Simple Skirt Serenity

The Bee’s friend is celebrating her 14th birthday, and we wanted to give her something homemade.


So I made her a very simple, modest elastic skirt. I let The Bee choose the fabric, and I set to it.


I did French Seams, and ironed it down on every step.


There is something so satisfying about making a garment that looks as good on the inside as it does on the outside. It was the perfect activity for this tired Mama. Serenity now!


It is empowering to a do a simple project and do it well. Plus, we get to give it to a special friend.

What simple projects do you take on to recalibrate your sewing self?

5 thoughts on “Simple Skirt Serenity

  1. similarly I was making pj pants and shorts last night to bolster our going to bed wardrobe. I have made those for so many parties and our own kids that I could make them in my sleep. (I probably have!) 🙂
    the skirt looks lovely. We love those too. Abby sold those to raise money to buy her sewing machine a few years ago.

  2. wow! the inside is gorgeous!! i have yet to tackle French seams ;o) What a great gift, I love homemade! Thanks so much for stopping by my secret squirrel post ;o)

    1. Thanks so much Emily! French seams are easy peasy and they make you feel all professional.
      I love that.
      You did a fabulous job with your acorns:)

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