Oakshott Tote Challenge

I was chosen to participate in the Oakshott Tote challenge by Kristin of Sew Mama Sew.

She sent me a pack of Oakshott Lipari to work with. *swoon*

This fabric is beyond dreamy. I may have stroked it a bit before deciding what to sew. Gah. It is THAT pretty.

I really thought out my design before jumping in. I knew I wanted a triangle shaped pocket on the front and a circle cut-out (like this) on the back.

I drafted a pattern and got hoppin’. This is what I made.


I wanted to really show off the beautiful fabrics, so I kept the patchwork simple. I used so many of the colors because I love them all. There is this beautiful muted metallic sheen to them that I just want to drape myself in. And the weight of the fabric is quite lovely to work with too.


I made the piping out of two different greens in the pack, to really highlight the edges of that triangle pocket.


These are the colors I used for the front.


And these I used for the back.


Here’s a closeup of that circle. It reminds me of a penny that is half new and half worn.


I used four different colors for the straps. And there is a pocket inside, on the lining.


Huge thanks to Sew Mama Sew and Oakshott Fabrics for including me.

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70 thoughts on “Oakshott Tote Challenge

  1. wow really cool! I’m a particular fan of the rainbow pocket… that’s really cool. I might have to put that on a hoodie for Becka or something (rainbow is her favorite color I’ve been told!)
    I made a leather bag yesterday. it turned out pretty good. I did a wrap around pocket from one side to the other and handles kind of the same way too. it was a kind of boxy bag with stiffener on the bottom and sides. lots of CRAZY fun to sew!! 🙂 let’s just say dinner time trip last night to JoAnn’s for a leather needle. now I know why you need those!

    1. Thanks! I think my favorite color is also rainbow! LOL I love that.
      Oooh yours sounds nice.
      Yes. Leather needles go with leather. Absolutely! We all learn the hard way. Ha!

  2. Wowza, such gorgeous colors! I’m especially in love with Canneto, just from the picture alone. I sure hope and pray I can get my hands on some of this fabric line!!

  3. GREAT bag!!! The colors are so delicious…this fabric is new to me and seeing it makes me want to make 100 things from it!!

    1. Thanks Buffy! ME TOO. Oh my goodness. When it arrived, I instantly imagined all the outfits I could make from it…and my husband even requested a bow tie out of one of them!!

  4. Oooh! Your bag is amazing I love all the design features… very creative and clever!! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Beautiful bag! I love how you did the pockets. There are a lot of details in this bag that make it special. I like how you used so many of the colors. I like when a lot of Oakshott fabrics are used together.

    1. Thanks Susan! I really couldn’t help myself. Every single one of these colors is irresistible!
      Thanks for stopping by!

  6. Love your bag and all the features ~ especially that front pocket! Love the iridescent look of the oakshot too!

  7. All of the bags in this series are simply beautiful – Oakshott did their research on who to invite.

    Your bag hit it out the ball park – your creativity and attention to detail is simply amazing. Stunning bag ! Have fun swishing into a restaurant with this on your arm. I would notice it !

    1. Oh Barbara- your comment made me smile! That is so thoughtful and lovely to say.
      I never thought of taking it out to a restaurant! I may just have to now:)

  8. what a gorgeous bag, the details really make it look so professional. I love that circle cut out and the triangle pockets

  9. Fantastic deep colors, it would be nice to try them out in new projects.

  10. This bag is just gorgeous!
    Would you share/sell your pattern?
    I echo everyone’s love of the fabrics. How fun to get to work with exciting new fabrics!

    1. Thanks Michelle! It was such a treat!
      Yes, I would totally share/sell my pattern.
      Let me think about how best to do that and I will get back to you!
      Thank you:)

  11. this is just adorable – and there are SO many color schemes you could go with on this!

  12. Really beautiful bag! You did a fantastic job. And the fabrics are stunning. (although I’m surprised to see an ad on the side of your blog asking if I want an Asian wife!! ACK! LOL)

  13. Fantastic use of the #oakshott cottons. Love the elegant simplicity of this design

  14. That fabric is beyond dreamy! I’m dying to get my hands on some. I love your tote!

  15. Wow, this came out fabulously! I love the piping, and that you labelled the photos with the different colours. I admit, making bags daunt me, but to use such fantastic material msut make it all worth it!

  16. Your bag is gorgeous! I love the triangle pocket with the piping and your arrangment of the fabric colors is perfect. I hope to purchase some Oakshott fabric soon as everyone who uses it seems to love it.

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