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Firstly, I must say that I have two extraordinary children, but I am choosing to write about one. She is my youngest. The one that is quiet and few in her requests. She often feels overshadowed by her older sister’s dynamic presence. Our 8 year old girl.

My Falafel.


This girl of ours is really something. Many of you know that she has endocrine issues that hinder her growth. Even though she is small in size, it has never held her back. This child has plenty of personality to make up for it. Her boundless energy and need for adventure has helped her to try and ultimately fall in love with things like gymnastics, Irish step dancing, and rock climbing. She is fearless when it comes to touching bugs and critters. Her heart welcomes them all into it, warmly. Because of her curiosity and hands-on approach with any creature great and small, her teacher allowed her to catch and take care of classroom crickets.


Pet rats were her Birthday present this past year. And it couldn’t have made her happier.


We have the most interesting conversations. I love hearing her special perspective on the world.


The most cherished moments are those seemingly mundane ones. The every day ones that we could miss if we didn’t know better.


Falafel came to me with a book that we have been reading at night together, before bed. Normally, I read and she draws. It is a great way to wind down our days. This particular night, we found that it was just us in the house, and it was past her bedtime. I could just skip reading and rush her off to bed to attend to a million things I needed to do. But if I did, I might be missing an opportune moment to show her that I do want to spend time with her. That she matters. School was out for the Summer. No plans. How could we make this more special? I had one of those lightbulb moments. What if we read it OUTSIDE in the hammock together??


And that is exactly what we did. It was so quiet with the exception of some nighttime birds settling in too. It was just the two of us, reading, under a blanket in a hammock outside. It felt like one of those moments that I didn’t ever want to forget.

Our kids are only this age once. I am enjoying every phase and every aspect of their very different personalities.

How do you celebrate your extraordinary kid? What makes them special?

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  1. what a memorable moment. I’ve told you before and I will again, I love to read about your family, you are inspiring and the love shows!

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