Making ends meet

Heh. I am the worst at coming up with titles. They usually have to make me giggle in some way.

Anyhow, this post is about the fact that I moved a chair.

Just a chair. It set off a chain of events. Just like that.

Let me start at the beginning. There is a large sofa-type chair in our dining room where the girls love to sit and read while I am cooking. And there was only one in the dining room. I am sure you can see where this is going.

Yes. They fought over that chair every day.

Finally (uh like 2 years later) I realized that we indeed have another identical chair in the living room that goes unnoticed because of it’s location. You see, everyone wants to be where the action is, and that is usually near the kitchen. Cause that is where I seem to live. And me = place to be

So I moved the living room chair sister into the dining room. AND THEN I realized that we needed a place to put a lamp on, next to each chair.

So Jim and I built end tables.


We just went to our favorite site for free building plans Ana White (no relation, but I so wish we were. ha!) and used the Truss End Tables plans.


I love how the wood we used looked like it had zebra stripes after it was stained.

We have built several things from her site so far (like this, and this, and this). That last link will take you to the very first project I made ALL BY MYSELF! I have discovered that I love building with my husband, much more, though.


I have to say that this was not as easy as I thought it would be. These plans are not as specific as we would have liked (or are used to), and there were beveled and mitered cuts. That was enough to cross our eyes for a while.

I absolutely LOVE the way they came out, however. We have gotten very good about choosing very straight wood. That is one of the most important things you can do.

Because this is our third project together, we really worked out who was adept at doing each job. My forte seems to be the cutting and using my cordless drill to screw, while Jim is a champ at pocket hole screws and holding the wood nice and steady.

We both have very strong views on the proper way to use a hammer, though. Good thing we have two.

Total time spent on actual construction: approx. 3 hours

Wood: mostly pine

Stain: Special Walnut 224  stain

Clear coat: Polycryllic


What have YOU made today?

12 thoughts on “Making ends meet

  1. Wow! I cannot even *imagine* just knocking together a couple of end tables in an afternoon. I’m so impressed! (And your other woodworking projects are similarly amazing and gorgeous.)

    1. It is so like sewing! Once you begin, you can’t stop!
      Thank you:)
      It is becoming a habit. LOL
      I suppose sooner or later we will run out of things to make.

  2. Oh, those are beautiful. The zebra stripes really make the tables! I made a fun pj set for a little friend’s birthday party. The tale of woe that it entailed is crazy (let’s just say the present started as a nightgown!).

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