Meet Archer the Fox

Since I made Sprinkles, I had been thinking of making another, only this time something for my 15 year old.

When The Bee was about 3, she LOVED the Disney version of Robin Hood. So much, in fact, she wanted to learn how to shoot a bow and arrow. Well, needless to say I had no idea where to take my 3 year old for archery lessons, nor did I think that handing a preschooler a weapon was a good idea, so the passion remained idle for a while.

Flash forward a good decade, and Archery had gained popularity along with accessibility for youth around the country. My little girl (who was not so little any more) still had that same passion (still inspired by that same movie) for this sport, and finally could do it.

She is now on the Junior Olympic Archer Division team, and LOVES it.

All that to say, meet my creation

“Archer the Fox”


I have to say that he is my favorite creation so far!


Here he is without his accessories. In the buff, if you will. Both of his arms have pipe cleaners in them, so he can be posed in any position. Very handy when you have to handle a bow and arrow, you know.


These are all the extras I made to outfit our archer. They were so much fun to make!


The quiver (or the thing that holds the arrows) is an empty plastic bead container that I covered with felt. The arrows are wooden skewers cut in half, with paper fletching (or fake feathers) stuck between the split wood ends.


The bow is made from a cut piece of wire hanger, covered in felt, bent into a recurve bow shape, and strung with a piece of shirring elastic. I also added a velcro band so that it would stick to his paws.


His little “Robin Hood” hat is self drafted. I just made slanted triangle shapes out of green linen and brown felt, sewed them wrong sides together, then folded the brim up and glued a feather in. I also made a pair of pants with a button hole opening for his tail, and a poncho (both self drafted, as well).


For the stuffed animal, I completely winged it. I know that is crazy, and I only had enough fabric to make this one, but I had this idea and I wanted to see if it worked. I sketched out the different face panels I wanted and then cut them out of the fabric. I sewed them in order, along with inserting a stuffed fleece nose. I cut slits in the head to insert the ears into. I stitched beads on for eyes. AMAZINGLY they all went together and I had a head. Just. Like. That.


Figuring out how to attach the head to the body was tricky, however. I knew I wanted to construct it like a bag lining (if that makes sense), so I put it inside the body upside down, right sides together, and sewed around the perimeter of the two openings, securing them to one another. The tail was inserted like I did the ears. The whole thing was made like figuring out a puzzle.


I added wrist bands of velcro for holding the bow and arrow. We all decided that he looks more rugged shooting without a shirt. He can wear the poncho in the rain.


Then we went outside for a little fun.





I am thrilled with how he turned out, AND that I only used what we had in the house to make him! archer4m

It was fun to stretch my creativity and imagination (and problem-solving skills) to make this guy for my girl. I am so happy I did. She LOVES him, too.

44 thoughts on “Meet Archer the Fox

  1. This is absolutely adorable! Love it lots and lots! You should enter him in one of the softie contests going on over at Sew Mama Sew!

  2. I have never thought of making my own stuffed toys, but that is absolutely adorable! As soon as I saw the link on Show Off Saturday, I thought of the Disney version of Robin Hood. What a great gift!

      1. I have not tackled stuffies yet. Right now my to do list is looming over me and threatening to topple me LOL! Eventually, I will get to it, I know. 🙂

  3. I love, love, love Archer the Fox and all his sweet accessories!! I want to see more of your creations and have signed up to follow you!!

  4. wow Michelle. No wonder that he is your fave. It looks amazing, and I was smiling as I was reading and seeing all the details you’ve added.
    I too practised archery (as a job) and I was so much into it. I miss it actually.
    Reading through your post, I was just thinking how much I missed trying to do something unique, stretching my own knowledge. How many times i’ve been postponing doing the things I really want to do because i commit to do others instead, and there it’s others designs, others’ instructions studied and tested already to follow… anyway… sorry, too long already.

    1. I had no idea that you were an archer?! You should totally follow whatever you want to do!
      That is my motto. I like to make time for things I want to try. If I don’t do it now, then when?
      You go girl!

  5. WOW. I love the fox, he looks amazing. You have made a wonderful work of art. The fox is so cute – but very rugged of-course to be “Foxin Hood”. Your daughter must be so proud of you and it will be her favourite too. You are so skilled at drafting and stitchery, I congratulate you. Good luck to your daughter with her archery.

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