The world in bloom

This time of year is so colorful.


It makes me feel so awake. Well, that plus the additional day light hours.


We do try to appreciate every season for what it offers, and live in the moment. This time of year, though, we don’t have to work hard to find things we love.


We are breathing deeply and savoring this time. florallilym

How about in your neck of the woods? What is the weather like? Are the flowers out in all their glory?

5 thoughts on “The world in bloom

  1. It is about the same here… I have three big hydrangea bushes in front of my front door and they are about to flower…. I’m so excited! 🙂

  2. So beautiful and colourful! Winter took a long time to reach us here in sunny Queensland, it was unseasonably warm, even for our winter! But it’s here now, we’ve had ice on the windscreen several times and everyone is complaining loudly about the cold! We are such wusses here 😉

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