Boys Can Wear Pink

I am participating in Kelly’s from Handmade Boy new series:

boys wear pink button


The other day while waiting for Falafel’s glasses to be fixed, Jim and I overheard this woman talking with her daughter about her baby brother. The little girl was trying on all sorts of glasses, and wanted her brother to try them on too. And when she picked up a pink pair, her Mother said “Oh I don’t think he would like those! They are pink!“.

I actually was surprised. Seriously. After all, pink is just a color. I always dressed my two girls (even as babies) in blue and never thought twice about it. Why shouldn’t boys be given the same color choices?

Even though I don’t have a boy, I do have a husband, and we both feel that men CAN ALSO wear pink!


I self drafted him a vest based on another that he wears all the time. I also used the instructions for construction from the School boy Vest pattern by Sew Much Ado (because it rocks!). The inside is as pretty as the outside.


You may notice there are buttons but no button holes. My machine is STILL in the shop (for another post) and I would need a degree in antique machine button holing to do it on the loaner.


Anyhow, Jim actually picked both of these fabrics out. The outer is plum linen, and the inner is this satiny patterned pink.


For this photo session, we combined it with a hike that we wanted to do (on the recommendation of a friend). We drove out to this trail in the middle of nowhere. We drove on logging roads, gravel roads, roads with no signage, and drove down a path that looked like it was intended only for foot traffic. There were NO PEOPLE. Anywhere. For miles. Remember that movie “The Edge“? It looked like that. So much that I expected a large hungry bear to appear any second, or maybe a cougar to snatch up our little Falafel.

Which was quite possible.


It was incredibly beautiful, though. And there was no one there to question us why he was on a hike in 40 degree weather in a purple and pink vest with no coat.


There is nothing more manly than a Father being a good Dad…wearing any color.


Does your husband (or boys) wear pink?


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10 thoughts on “Boys Can Wear Pink

  1. My four year old son regularly shuns his clothes for his older sister’s old dresses, shirts, tights, shoes, and skirts – no matter what the color is! His favorite colors are pink and purple and he proudly wears whatever he chooses that morning. I love that he has his own style preferences and attends a preschool where no one even blinks an eye at what he shows up in.

  2. I used to sell menswear, and loved men who weren’t afraid of pink or purple. So many are dead set on white or blue shirts – where’s the fun in that?!

  3. I think the boys have some things will perhaps a stripe or check with other colors. That’s probably my favorite way too… little pops here and there. I love how the vest turned out. It looks great on your hubby! 🙂

  4. My favorite way my son wears pink is when he puts on his sister’s princess hat from Disneyland. It makes me smile every time.

  5. First of all, I love that vest, with or without the pink. hehehe My hubby doesn’t wear pink, but he doesn’t wear anything else that isn’t black, brown or any very dark color. My baby boy has been wearing a few of his sister’s pajamas, and some of them have a little pink. But pink isn’t something that we get a lot in our house because I never liked pink, never! If it is a fuccia pink it is ok with me (like the one on Jim’s vest) but that light palid kind of pinks… arghhh… On the other hand, the little miss just got into a pink fase!Oh my!

    1. Thanks, Magda:)
      I remember that about you! Fushcia is a nice pink though!
      Is there as much a stigma in Portugal as in the US for boys who choose to wear pink?

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