Challenge Create: Adult Edition Challenge TWO

REFASHIONING!! Woohoo! I love to refashion. It opens up such possibilities when thrifting. Usually, I take a garment of any size and make it into my size without altering too much of the original style. For this challenge, I wanted to stretch my creativity and do something different.

I found this beauty at the thrift store.


It was a men’s large, but fit strangely. Short arms, long and thin body. Perfect for what I needed!


Yikes, people.

This became…


I used a twin black flat bed sheet to do the lining and the skirt portion of the dress. I used quite a bit of it on the skirt to make it extra full and fun.


All I could think of when I was making this was Patsy Cline singing “Love me, Honey Do“. My husband refers to it as the Melon Song (get it? Honey dew. LOL). So this is my Honey Dew Dress.


This is the dress without the crinoline, but most of the photos I decided I loved the extra puff, so I put the crinoline on.


OK Details. I completely took apart the shirt. I started with making the front of the bodice out of the back of the shirt. I loved the yoke details, so I made sure to catch a good portion of it to look like a faux sweetheart neckline. I cut the collar in half and finished the ends of both pieces. Then I made them into little sleeves.


Here is Martha (said with a Yorkshire accent) my dress form, wearing it.


I cut off the sleeve cuffs, opened them up and attached them to the bodice making a sort of peplum.


The back is made from the front of the shirt. I wanted to keep the button placket as a functioning way to close the dress, but soon realized that if I sewed it on as is, I wouldn’t be able to get the whole thing on or off. It would be too fitted to go around my curves.


To fix that problem, I cut off the front yoke of the shirt (which still had two snaps on it) and attached them as an extension to the existing placket. I made it go out like a bustle in the back, and was able to sew the skirt portion of the dress onto it, so the whole thing now opens up (past my waist) for easy removal.


Whew. That took some serious brain power. It was quite the puzzle.


 I used Simplicity’s Adjustable Fit pattern for the bodice which I had to start from scratch with (since I never used it before for myself). The pattern gives different cup sizes as well as different pattern sizes. It definitely took some work (AND MATH), but it was worth it to get a perfectly fitted bodice.


Now for some photo fun (courtesy of my 8 year old)!


I love the versatility of this dress. I wore my heels to fancy it up.


But also paired it with my oldest daughter’s boots.


So sassy and tough.


Wow. You made it through to the end! Now if you go back to the beginning, make sure you play “Love me Honey Do” while looking… for the full effect.

As if that wasn’t enough, you can see a few more photos here over at the contest.

Voting opens Friday!


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26 thoughts on “Challenge Create: Adult Edition Challenge TWO

  1. That has a great rockabilly look to it! I like how you did the back opening and hiding it under the snaps. Great job!

  2. I can’t tell you enough how much i love this! Your look is my favourite this week… yes, i haven’t seen the rest yet, but this is so me, it’s so amazing! Congratulations, i see you easily winning this week!

    1. Oh thank you so much Magda! I put my whole self into this one!
      I am so happy you like it! I still can’t wait to see what everyone else made:)

  3. Wowee, that is a beautiful retro-fitting. I love the whole styling too, super neo-rockabilly. you continue to amaze me. Love!

    1. Thank you Minkle:) This one is so much fun, the only regret I have is not being able to wear it everyday! But that wouldn’t be too practical. LOL
      LOVE to you.

  4. That’s awesome! I knew you would come up with something wonderful. the details that were on the shirt turned into great details on the dress. Nicely done. 🙂 I don’t think there’s going to be anything from me this week on the challenge. Today I’m sick and John’s home schooling the kids. And I have no idea what I’d refashion at this point! But yours rocks!!!

    1. I am so sorry you are sick today. That is no fun! Get well soon so you can jump back into the sewing fun!!
      Thanks for your lovely comments:)

  5. That’s amazing! What a transformation. I’d love to see you join us at the Inspire Us Thursday link party on The Inspired Wren.

  6. I love this! What a great refashion that totally kept the nice things of the original but turned it into something so very different! Great job!

  7. I’m late to discover the Challenge Create competition and I’m quite sorry because I would have loved to vote for all your outfits, but this dress is my absolute favorite! I will now be on alert for a vintage western shirt to refashion for my own dress — I especially admire your use of the back yoke as the front yoke on your dress bodice. Super clever all around. Thanks for reminding me that it could be as fun to make creative clothes for myself as it is to make them for children. Added bonus — I won’t get taller and ideally no wider, so it won’t make my heart ache to see favorite outfits not fit! (I shouldn’t have typed that because it’s like a Murphy’s Law guarantee that I’ll grow a third arm or something…..)

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