My very first swimsuit

I sewed up my very first swimsuit, The Coco Cay Color block Tankini by Peek-a-Boo Pattern shop.


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I am still getting to know The Contessa. I make myself sew all knits on her because she has some awesome knit stitches. BUT I am very much still learning it all. With that said, this suit did not come out perfect. And that is OK. I am showing you anyway. Why not share the learning process?


It is most definitely wearable, but there are places that I could have been more consistent. I also didn’t hem it. I want to master the double needle (which I have never used) before I tackle that. Good thing this swimwear will not fray, so no rush.


You can see here where I didn’t pull the elastic tight enough in the shoulders, and a little too tight around her shoulder blades.


Overall, though, it is very similar to sewing a unitard (which I have sewn here and here).


She does love it in all it’s sparkly purpleness.


I do love Amy’s patterns. They are so easy to follow and she has so very many to choose from. I will be sewing this one up again.


Have you ever sewn a swimsuit before?

8 thoughts on “My very first swimsuit

  1. I’ve sewn a few Coco Cay tankinis and they get easier for sure. I have used that same purple fabric for an Ariel top for my daughter’s Halloween costume, and I would say that I thought it was a lot harder to work with than regular swim knit from both Joann and other places. You definitely did better with the purple than I did. I would definitely say that this patter can be addictive too! Lots of options and I love being able to get a custom fit for good coverage on my girls!

    1. YES! Thank you. I am glad to hear that! I am taking a long time to get used to sewing with my fancy new machine.
      It puts a whole new level on sewing with swimwear!
      I will absolutely try again. I find that I am having difficulty finding the sweet pulling spot with that swim elastic. I will get it, though.

  2. The sparkly purple would make my youngest daughter so happy! Although I have some I bought that is not sparkly but a fun pink pattern she picked out. Yes I have and do make their swimsuits (for the most part). I actually have two swimsuits and two swim trunks on my to-do list. Which I listed last night and is getting big. Although I sat down and sewed yesterday for a while and got a LOT done! So excited. I made up the bicycle shirt (finally) and JOhn tooks pics last night so I’m hoping to post something later today.

    1. YES that sparkly purple was specifically requested. Then when she actually saw the material, she gasped and touched it gently saying “I love it” in an almost whisper. Yup. It was magic.
      Goodness you are sewing a lot lately! Any tips for sewing swimsuit elastic??

      1. tips… hmm… practice. I use regular 1/4″ elastic rather than the plastic kind because I think it’s easier to stretch evenly. I just pull a little more on places like the buns where you want it to be snugger and almost not at all on places that don’t really need it. Kind of trial and error for the first few times. Sort of like sewing the neck band on a t-shirt 🙂

  3. It looks good, don’t be too hard on yourself. I am sure your next one will be perfect. It took me many years to use the twin needle for the first time, I was afraid of it – lol – but once I decided to do it, I felt really stupid that I hadn’t done it before, and used it for everything (knit) after that.
    I made 3 swuimsuits for G. already and one bikini for myself. I have never useed Amy’s patterns though.

    1. I am so afraid of it! LOL I feel a little silly, but the first time I tried, after going too fast, the needle flew off toward my eye!
      It made me scared ever since.
      I will try it though.

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