My first Senior Portrait

This past week, I had the privilege of photographing our dear friend for her Senior Photo. It was the first time I have ever taken those (and her first time posing for them) and I think we both did pretty well. Both she and her Mama said I could share some with you.













Some of these were just for fun. I ended up taking 200! Talk about fun.

Have you taken Senior Photos for anyone? Any tips?

10 thoughts on “My first Senior Portrait

  1. I think you did an amazing job. My oldest is a senior and I’m thinking of doing his. I’d take any tips you have.

    1. We chose the beach because we are surrounded by water (living on an island), and I think you cannot go wrong with such a beautiful setting.
      She also chose her cello because that is what she does. I think it was a great accessory.
      Lighting is the most challenging thing. I actually abandoned my tripod because I was moving around so much.
      Way easier to get on the ground and stand on top of things when carrying it.
      Thank you! Good Luck!

  2. Nice job! Taking senior pictures is hard. I did them for my nieces and nephew-in-law a few years back. It was fun to do, but you want to give them the best pictures possible so there is a bit of stress!

  3. I was just watching The Piano Guys’ “Mission Impossible,” and can imagine the adventures you had out there!

    My oldest is a senior, too, and I suppose we should be thinking about pictures. But I need a better camera, and he seriously needs a haircut . . .

    1. I love the piano guys!
      I was posing her on the rocks and having her lay her cello down. LOL It was probably a little risky, but we did it.
      The high school around here requires them to be submitted in September!
      Good luck with your senior photos!

  4. I think those are awesome. I love how she posed with her cello… I did some pictures with my violin when I graduated and they are so special. You definitely have a gift.

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