Lady in Red

My 43rd Birthday is coming up in a few days, and to celebrate, I made myself a sassy new dress.


I used the off-the-shoulder variation pattern from Sew Many Dresses by Tanya Whelan

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I was not asked to review this book, but I feel compelled to share my opinion anyway. I really loved how there are just a few base bodice patterns and she walks you through altering them to create completely different looks! This one was made with a princess seamed bodice, and then I altered the shoulders, according to the book’s directions. Brilliant!


It is written so clearly and the bodice change was really easy to do.


For fabric, I used a red flat bed sheet (one of my favorite fabrics to use) and lined it with the same fabric I used for this dress. The only thing I needed to buy was the invisible zip. YAY for being thrifty(while aging).


I was on the fence about adding boning to it, so in the end, I didn’t. But I cannot seem to solve the sinking boob problem that comes with wearing a strapless bra! I feel like it would require some heavy duty armor to keep my girls in place. Sheesh. For now, I am hiking the bra up, inappropriately in public, by reaching down the front of my dress.


Anyhow, I think this dress fits my birthday theme this year (the movie Chocolat),*affiliate link* perfectly. I have a theme every year and make my guests dress up. Oh yes I do. We plan on having only desserts to eat. I can’t wait!

How do you celebrate getting older?

12 thoughts on “Lady in Red

  1. Cute dress!

    My birthday falls during a week when the kids all have school concerts and a piano recital. So, lots of music!

    1. Thanks so much, Abby!
      Oh goodness I love it too. I feel like I never have the opportunity to dress up.
      So I make EVERYONE do it. LOL

  2. Great dress! I had to laugh at the sinking boob and inappropriate hiking up bra in public! Too funny!

    Have fun at your birthday! The book (and movie) Chocolat was one of my faves! What a fun theme!

  3. Love this!! And how totally awesome that you have a birthday themed party and make everyone dress to it. I bet they look forward to it every year. So fun!

    1. Thanks Sarah! Hahaha. Some guests actually have complained. LOL
      I do it anyway. I feel like we all need a chance to dress up very once in a while and step out of our characters.

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