Skirting the Issue with Simple Simon and Co.

The wonderful ladies at Simple Simon and Co (liZ and Elizabeth) have invited me to be a part of this year’s Skirting the Issue!


Here’s a little background:

Simple Simon and Co run this month long series where they invite all of us (you too!) to sew skirts to donate to girls in your local (or you can mail them to theirs) foster care. The skirts will be made just in time for the girls to wear back to school. But that isn’t all. The awesome liZ and Elizabeth have a link party for you to show off the skirts you are donating, and when you do this, you are automatically entered to win one of a pile of prizes including a new Babylock Elizabeth Sewing Machine and gift cards to different online fabric stores. *swoon*

As part of this fantastic series, I have the honor of sharing one of my tutorials. Hopefully you can use it to add to a skirt you are making!


Since there are so many fabulous tutorials for skirts out there already, I decided on making one for a pocket (and who couldn’t use more pockets, right?)!


Let’s get started!

You are going to need two squares of fabric for the skirt. Oh- and those magnificent ladies posted a handy dandy sizing chart, if you need it.



OK, now you need to make this shape on paper so that you can cut out your pocket.


This is the pocket pattern folded in half. The long part should reach the top of the squares for your skirt, and the wide bottom should match up with the bottom of the squares. The side on the right, should line up with the side of your square.


Make sure you line the pattern up on the fold. Now you can cut 2 out from your fabric. Place them rights sides together, and sew along the curvy parts. Turn it with right sides facing out.


Topstitch along those curves. Now lay it on top of one of your skirt squares (with both right sides facing up). You can baste the top and bottom of the pocket to the skirt at this point.


Now make a sandwich by placing the other skirt square on top of those two, right side down. Sew down the sides of the skirt panels.


Fold down the top part of the skirt twice to make a casing.


Topstitch around the casing, leaving an opening (to insert the elastic into).


Insert your elastic, sew the ends together, then sew opening closed.


It should look like this.


Turn the bottom up twice, and topstitch in place.


You are done!


Give to a little girl who loves to collect things.


Or be dramatic (??!!)


Or just collect things.


You can really add this pocket to any kind of skirt you are making!


If you would like to participate, check out more info here, and more ideas over at Project Run and Play!

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