Tools for success

When we got engaged (19 years ago), my grandmother gifted me a sewing machine (the one I am still using) and a pair of good fabric scissors.

Over the years, I purchased two other pairs of cheap scissors because the original pair dulled.

It took me all these years to realize that I could just get them sharpened.



A good clothing project all starts with how sharp your scissors are. Seriously important when cutting fabric.


It has also taken me this long to get a few good rulers! Actually, it was my friend Dawn who told me about these. She said they were a “must have”…and you know what? THEY ARE! How have I been sewing without them?

She has been teaching me what she knows about grading patterns, and with these tools, I am ready to learn.

What sewing tools do you find you can’t do without?

2 thoughts on “Tools for success

  1. lately my serger has been indispensable… but on a smaller note, my rotary cutting ruler/mat/cutter are pretty great and regularly used, my iron and of course my seam ripper! 🙂
    ps. I finished my jeans… but made them skinny jeans with fabric with no stretch (free fabric). now I know the pattern fits, but I really need to get some fabric with more stretch for comfort~!!

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