More animal gifts

I took the animal gifts (that I posted about yesterday) one step further.


I painted them white!


It gives the illusion they are made of something other than plastic. AND It made the creepier ones look a little, well.. less creepy.


Add a little ribbon for color, and they become very festive.


I think they will make nice present toppers. Even the spider.


What have YOU made today??

2 thoughts on “More animal gifts

  1. Oh, I love them in white… shiny silver would be cool too and black. Sam would love a spider necklace and I think I have a spider (the kids planted it in the kitchen for me and then we’ve left it there!) Thanks for the idea!
    I finished my black corduroy pants yesterday… I need to take some pics and blog about them. I ended up going for more of a skinny look, but not that skinny, because it’s not stretch fabric. Now I need to work on jammies for everyone (tops are done, but not bottoms, and nothing for john or I yet!) is Christmas really only a week away?!?!? AHH!!!

    1. Yes! I did some in gold and silver last year (I think). Yay!
      I am freaking out. I feel like I haven’t done anything for Christmas.
      Making teacher gifts right now.

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