our event Friday went as her as well!

    1. LOL That is one of my all time favorite movies! I just watched it last night (again). I love Edna Mode.
      I do expect a lot of them out there. We saw a lot of witches this year at my husband’s Halloween even this past weekend. Nice to know that the classics are out there too.

  3. You are awesome Michelle! This is by far one of the coolest homemade costumes I have seen to date. What a lucky red haired teen you have.

    1. Thank you so much Scary:) It is funny that she asked for this one, because she is so modest with clothing.
      She transforms into a Super Hero instantly when she puts it on, though.

  4. Mind! Blown! This costume is amazing… like totally up there in cosplay status, and she rocks it! I, too, love when these little feminists ask to be strong females. It just makes me so proud.

    1. Thank you Melissa! I really love when they choose the strong characters, too.
      I figured that she’s covered if she wants to go to Comiccon this year for sure!

  5. This is Perfect!! This is who I want to be for Halloween. I have the fabric but have still been mulling over how to pull it off. I might have to go with the Jalie jumpsuit. A. MA. ZING job!!

      1. I got 2 different black stretch vegan leathers from Girl Charlee. They each have a slightly different weight and sheen. I was thinking to do a jacket and pants. Maybe I could chop the stretch suit. Not sure yet. I really don’t have the body for Black Widow but I’m going to try to pull it off anyway. We’ll see. I have to finish a Rocket Raccoon and Starlord costume first. Oh and think of something for the baby. I work best under procrastination pressure. 🙂

  6. Wow! That is seriously impressive work! I will make my 4-year-old’s Wonder Woman costume. She changed her mind last week, so I had to order fabric which should arrive today. I have a couple late nights of Halloween sewing in my future! Luckily the boys’ costumes were taken care of.

    1. Thank you Katie! I always wanted to be Wonder Woman as a kid. That is Awesome! Good Luck! I know all about kids’ changing their minds. Glad she finally decided!

  7. Omg you are amazing! And your daughter is gorgeous! A perfect Natasha!
    Any chance you would be willing to tutor others, especially if they are local? My daughter has become obsessed with cosplaying and my sewing skills are super basic and rusty. Sewing with stretchy fabric scares me…

    1. Thank you so much Shana! Unfortunately this is my crazy busy time! I am happy to help with any questions you have about sewing with knits and also point you to any tips, if you would like. You can email me at
      My biggest two tips would be to use a ball point needle/knit needle (it makes all the difference), and to use a zigzag stitch (if you don’t have a serger). I also use clover clips to hold the pieces together if the knit is pleather (Like for this costume) that way I don’t pierce it with pins.
      I hope that helps! Cosplay is fun!!

  8. Wow!!! This is amazing!!!! Very creative.
    What kind of paint did you use? Wasn’t sure if regular fabric paint works for this type of material. I would love to personalize my son’s outfit.

    1. I just used regular acrylic paint! Since I won’t be washing it, I am not so worried if it doesn’t stay.
      Usually, if the fabric can be washed, I heat set the paint by throwing it into the dryer for a few minutes (after the paint dries).
      What will your son be?
      Thank you so much:)

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