YUMMY Gluten-Free Potstickers

I was perusing Pinterest as I am known to do, and I came across this gem of a recipe for Gluten Free Potstickers.

Now I have tried my fair few of Pinterest-found GF recipes, and not all of them were good. In fact, we have found that most are not.

But this one is AMAZING!

We are all hooked on these. So much so that The Bee has declared Wednesday to hereby be known as “Potsticker Wednesday”!


We only put ground pork as the filling and they are fantastic. I imagine that adding more would only make them better.


The photos aren’t even doing these justice. They are not greasy. Not mushy. JUST FULL OF YUM.

No one asked me to review these potstickers, I just had to share this recipe with you, because if you are GF, you know how hard it is to find good recipes! And this one is.

Do you have special meals on certain days?

4 thoughts on “YUMMY Gluten-Free Potstickers

  1. Oh, I am checking that out! we love potsickers and have been “splurging” on the gluten kind. But if I can make good ones GF that would be great. Thanks for sharing!!! We don’t have certain days when we eat something, but we do have certain really busy nights that are crock pot nights for me (Monday, Thursday).

    1. Having the tortilla press has helped a lot. I am surprised at how quick they go together once you have your method down.
      I hope you like them! Let me know if you do!
      I also hope your honey is feeling better.

  2. now I just have to work out what potstickers are, never come across them in the UK. They look a bit like chinese dumplings?

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