Crafting Con Contestant: Princess Leia and R2

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For everyone else, I am competing today in a competition called Crafting Con: Star Wars edition! BTW: there is an awesome giveaway also happening over there, so check it out!


The contestants needed to come up with outfits inspired by the movie characters, but still have their creations look like something our children could wear out to the grocery store (which was difficult for me because my kids would actually wear costumes to the grocery store– ha!). Anyhow, like I told Amy and Tasha over there, I chose to make an outfit for my Falafel inspired by Princess Leia…because PRINCESS LEIA.


I started with the Short Sleeve Raglan Tee from the Sewing for Boys book and made a few obvious changes. The first one is that I lengthened the sleeves and gave them silver cuffs. She is a Princess, after all. She should have a little shine.


I also made it dress-length and added a silver kangaroo pocket (out of dancewear knit) that is similar to the shape of her actual belt buckle. Princesses need to carry things, too, occasionally.


It needed a hood, so I added a self-drafted one of those too. This was the first time I have ever sewn raglan sleeves before, and this pattern made it easy! They even have French Seams.


Next I made a pair of stretch leggings using Go-To leggings. I wanted to mimic the bagginess of Princess Leia’s dress by ruching the legs. I love this pattern. Very versatile.


And now, those shoes!


I bought a cheap slip-on pair of sneakers and painted a picture of “Daddy” Vader onto one of her shoes.


And “Daddy’s little princess” on the other (in the shape of a hair bun).


Well, I think it’s funny.


She needed an R2-D2 bag (of course), so she could send a message to Obi-Wan. He’s our only hope, you know.


This is a self-drafted bag, and a free-hand painted design on the reverse side of some corduroy I had in my stash. I did a lot of “winging it” with this whole outfit. Or maybe it was the Force?


Here is a top-view of the zipper.


It is fully lined with a silver stretch denim-like material.


The rings on the sides are actually parts of a belt closure that were the perfect shape.


R2D2 is painted on both sides. I think this may be my favorite component of the outfit, out of everything.


My girl was serious for most of these photos, because she was in character. That space princess means business.


If you haven’t gone over, yet, check out my entry!


I hope you enjoyed this as much as we did…and May the Force be with YOU!


29 thoughts on “Crafting Con Contestant: Princess Leia and R2

  1. Oh, my goodness! The kids and I are loving this 🙂 If I get a request for darth vadar shoes, i’m calling you!! 🙂

      1. Ha Ha! I have no actual artistic talent beyond look alike stick figures! 🙂 Today the kids and I (plus a cousin) made stufftie monsters (from it’s always autumn site) and they were a hoot!!

        1. btw. as I look closer did that stretch denim come from Walmart? I bought some like that there… if it is the same do not use for women’s capri’s… I’m just saying!

    1. Yes! Although my method of doing it was trial and error. If the band was too long, I just cut it.
      I would have to measure. What a novel idea! LOL

  2. Oh, that is so awesome! Each piece is fantastic, and love your little princess’ poses for the photo shoot, too. 🙂

  3. I’ve said it before, but I just HAVE to say it again…. You. Are. So. Clever!!!! Your kids are so lucky to have such a creative and playful Mum – this is just brilliant Michelle! 😀

  4. OMG! My daughter freaked when she saw this. She is a HUGE Star Wars fan. We found your site on Pinterest looking for R2D2 costume ideas actually. I am going to have to step up my sewing skills bc she keeps begging me to make this. I make to commission a friend to make this for me. Thanks so much for the ideas! May the force be with you! 😉

    1. Oh Yay!! So glad you found me.
      This one was fun for sure. The nice thing is that she will be able to wear it every day!
      May the force be with you too!!

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