Too many balls to hide

I have three projects that I am unable to speak of right now, but nonetheless have kept me super busy sewing.

BUT I CAN’T TELL YOU. I am the worst secret keeper ever.

Gah. But I do so love taking on these projects.

So I am going to share just a little peek at one of the ones I am working on cause I just. can’t. take it.


OK that is all.

What are you up to this week?

2 thoughts on “Too many balls to hide

  1. looks like fun! 🙂 I finished the last three pairs of pj shorts yesterday and am now looking forward to my birthday next week (which should include fabric shopping!!!). There’s a new fabric re-store in Bellingham that my mom’s taking me to. So way excited cause I haven’t been there yet. And planning sewing for me to happen when they kids are all at day camp in a couple of weeks. (with new fabric of course!!!) I’m pretty excited can you tell. My hubby was taking birthday requests and at one point said, “is there anything on your list that doesn’t relate to sewing?”… um, no. 🙂

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