Skirting the Issue

It is that time of year again. When liZ and Elizabeth over at Simple Simon and Co and of Project Run and Play host:


You can see my posts from previous Skirting the Issue events here and here.


I made 9 skirts to donate, this year. Varying sizes because I used just what I had in my stash to make them.


A new thing I added, this year is the size tags. I cut some twill tape, folded it half and inserted in the waistband. Then I painted on the number and a heart on each one.


I actually had a little more of that sock monkey fabric to make another skirt (like last year).


I love participating in this series. It makes me feel like I am a part of something bigger. Something worthwhile. Something that connects me to other sewists all around the world. Other women and girls.

Time to use our power for good!!

What have YOU made today?

3 thoughts on “Skirting the Issue

  1. That is a great project. I know I would love the sock monkey skirt so I bet some little girl will too! I worked with a couple of friends and made over 100 flannel pads for Days for Girls. One of our friends left for Africa this week and took them with her. It was a fun couple of days!

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