Spring Break and two more dolls

The girls are on Spring Break this week, so I have decided to gut their rooms. steam clean the rugs, and paint the walls! Jim has been tending to things like the first Spring mow and outdoor tidying! Not exactly relaxing, but really productive.

Anyhow, I have two more dolls to share with you today.


I have to say that blondes are tricky because of the eyebrows. I think I have it down now, but I have to do layers of colors. Darker on the bottom and then lighter on top.


Sorry for the blurry photo on this one. I must have been rushing. I don’t know why. Heh.

I have to say that Falafel is loving these new dolls. She is building playground equipment for them to play on. Tricky since she is sticking skewers together with tape, but I love that it is inspiring her to be creative.

What are your plans this week?

8 thoughts on “Spring Break and two more dolls

  1. You’re getting really good at these! I admire your patience keeping at it even when your first results weren’t what you’d expected. I’m putting off all of my spring cleaning until the term wraps up at the end of the month. (The sewing area is on the list to get sorted!)

    1. Thanks Ann! I think most of the time it is the process that I enjoy learning about.
      It was hard for the kids because they were looking to make masterpieces right away, and that is definitely not how this works!
      I love when everything is sorted and pretty:) We are well on our way!
      Good luck to you too:)

  2. Those are adorable… I wish I could try with ours, but alas painting is not my thing. Although we just gave Becka her own art “corner” with a little desk and chair. Maybe I should let her try! Next week is spring break and we have my niece coming over every day. So we are going to try a few artsy things. The air drying home made clay (then painting it another day) and tie dye shirts. I cleaned during mid-winter break so this time I decided we’d have fun! 🙂

    1. Have you watched Sonia’s video on removing the paint yet? I highly recommend it.
      It is definitely an adult job. Acetone is nasty stuff.
      It actually ate through the vinyl gloves I was wearing!
      Clay sounds good! I hope to squeeze that in this week also.
      We’ll see!
      Have fun!!

      1. Yikes! Perhaps I will just stick to enjoying yours 🙂
        can’t wait for next week! Thanks!! Actually we’re starting this Thursday by having a play day with my mom. Should be fun!

  3. It is amazing how different they look after. So much more kid approppriate! And how great is it that you’re inspiring her too?!

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