Sewing Table

We built MORE furniture. This time, it is something that I have wanted for a while.

You see, I sew in a corner of the living room (which is now minus one chair), and since we moved that chair, I have room now for my very own sewing table. No more cutting fabric on the floor, or taking it to the kitchen counter!


This was difficult to photograph, but I can tell you a bit about it’s features.


We added a shelf onto one side, so that I can put containers of notions on it. I have all sorts of things I like to have at my fingertips. Clover Wonder Clips, pins, chalk, scissors, measuring tape, thread, etc. This is 72 inches of space to do that!


I also got two yards sticks from Ace Hardware, sanded the brand logos off, stained them, and attached one to each side of the table. I LOVE how they look!


We used another plan on the Ana White site, called the Narrow Farmhouse Table for the base. We did shorten it 20 inches and added our little details. It is a good solid plan that is easy to follow and to do. It matches the desk we made (which is also in the living room).


This is a strange photo, but I was trying to get the whole thing in the frame. It is 76 inches across!

Wood: Pine

Stain: Saman Sesame

Clear varnish: Saman

6 thoughts on “Sewing Table

  1. How great is this?! I cut out everything on my dining table and it would be a dream come true to have a cutting table – with a space for notions!! – that didn’t require hunching over to slice things. Beautiful work as always.

    (That ruler detail is fabulous too.)

  2. Oh, that is so great! AH! I got myself a cutting table too, I have put a wood sheet on top of two high chairs… LOL… it works though!

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