Springy Haircut

I am an “impulse” haircut decision maker. After all, it is only hair. It grows back.

Why not try whatever styles you want, when you want?

So a few days ago, I straightened my locks (which are out-of-control frizzy curly) to see if there was anything new I could do with it.

me2m Nope. I cannot use products because my allergy list is unbelievably long. It just isn’t worth it. I can use a little coconut oil if I chose. That is enough.


What it came down to was, I was tired of this length. Time to chop it off!


Ahhhhhhhh. That is better.

Much healthier and now I can start over.


Unless, I one day wake up and want to go shorter.

It’s happened.

How about you? Do you get the impulse to change your hair ever? Do you act on it?

18 thoughts on “Springy Haircut

  1. It looks adorable. I too have a reputation for making drastic changes on an impulse. My hair stylist friend gave me her “old” scissors so I do it myself. Dangerous!

  2. I like it! I love, love, love long hair, but I’ve only ever seen you with short…(that is kinda sad no?) so it’s you! Beauty indeed!

    How are the ingredients on Yes To Carrots for you? I just switched to them and so far so good-no problems with my allergies and best of all my hair is finally soft!!! Still a little frizzy but hey, soft is better than nothing lol!

  3. it looks great!!! I love the short cut and the waves. Honestly I don’t use any product on my hair now that I gave up shampoo-ing and conditioning. The natural oils take care of everything.

  4. I absolutely, positively LOVE and ADORE your new do!!! It’s YOU!!! When I saw the photo my smile went colossal!!!! I’m going for a change too! Mine used to be down to my waist. I got some cut off right before my 50th (this past Dec.) and now I’m going for more and in a sweet style! Eeeek!!!!

    Have a great day, Cutie!!!


    1. Thank you So much Kolein. You made my day:)
      I can’t wait to see yours! It is liberating. And it looks healthier too.
      I think after 40, our hair starts to change.
      I will grow it long again, one day, but I am loving this change.

  5. I used to do that all the time. I’d get it cut really short, pixie even, and then let it grow to about my chin. Then chop away again. But I’ve finally gotten over the hump and its long again. A couple years ago I cut bangs. Now, when I get bored I try color. I’m back in the scared to chop camp.
    I love your cut! So flirty and fun!

  6. I love it! I think it is so cute! I do have naturally wavy hair, though I often straighten it. Or at least blow it straight then loose curl it. However, once I did chop it all similar to yours! Maybe a bit shorter. It was so fun! I usually just wore it curly/wavy and it was a lot of fun. Then I grew it back out and am content with my length for now. Love your new haircut though! It looks great on you!

    1. Thanks so much Emily! It is so much fun to play with hair length!
      I am so loving this length and all the crazy that comes with it.
      My girls think it is hilarious when I get up in the morning and my hair is all standing on end:)

  7. What a cute haircut, Michelle! I totally understand the frizzy out of control hair, since mine is getting that way right now. It is in dire need of a cut. I straightened it out last week, and it is a bit long… https://flic.kr/p/mBr6uG

    I have donated mine a few times (in 07 and 09), but I am not looking for a big chop. Just to clear up the ends. I am definitely a long hair girl, but I can also do a lot with my hair so it doesn’t get boring..to me at least. πŸ™‚

      1. Thanks, Michelle! It was well needed when I cut it off. Before kids I had not a stitch of a curl in my hair, then the pregnancy hormones kicked in. I had waist length hair that was part straight and part wavy LOL! It was really liberating to get rid of all of it. Now there are so many cute braided hairstyles that I want to keep it long for a bit. πŸ™‚

        1. Isn’t that funny? When I was pregnant with our first (who has red hair), my hair turned black! I had never had black hair, ever before. Crazy hormones is right!

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