Holiday Lady Skater

**Sorry about the late posting. I had this one already to schedule, and when I went to press the button, the power went out. Crazy wild wind and rain storm last night. Today all is calm**


This year, The Bee asked if I would make her a holiday dress. Only she didn’t want it to be formal or kitschy (heh, I just realized I wrote that) like this one. She specifically asked for a dress like the one I made for the Challenge Create competition.

So I whipped out the Lady Skater Dress pattern by Kitschy Coo and traced her size.


I just happened to have a few yards of this black jersey in my stash, and then I had a few pieces of the grey sparkle knit from Falafel’s Uptown/downtown dress.


Then she had the brilliant idea of pairing it with this overlay we found thrifting last year.


I love the science-fictiony feel of it.



This is such a fun holiday outfit. It is dressed up without being too formal. And she can wear them separately if she wants.


I can’t believe that tomorrow this girl will be 15. Time is flying for sure.

12 thoughts on “Holiday Lady Skater

  1. I love the skater dress. I have it for girls… this women’s one also needs to go on my Christmas wish list! 🙂 It looks really great on the bee. Have you made it for yourself? Does it fit well?

    1. I LOVE this dress. I made three for me!! I haven’t posted about two, but I wear them ALL the time. Awesome with flared yoga pants and a fleece on top!

      1. fun idea… I actually own no yoga pants 🙂 but with stretch pants or flared jeans I think I could rock it! I’ve made tons for the girls… I’ve also laid the skirt piece with the top piece and cut out flared tops. They are fun too.

  2. Wow. I love this. It is such a great tween look but still so classy look. She is so stunning, she wears red curly hair so well.
    With Love,

    1. This is such a great pattern. It might fit a larger tween, but the smallest size fits her and she is 5’5″. It is my go-to pattern for sure!!

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