Not as easy as I thought

Have you heard of Tree Change Dolls?

Here is a video in case you haven’t:

OK…now that you have, I saw this video in my Facebook feed (as I am sure a lot of you have), and I got very excited and inspired by what Sonia has started. I love that she is not only upcycling these dolls, but she is turning them into dolls that I wouldn’t mind my own daughters playing with.

I had to give it a try for myself!


I got a bag of Barbie-type dolls from my good ol’ BNP. Cleaned them up and brushed out their hair.

I will share one with you today.


I stripped off all of the original paint, and then repainted her face!

I have to say that I thought this would be much easier than it actually was. I was an art major in college, I lived and breathed art for most of my life, and actually painted for a living for a few years. THIS WAS HARD. I learned that there is a fine line between cute and creepy. Seriously. Each feature really can go from adorable to YIKES in one small tilt of your brush.


I think for my first finished doll, it isn’t bad. I did go through a few before her, and actually ended up stripping their paint again. I am sure with practice it will get easier. Both my girls tried their hand at painting one, and they also wanted me to strip theirs down again.

I have a great respect for Sonia’s ability and her vision. She is really incredible (and seems like a very kind human being) and is handling her new found fame with such grace!

She has a few DIY video tutorials on her YouTube channel that I highly recommend if you want to try this too!

What have YOU made today?

4 thoughts on “Not as easy as I thought

  1. I was so impressed whit Sonia’s idea and dolls when I first knew about her a couple of weeks ago. You did a great job too. i too studied arts and really don’t feel like trying one myself, I’m sure I’d ruin it…lol

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